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Where to get the RE-252?

  1. KiwiChristchurch
    Haven't been following head-fi for a while now (used to be a constant lurker), I've noticed that head direct doesn't sell the RE-252's anymore. I thought it was a great iem when I owned one, loved the neutrality with a very slight peak at midrange. Anyone know where to get one? Or is there another product from head direct that is the same? Thanks in advance.
  2. Mad Max
    Used here on the sale forums.  It pops up now and then.
  3. proedros
  4. KiwiChristchurch
    Thanks for the link. I am considering more options other than the re252's to replace my W4's now.
    Anyone know of something they felt was similar to the re252's?
  5. proedros
    i have bought/used almost all the re- series
    i think you should try the re-272 if you like the neutral,analytical signature - i don't remember very well 252 cause it broke quite soon but i have the 272 for almost 1 year and i am very satisfied with it.
    i also have the ortofon eq-5 and they are very good too , more beefed-up in the mids , they make a very nice 1-2 combo with 272
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  6. elguru230265
    Hello, my name is Javier, who may correct me if I'm wrong. You're looking for this item by accident. RE 252 ROSS Vintage Retro Headphones black left & right volume controls, if so let me know like you are very lucky. thanks greetings
  7. jant71
    No one around here is looking for any Ross headphones even by accident [​IMG]

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