1. Linum DualBaX

    Linum DualBaX

    Linum® DualBaX™ in Zebra version Everything and a bit more - Pure Sound, Ultimate Comfort, Unique, and Exquisite appearance In sound performance, the DualBaX is very similar to the UltraBaX, though with reduced cross talk. Comfort and low-profile appearance have always been the aim for Linum...
  2. MusicTeck

    Vortex Audio Cables Landed at MusicTeck

    Vortex Audio Cables Landed at MusicTeck Brand Introduction Vortex, a Hong Kong-based brand, has always upheld the principle of "affordable luxury." To ensure the quality of the cables, Vortex has put considerable effort into the structure and material selection of the cables, as well as the...
  3. koshertattoo392

    Are After-Market Cables better than Stock Cables Most Of The Time?

    Hello everyone, When it comes to cables, I can see majority of the people tend to switch to after market cables in terms of better music quality. However, this brings me the questions like are those after-market cables really better in every aspects than the stock cables? I had some...
  4. newToAudio100

    High end digital / analog cables

    It seems some cables are objectively better than others while some users might offer subjective experiences that differ from the objective data. I do believe cables make a difference because they are part of the chain but I think the magnitude of audible differences between cables varries...
  5. Gladiator Cables Review

    Gladiator Cables Review

  6. MoonAudio

    FAQs on DACs, Ep. 2: Which DAC to Choose? | Moon Audio

    FAQs on DACs, Ep. 2: Which DAC to Choose? | Moon Audio
  7. MoonAudio

    Digital Connectors to Digital Audio Players | Drew's Audiophile Tech Tips

    Digital Connectors to Digital Audio Players | Drew's Audiophile Tech Tips
  8. MoonAudio

    What's the deal with ADAPTERS? 🤔 | Drew's Audiophile Tech Tips

    What's the deal with ADAPTERS? 🤔 | Drew's Audiophile Tech Tips
  9. bearcatsandor

    4.4 vs xlr preference

    Folks, I'm [hopefully] soon going to pull the trigger on a D90se + A90 descrete + DCA Stealth set up. I can get the amp end of the headphone terminated in a 4.4 or XLR end. They're both balanced and will both sound the same, and I'm not asking about that. I'm going to be using them in a...
  10. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU DUW-03 & Studio SA6 - Production Update, April 2022

    New Specification Q-Lock PLUS (lower left) vs. Previous Specification Q-Lock PLUS (upper right) for the DUW-03 The venerated Q-Lock PLUS modular plug system is a mainstay of DUNU cables, with high user satisfaction and critical acclaim. DUNU is grateful for the continued support of our modular...
  11. dankthropod

    Help with connecting an ipod to an external amp/dac

    Hello kind people of head-fi! I have been lurking for several months and decided to create an account. But I have a question for all of you ipod lovers in here, I want to make an all-mighty SUPER-POD. I want to basically connect my 5th gen ipod to an ifi xdsd gryphon. How would I do that? Should...
  12. GridIroN

    Can anyone with a Linsoul cable (Nymph, Euphrosyne, LSC09, THIEAudio Est etc) do me a favour...?

    Hey guys, I'll keep it brief. I'm looking to pick up some cables to replace some broken/defective ones I've had around here for a while. Some other others I have I've gotten custom made, but I'd rather just buy a decent cable this time around. Thing is, I'm rather sensitive to the weight of...
  13. forge457

    Advice needed on purchasing long term, quality balanced headphone cables?

    What are some of the best places to get long term quality balanced Headphone cables with Dual 2.5mm Connector Custom Length - Custom Jack 4-Pin XLR Balanced for the headphone amp under 90$ that don’t wear so easy from normal use ? I’ve had two different sets, one from and one...


    Our annual Black Friday sale starts early this year! The biggest sale of the year starts RIGHT NOW and ends on the 30th at 11:59PM PST. Save 20% storewide, including our custom cables and DIY. To redeem, go to your cart, click on 'redeem your code', and type the code BF2021. Sale is open to...
  15. Dèng

    Linsoul Audio Mini September Sales (6th - 9th)

    Greetings everyone! We hope that you have had a splendid weekend. Our Mini September Sale has started and it will last till this Thursday, 9th Sep (GMT+8). For all orders placed during this sale period, processing time may take longer than usual. We just returned from our short break and we...
  16. S

    Focal Elegia - TRS instead of TS

    Hi I'm new here and hear this is the place to post first, so, a question. I have some 3rd party cables for HiFiMan Sundara which at the headphone end are TRS. The amp end is interchangeable (can be SE or balanced). Can I use this same cable on my Focal Elegia which has TS to SE on the stock...
  17. O

    What equipment, parts and info do I need to make my own IEM and headphone cables?

    I find virtually all the cables on my headphones too long as I often use portable DACs on my shirt lapels, top pockets and at my desk. I now have to make cables which whose maximum length is around my sternum, and I need them for MMCX, 0.78mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm and what nots. Proprietary cables...
  18. tysonultima

    Why do my cables do this?

    As you can see there are bends in the cable right under the connector and then further down. It has happened with these cables, my other focal clear cables (the XLR version), and has even happened with my Mr Speakers Ether DUM cable. It gets to the point where the cable inside breaks out of the...
  19. Dèng

    Linsoul 6.18 Sales and Voucher Giveaway

    Greetings everyone! Linsoul's 6.18 Sales Event is now LIVE and it will last till 18th June (GMT+8). You may visit our webpage for more information~ Bundle deals are only available here for a limited period! Other than site discounts, special deals and raffle, we are also having a Voucher...
  20. danimeisteR

    Sorry, wrong subforum, please delete this thread :/

    Sorry, wrong subforum, please delete this thread :/
  21. Rantenti

    XLR cables for headphone amp & active speakers

    Hello all, I need some XLR cables to connect my new stack comprising a Gustard X26pro DAC, Topping A90 balanced headphone amp/ preamp and my Neumann KH80 DSP active speakers which takes XLR input. I need a short pair (1m or less) to connect the DAC to the Preamp, and a longer one (3m) for...
  22. H

    24 Bit/192khz via Toslink

    Hi there! this is my first thread on Happy to be here! I got a question: I am using a Lindemann Limetree Bridge as Sozrce and want to use my Hugo2 as DAC before outing the signal to my SPL Phonitor XE as Amp. I‘d like to link the Bridge to the Hugo2 via Toslink. (I am using the...
  23. Mediahound

    Is EMI/RF interference really a thing?

    Audiphile cable and power conditioner makers often market that their products help reject EMI and RF interference. Is it really something we need to worry about for audio? Aside from audio, I'm also wondering about any health affects from EMF from say a small in-wall breaker box in the same...
  24. shysteve40

    Why is no one helping me

    Hi, Guys Steve here from New York. I have the Sennheiser HD820 headphones. I am using them with this, headphone amplifier. Sony Premium Hybrid Headphone amplifier TA-ZH1ES. The HD-820 stock cable broke the other day. so I ordered a good replacement cable XLR Silver Dragon Premium Cable for...
  25. Kotori Audio Carbon

    Kotori Audio Carbon

    Carbon features a deep-sounding bass with refreshing lows that harmonizes with vocals while keeping the mid-range sweet and relaxed, leaving the vocal stage at an intermediate distance. Its dark expression of sound keeps the treble calm, taming metallic-sounding and sibilant vocals. Carbon’s...