1. Rantenti

    XLR cables for headphone amp & active speakers

    Hello all, I need some XLR cables to connect my new stack comprising a Gustard X26pro DAC, Topping A90 balanced headphone amp/ preamp and my Neumann KH80 DSP active speakers which takes XLR input. I need a short pair (1m or less) to connect the DAC to the Preamp, and a longer one (3m) for...
  2. H

    24 Bit/192khz via Toslink

    Hi there! this is my first thread on Happy to be here! I got a question: I am using a Lindemann Limetree Bridge as Sozrce and want to use my Hugo2 as DAC before outing the signal to my SPL Phonitor XE as Amp. I‘d like to link the Bridge to the Hugo2 via Toslink. (I am using the...
  3. Mediahound

    Is EMI/RF interference really a thing?

    Audiphile cable and power conditioner makers often market that their products help reject EMI and RF interference. Is it really something we need to worry about for audio? Aside from audio, I'm also wondering about any health affects from EMF from say a small in-wall breaker box in the same...
  4. shysteve40

    Why is no one helping me

    Hi, Guys Steve here from New York. I have the Sennheiser HD820 headphones. I am using them with this, headphone amplifier. Sony Premium Hybrid Headphone amplifier TA-ZH1ES. The HD-820 stock cable broke the other day. so I ordered a good replacement cable XLR Silver Dragon Premium Cable for...
  5. Kotori Audio Carbon

    Kotori Audio Carbon

    Carbon features a deep-sounding bass with refreshing lows that harmonizes with vocals while keeping the mid-range sweet and relaxed, leaving the vocal stage at an intermediate distance. Its dark expression of sound keeps the treble calm, taming metallic-sounding and sibilant vocals. Carbon’s...
  6. Mediahound

    Should silver-plated copper cables be avoided?

    I have seen two sources stating that silver-plated copper should be avoided in cabling due to the two materials interacting with each other over time and causing oxidation. One is a study from NASA here: Red Plague.pdf...

    FS: Campfire Audio Cables

    Hi all, I’m letting go of a number of items I no longer reach for. Look out for other postings coming shortly. I'm happy to consider bundles. Here I'm selling a few Campfire Audio cables. I'm the original owner of all of these, purchased direct from CA. - Copper Litz Cable, 4.4mm MMCX, memory...
  8. F

    Difference between this cables?

    Hi, considering replacing this: With this: Basically because it's shorter. My...
  9. XGeneX88

    Bucktown Cables Impressions

    Hi Everyone, I recently discovered a new and upcoming cable maker based out of Chicago. Chris @ Bucktown Cables. This gentleman made me a fantastic balanced XLR4 to Dual 3.5mm cable which I use with my Hifiman Arya and wanted to share my impressions. I was charged under 100$ for this cable and...
  10. C

    Revolutionary Headphone Cable - Dancable Lazuli Nirvana (I promise will change your world!)

    Preface....this is a review about headphone cable...and I've never felt the need write one about a cable before. But the Danacable Nirvana is truly something so revolutionary, that it feels like your headphones disappear as you listen. The impact is immediate, and I would go far as to say...
  11. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU Quick-Switch Modular Plug Cables - Discussion Thread

    This is a dedicated discussion/information thread for DUNU's modular plug earphone cables. Because we have an entire portfolio of new cables that spans the whole gamut of price ranges with differing materials and setups, we were requested by multiple members to create a centralized space for...
  12. cuiter23

    [SOLD] - Audioquest Cinnamon Optical Cable 1.5m

    Selling my 1.5mm Audioquest Cinnamon Toslink Optical Cable. Comes with the Toslink adapter as well. Perfect condition used in the home environment only. Sounds great. $70 USD shipped to CAD and CONUS. Thanks Kevin
  13. iceanddice

    FS: PWAudio 1960 2-wire 2 pin 4.4 termination — SOLD

  14. MarkSubsonik

    SOLD NewFantasia Senn HD6XX Silver Plated Copper Balanced 4.4 Pentaconn Cable

    Hi all. I hope everyone is doing well out there. I have a like-new condition 4.4 Pentaconn HD6XX cable I'd like to let go of simply because I use 1/4" only these days. I originally bought it to use with my Zen DAC but have moved on to a Schiit Magni Heresy and would rather it go to somebody...
  15. tejanolibre

    Cardas "Clear" 3-Pin XLRs for HD800, HD800s and HD820 w/ The Best XLR Connectors that Cardas Makes !

    I have a "Mint" set of the Highly Desirable and Rarely Sold Cardas "Clear" 3-Pin XLRs for the Sennheiser HD800, HD800s and the HD820 Headphones and they have the Factory Terminated Custom Made XLR 3-Pin Connectors that can truly be described as "Audio Jewelry" and nothing else is a better term...
  16. Ego Audio Gin

    Ego Audio Gin

    Ego Audio Being established in early 2017 and making its way to the market in 2019, Ego Audio is a separate brand powered by PW Audio that aims for a different path as well as an affordable price range. Ego Audio presented five cables as their first product line-up; Beer, Cocktail, Sake...
  17. V

    WTB Labkable Pandora 2.5/4.4

    Hi, I am looking to buy a Labkable Pandora for my Solaris and u12t. Mmcx/2-pin,b are welcome as I can get them re-terminated myself depending or which iem are suited more to them. Please let me know if you have one to sell. Cheers, Vishy
  18. B

    Short Cables (where?) balanced cables (why?)

    Hey folks, I've just picked up an ES100 bluetooth receiver to use with my Alclair custom IEMs. The cable on the IEMs is standard length and constantly snagging on things, I'd like to locate some shorter cables that fit the 2 pin ~7mm connectors on these IEMs. Any recommendations? I've seen Fiio...
  19. musicinmymind

    Wanted - Broken PFE 232 cables

    I just need the Connectors, if you have broken cables of PFE 232 and connectors are intact. Please message me
  20. Satin Audio Titan Series (Gaïa / Hyperion / Theia)

    Satin Audio Titan Series (Gaïa / Hyperion / Theia)

    "Satin Audio is a IEM/ Headphone Cable manufacturer based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Our cables feature the highest purity materials at reasonable prices. Our cables are produced in one of a very few factories which can provide certified OCC wires. All the wires and Satin parts are manufactured at very...
  21. drummerdimitri

    WTB Silver cable for Audeze Headphones

    Hello, I'm interested in purchasing a pure silver cable from to complement my LCD-4z. It should be exposed so no sleeving, between 4-5 ft long and terminated in 4 pin balanced XLR. I'm located in Lebanon so the seller will have to ship to my location. Please PM me your offers Thanks!
  22. - v -

    channel imbalance

    Hello, i have a weird issue with my IEM cables. When i use my cables and a 3.5mm to lightning to my iphone, everything sounds okay. However when i use the same cables and plug it into any 3.5mm source, one side is much louder than the other. I have tried my iems with other cables and 3.5mm or...
  23. iBo0m

    [WTS] Triton, Satin, Noble Audio cables

    Hi, available for sale is: Triton Audio 24.5AWG copper (1.3 m), mmcx, 3.5mm - $110. Satin Audio Hyperion, mmcx, 3.5mm - $55. Noble Audio, 2pin, 3.5mm - $35. Condition: all of the cables are in a new-like condition. Termination: 3.5mm jack. In case you buy them all the price is $160.
  24. N

    Cable Issues

    Hi everyone, I have an issue on buying the right cable for my amplifier. I bought the stax SRM-353X amp to pair with my Stax headphones. Unfortunatly the amp came with a broken power cord. They send me a new one but it is stuck somewhere in customs. I am fairly new to Hi-Fi audio/cables so its...
  25. Schwibbles

    SOLD: Q Audio French Silk Cable for MrSpeakers - 4-pin XLR, 2.0m

    SOLD!! Note: Clicking on the picture makes the picture look much nicer and better represents what the cable actually looks like. Q Audio Q French Silk Cable (MSRP $300+) - custom 2.0m length, terminated in balanced, 4-pin XLR (Neutrik). Custom red sleeving. Asking $100. This cable started at...