1. Lil' Fish


  2. CCXR594

    Advice on Custom IEMS

    Looking to buy some customs this summer and I'm having a hard time deciding. Anticipating a roughly $800 budget, so that would mean Noble Savanna, ACS Encore, JH 10X3, or 64 A3. They will be used for monitoring/mixing so I want something quite flat, but there isn't much info about these to be...
  3. SoulShocked123

    First Pair of Armature IEM

    Hey, i started my audio enthusiast(enthusiast cause well i am no audiophile though i want to be in future :D) adventure 3 months ago and i am really enjoy the fact that i am not fooled by markeeting thanks to this awesome forum and its people and i have decide to step up to Armature drivers...
  4. daniel521

    At what age can I get a custom IEM?

    I'm just turned 17, and I'm a bit worried that if I get a CIEM, mh ears will continue to grow, and therefore I will no longer be able to use it. Does anyone know at what age your ears stop growing so that I could get my first custom in-ear monitor?
  5. cocokessler

    DIY silicon for in-ear monitors

    My dog ate my custom in-ear monitors. Well, he chewed up one of the silicon molded ear inserts. The drivers still work quite well. I was hoping to repair them, if I could do so affordably.    Is there a good kit available for making your own silicon inserts?   (I have read a little about...
  6. rubytuesday007

    Deciding on a custom IEM

    Hey all. I am in the market again for a new custom IEM. Back in the day, I had a pair of Westone ES3X phones. How does one decide these days? So many options! I am looking at JH, Westone, and UE. Looking to spend about $1k-ish. Since you really can't listen to them, I'd love to hear opinions. I...
  7. malifact

    Custom IEM Tips v Triple Flanges & Foam

    Hi, I tried doing a search but couldn't find a similar thread.  I recently purchased a pair of custom IEM tips and went through the process of having ear impressions done etc.  The sound quality with the custom tips is really good, but I was surprised that the isolation wasn't better.  At first...
  8. BeatsWork

    Normal 3d printed custom in-ear with ??? Drivers   Normal is looking to sell $199 customized ear buds made to the shape of an individual’s ear. The brainchild of Nikki Kaufman, a former Quirky executive (and spouse of Quirky founder Ben Kaufman), Normal...
  9. abbztract

    Show me your CIEMs. Getting mine reshelled and need inspiration.

    Going to get some CIEMs reshelled for myself and having trouble deciding what the color scheme should be.
  10. tannerbnd

    Custom in ears, does more drivers mean better sound quality???

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but would moving from a quad driver to a custom with 7 or 8 drivers bring better sound quality per se or just focus more on deeper lows and mid lows, etc...
  11. itshot

    Custom In Ear Monitor CIEM Care and Maintanence?

    Hey there guys,   New CIEM owner here and I was wondering how and if there is a proper way to maintain and care for my CIEMs in order to prolong its lifespan? (They did cost quite a pretty penny after all)   For instance, I find myself cleaning the canals with the little tool quite...
  12. kryten123

    Help me write a review

    Hi All,   Not sure if this is the right forum for this....   As you can tell from my signature, I am addicted to collecting CIEMs. As I own\have on order a number of high end CIEMs, I thought I would use my addiction to benefit the forum by writing up a a review on the various CIEMs...
  13. ddoyle777

    Hesitating to pull the trigger

    I've been reading for days to decide on my first pair of CIEMs and it seems like the more I read the more I hesitate. I currently use the 535s and I really like the isolation and sound, so I thought that CIEMs would give me more of all that I enjoy, but... The more I read the more I complaints...
  14. Beejohn

    BEST solution for airplane (JH13Pro custom vs FitEar universal), money is no object but sound quality, comfort, and lastly portability are

    Hi All, This is my first post on head-if, hello Everyone! I have been reading a lot on the forum, but now I come to you all with a question as to which you all woud think is the best solution for me. I would like a setup for international airplane travel that provides the best sound quality...
  15. HideousPride

    Frogbeats C4 Review - An Incredible First Experience in the CIEM World

    Disclaimer Unlike some of the wonderful grizzled, veteran reviewers we have on Head-Fi who have listened to dozens of CIEMs, this is, in fact, my first pair. As such, I cannot eloquently compare on the subtle differences the C4 has to so-and-so other CIEM.   However, what I can do is...
  16. mike73blake

    CIEM with sound signature similar to the PRO 900

    I'm on the look out for CIEM's to use when I'm traveling. Can anyone suggest which make/model has the closest signature to the Ultrasone Pro 900s?
  17. mike73blake

    CIEM with PRO900 signature

    Can anyone suggest a CIEM with SQ similar to the Ultrasone PRO900's?
  18. HideousPride

    Cases suitable for carrying around CIEMs?

    Because the one I have is freakishly huge and is awful to lug around. Up to now, I've been wrapping the CIEM up in a silk handkerchief and just carrying them in my coat jacket, but I would prefer to have something small and accessible that offers more protection.   Been looking at this case...
  19. Smithydh

    New to high quality audio, and do not want to waste my money.

    After browsing around all day and looking at recommendations and impression threads of high quality IEMs I just can't make my mind up about which IEM would be the best for my musical tastes and with a price range of $200-$300 I am not looking on blowing my money on something I'll be disappointed...
  20. joshat

    Recommendation for CIEM 400$-600$

    can someone recommend me a CIEM in 400$-500$ range. if there is something that is SIGNIFICANTLY better in the 500$-600$ range i will also consider it. i want something very accurate and balanced, with clarity, good soundstage and depth, and that "what the artist intended you to hear" sound...
  21. LyPForever

    Frogbeats Custom-IEM Appreciation Thread

    I start a new thread for discussion because the old thread was closed , I also own the Frogbeat C4 . Feel free to ask if you have any questions . Hope it can help everyone here ;))   LFF's Review ...
  22. Alias Gu

    Recommendations on Custom in-ear Monitors to pair Ipod Classic ( Westone ES5, ES3X, JH13, EM?)

    I have already bought my EX1000 for a month. Its poor isolation, discomfort, treble spikes and light bass make me a little bit disappointed.  However, Pairing EX1000 with Ipod Classic, i really think EX1000 is still an excellent IEM with few flaws. It's the time to upgrade my IEM to Custom...
  23. Eatshrots

    My First UE 5 Customs

    Haven't been on here in a while. I've been through about 3 different Shures including the SE 535's which had wires that would always break open. After recently noticing how most companies have been adding removable wires, I went and purchased some Westone 4r's. They were good, but I decided then...
  24. vc1187

    New to CIEMs - Help!

    Greetings chaps,   So I am not exactly new to the audiophile world (See Profile), but I am a complete newbie when it comes to CIEMs.   To my understanding, a visit to the local audiologist is required in order to get a molding of the inner ear, but what do I do from that point forward...
  25. S

    ACS T1 Live! vs Heir Audio 8.A vs Unique Melody Miracle?

    I think I'm ready to dive into the world of customs! This is my first custom IEM (coming from universals) so I'm hoping to be surprised. Price limit is $2000, because I don't have that much money to spend, and I profit by selling TF2 unusual hats. Here's a little bit more about my usage and the...