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Custom IEM DYNAMIC driver reshelling service ≤ Ø14mm - $220

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  1. kiteki
    I've been investigating the possibility of dynamic driver reshelling and contacting the various custom IEM companies on this planet.
    Very few are willing to do it due to the nature of the proceedure, it's more complicated and they say it can take 5 to 6 times longer than a balanced armature reshell, they also have to vent the faceplate and there's a higher risk of failure compared to balanced armatures.
    The good news is I've found one custom IEM manufacturer in China that is willing to do it, I don't speak Chinese but he has close relations to a friend of mine.
    I want to place a group order to minimize shipping costs and get a discount from the custom IEM manufacturer.
    I'm aiming at $275 $220 including all shipping costs, cable, colour choices etc.
    You don't have to pay until your custom is complete, so the transaction is safe.
    The proceedure is you send your universal (max 14mm) and ear impressions to me, once I've received them all I send them to China with DHL (I'll provide a tracking number, DHL only takes 2-3 days, will cost me over $100), the reshelling should take around 2-3 weeks to complete, then he sends them all back to me and I send your custom back to you.
    Looking for 6 people.
  2. kiteki
    Costs involved:
    - the reshelling service
    - the cable
    - the shipping to China
    - the shipping back from China
    - the shipping back to you
    $275 $220 total, not making any profit here, just a project.
    Let me know what type of cable you're interested in, if you already have one, or if you want to order one yourself from Westone or UE.
    I want a well built, reasonably thick, silver cable, at a decent price, I don't know if such a thing exists but if it does I could order say 10 of them from China and get a discount, theoretically.
  3. kiteki
    - kiteki
    - ZimmerX (GR07)
    - i2ehan (RE252)
    - piotrus-g (Radius DDM1)
  4. kiteki
  5. i2ehan
    Mark me as potentially interested. As it stands, I'm currently 50/50. [​IMG]
  6. kiteki
  7. kiteki
    I should note I think the RE252 is a good candidate for the following reasons:
    - driver diameter 9mm, very easy.
    - fit dependant IEM, some people can't achieve the bass impact.
    - sounds good with the grille and foam removed (however these can be placed in the sound tube if you want)
    - will sound better with the driver placed further away with increased soundstage (my speculation)
    - unique IEM with silver voice coils (no idea how the driver looks though).
  8. i2ehan

    Indeed. [​IMG]
  9. ZimmerX
    Sounds like a really cool idea. Vsonic GR07's suit? [​IMG]
  10. kiteki
    Hi ZimmerX,
    A hugely praised 11mm multi-layer bio-cellulose driver?
    I think the Vsonic GR07 is one of the best possible candidates for this project.
    I suggest any GR07 owners check the grille and filter used in the nozzle and check what it sounds like with the filter removed too.
    Now then, I'm going to a headphone meet today, I finally get to hear what the GR07 sounds like, Cya!!
  11. ZimmerX
    Sounds like a plan then. I've been needing customs for a long time, and if this can happen then even better, as I love the GR07 sound signature. My ears are total bitches when it comes to fit, and I've concluded that the safest way to go is customs. 
    Right, I'll do that and see how it sounds. Hopefully there won't be much of a difference will still sound great. 
  12. i2ehan
    There'll inevitably be changes in the signature to some extent, but there are no guarantees that said changes will be welcomed by the listener. It's really a gamble at this point; especially since all of the current reputable reshell services avoid dynamic reshells altogether. I wouldn't mind gambling the RE252/GR07 however, considering they weren't too expensive (comparatively speaking) to begin with. Not to mention, just the thought of either one in a custom shell brings a smile to my face. [​IMG]
  13. kiteki

    I might do the GR07 too, will see how it sounds later today. :)
  14. shureThing
    Will EX1000s be too risky?
  15. DaBomb77766


    Well, they have a 16mm driver so they're too big.
    Anyway, I might give this a try with my GR07s if I can scrounge up the money...still, I'd really like to see at least one example of a reshell from these people before I actually pay for it.
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