1. Hawaiibadboy

    SW HP11 (a Gem in Japan)

                I couldn't find this to save my life because I had no idea what they were when I heard them but I found em again.   These sounded really really nice. Kinda blew me away.  Anybody tried these? Seem audiophile friendly. Sound was crystal clear "neutral"
  2. goldtank

    FS- New Radius DDM HP-TWF11R (UNOPENED!)

    Radius DDM HP-TWF11 earphones not used yet. The box is as new as just bought. Decided to sell it as my sister didn't wanted a new iem. i have 5 TO SELL. Initially intended for holiday gifts but missed the chance.   one of the best for it's price range, even besting several higher priced iems...
  3. SantinoSan

    WTB: Radius HP-TWF11R Pro any color

    Would like to buy a pair of Radius DDMs.  PM me with price and condition.  
  4. MonkeyBusiness


    I have for sale a pair of BRAND NEW Radius DDM HP-TWF11R.   I recieved them this morning and have decided to sell them after a quick comparison to my IE8's.  Although they sound pretty amazing, it's just not different enough to warrant keeping it.   So they are absolutely immaculate...
  5. actorlife

    FS: Radius HP-TWF11 W Pro

    $100.00 shipped in the US. International shipping a bit more. Paypal accepted. PM me with any questions. I've sold lots of stuff here.  Please do a search under actorlife. Thank you.  
  6. carlesbcn

    Radius HP-TWF11R DDM OEM

    These came as OEM, with no clamshell, just the tips. I've used just a few hours and they are and look as new.   I'll trhow an V-moda case tu carry the headphones with a slim player for free.   Paypaled and shipped anywhere for *** SOLD ***   Pictures here:  ...
  7. Marburger

    Radius HP TWF11 (DDM)

    Selling my Radius HP TWF11 (DDM) Black with full package.   There are 8 pairs of unused in ear tips inside.   The in ears are in flawless condition.    
  8. abhijollyguy

    Radius HP-TWF11R Pro “DDM” Vs. Sony MDR-ZX700

    As topic says -   Which one is better between Radius HP-TWF11R Pro “DDM” and Sony MDR-ZX700 Sound Quality wise? I know both are different things altogether, One is In-ear headphone and the other one is Circumaural Headphone   Please tell me in detail that how do they compare to...
  9. cn11

    FS: Radius DDM (HP-TWF11r) --> **sold**

    Black pair Radius DDM for sale.   Price includes Paypal fee, and shipping for CONUS only (I would prefer to stick with US transactions). All accessories/packaging included. Perfect condition. Pictures will be posted of each over the next couple days. Watch for updates.       $90  ...
  10. sonickarma

    Radius DDM HP-TWF11 Black

    Radius DDM HP-TWF11 Black   earphone in excellent condition Items in Sale - as per picture 1 headphone 3 pairs of tips 1 cleaning cloth 1 Travel case FIRM PRICE:    UK £75 FREE Recorded post  (Add £5 for insurance)    EU £82 with signed for post  (Add £5 for insurance)...
  11. SquareSoftness

    FS: Radius HP-TWF11R "DDM"

    Selling some Radius DDM earphones. They are in good working condition. The plug's rubber stress relief started to break on one side, so I put some shrink tubing on it. I removed both metal filters from the earphones. The rubber coating on one earphone piece is coming off. Price includes...
  12. misterbee

    Upgrade from Atrios

    Unfortunately my much-loved Atrios have given up the ghost outside of warranty (one side has given out), and I need to find myself a new commuting IEM. Rather than just buy another pair (which, believe me, I'm tempted to do), it might be an opportunity to go with something else with a bit more...
  13. Shizdan

    Tired Of Sennheiser IE7

    I have been using the Senn. IE7 for awhile now and they are great but seem to be neutral and I'm looking for a fun IEM similar to the Denon D2000 or M50. Any help? I wanna keep my budget low around $50 or so
  14. mugen3

    Atrio MG7 the best IEM for a basshead audiophile?

    Hey guys, I've had a couple of really nice IEMs like the FX500 and e-Q5. I really liked them a lot but the bass didn't satisfy me. So now I'm looking for a new IEM, with the absolute craziest earthquake-like bass possible but also very good quality mids and highs like my FX500/e-Q5. Are the...
  15. Fernito

    Rather stupid question about 'Radius' brand.

    Dear people,   I was wondering, is the company that makes the "Radius Atomic Bass" models the same one that makes the DDM models?   Well, why I'm asking this? There are two reasons: the first is that DDM models do not appear in Radius website: http://www.radiusearphones.com/   The...
  16. fishymamba

    New earphones for bass head

    Hey everybody!    I am a casual listener who just loves bass. Yeah I know bass destroys everything else and it ruins the song, but I can't get enough of it. I currently have Philips SHE9550. The reason I got these was because they were advertised as having good bass and they had a very low...
  17. MPSchenck

    I Need Some Help Deciding

    Hello again Head-Fi, its been awhile   About a year and a half ago I started a thread looking for some good starter IEMs and ended up buying the Radius HP-TWF11R Pro DDMs.  And I loved them!  I cared for them like a baby until about a month ago while I was at work my 7 month old knocked them...
  18. kiteki

    Custom IEM DYNAMIC driver reshelling service ≤ Ø14mm - $220

        I've been investigating the possibility of dynamic driver reshelling and contacting the various custom IEM companies on this planet.   Very few are willing to do it due to the nature of the proceedure, it's more complicated and they say it can take 5 to 6 times longer than a balanced...
  19. talkinmusic

    Warm Sounding IEM £100 or approx $150

    Hi All,   I'm looking for a new pair of IEM's to tie me over for the next few months until I upgrade to Customs.   Ideally I'm looking for a pair that will give me a warm sound and that offer decent isolation/comfortable-ish fit.   Can anybody offer up any suggestions pls?  ...
  20. Damon88

    Recommendation for Basshead IEM's (XB's or MEElec's or any other ?)

    Hi Everyone,   I have been checking out all sorts of IEM's and have been reading reviews since last week. Finally i have picked up some iems which best suit my needs.   I am looking for Bassheads, so far these seem to be available locally and offer good amount of Deep Bass   Sony's...
  21. azel831

    Sony mdr ex1000 or Others?

    I've bee really considering new iems. I currently have non monitor imo (beats tour, old bose in ears, and some old vibe duos) but was looking to upgrade to something like sony mdr ex1000. I was interested because of the whopping 16mm drives and have herd great things about the bass. Should I...
  22. Tronz

    What's your " go-to " IEM or portable headphone?

    By " go-to " I mean what you always seem to go back to even through the vast amount of IEM's or headphones you may have.
  23. Yggdrassilious

    My *OPINIONS*: Burn-in. Comparison between two ER4-PTs.

      *warning: this thread is very long and laden with trivial details so better grab some coffee, put on some tunes, and block out some time before proceeding*   Introduction: ---------------------------------------------- As those of you who watch the Deals Alert thread know, the price...
  24. deepanshu830

    does RE272 have all the musicality and positive points of RE262???

    does RE272 has the wow factor of RE262 ,like its liquid mids,unique sound signature,and the musicality.