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Yet another "best IEM for ~€120 ($150)" thread

  1. kxanthop
    I am in the market for a new pair of IEMs. I listen mostly to Jazz (Apple lossless files) and will be using an iPhone 3GS as a source (and amp?). I have never owned IEMs, but I guess I am more on the analytical side (and if some coloration is necessary, I would opt for the warm+sweet) and plan on using them while commuting.
    After reading many reviews, I have come up with some candidates:
    i) the Vsonic GR07 mkII
    ii) the HifiMan RE-252
    iii) the Brainwavz B2
    In addition to these offerings, I am considering some less expensive solutions, such as the HifiMan RE0 and REZero, the Vsonics GR06, in which case I could add a portable amplifier and some more expensive ones, including the Sennheiser IE80 which can be had for ~€200 at amazon.de.
    So, which way should I go? And if I go for the Vsonics, any trustworthy ebay reseller?
    Many thanks!
  2. ZARIM
    The RE0, RE-ZERO, B2, DBA-02, CK10, RE272, HF5, ER4P are great buy if need neutral soundsignature IEMs and they all shows great amount of details in all frequencies. But for warm and sweet soundsignature i will recommend to try Klipsch Image X10i, GR07 and Harmen Kardon AE. The IE80 are also great buy because they offers warm rich sound experience with good punchy bass and wide soundstage.
  3. jasonb
    Rockit Sounds R-50.
  4. Techno Kid
    You know me +1 R-50
  5. jasonb
    I think the R-50/GR01 are absolutely perfect for the rock and metal genres of music. I dont really listen to jazz, but i have tried some on my GR01 just for the hell of it and the results were also good. I think jazz benefits from the same kind of sound signature, neutral and detailed. 
  6. Emospence
    Yamaha EPH-100
  7. AstroTurf
  8. Doc-holliday
    Astro? Recommending an Ety?..... shocking... :)
  9. dwatanabe
    You'll be surprised by how good the re zeroes sound. There's also the jvc fxd80s.
  10. kxanthop
    Thank you all for the input!
    @ Zarim
    I am not familiar with either the Klipsch or the Harman Kardon. I will be looking into those, as well.
    @ Jason B + Techno Kid
    I was considering the less expensive R30s, but maybe the R50s are better. I don't know how easy it would be to have them shipped in Greece.
    @ Emospence
    I cannot find the Yamaha EPH-100 in Greece. Otherwise, I have a good feeling about them.
    @ AstroTurf
    I was in love with the ER4s, but I cannot say I have read a lot about the MC5s.
    Do the rezeroes need better amping than my iPhone's line out? Unfortunately it is difficult to find the JVCs in Europe.
    I think that I will be opting for one of the less expensive solutions, such as the RE0s or the Rezeroes or even the R50s or the GR06s.
    Thanks again!
  11. dwatanabe
    My rezeroes sound really good out of my clip+ with no amping. They also play loud enough out of my galaxy s2 but the phone just sounds horrible no matter what headphones you use. I heard the iphone is actually decent as a source though. I don't have one so I can't really say but a clip+ can be had for ~30 usd.
  12. kxanthop
    I think I will be choosing between the R50s and the GR07. However, fiven the lower price of the former and the sibilant treble of the latter, I think that the R50s have the precedence. Thank you for all the input!
  13. AstroTurf

    I hope you enjoy whatever you get!!!


  14. kxanthop

    I almost followed your suggestion. I found a pair of used HF5s this side of the Atlantic and got them. I really love the sound! I started having soundstage and details from my iPhone (I could never think that would be possible). To be honest, I started thinking whether a high end IEM (of the ~$1000) would be a better solution than a high end open back (e.g. an LCD2 or an HE500).
  15. s0lar
    A more analytical option is JVC FXT90. There are very few songs where it sounds too bright and it performs excellent. I use shure olives to tame the highs but that way it looses some of its upfront vocals and stage depth. You gain warmth and a wider soundstage and loose on absolute instrument seperation. Its sound is VERY tip dependant.
    Brainwavz B2 is another great analytical IEM but the highs can bite and because of the small nozzle it's harder to try varrious tips, stock single flanges are good though. RE-0 is brighter still and the most thin sounding but about the best price/performance value out there, works great with many tips. Try to amp it or go for RE-ZERO instead. Haven't heard RE-252. Love RE-262 with amp and big bi-flanges, no other really work for me.
    Vsonic GR07 is technically outstanding but hasn't got the magic I crave for. They aren't really comfortable and stock single flanges work best for me.
    Neither of these IEMs should disappoint but RE-0, FXT90 and B2 aren't the safest choice. Safest choice would be GR07 because I don't believe anyone hates it.

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