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Sunrise Xcited IEM and Cowon J3?

  1. vibrato1337
    New User here,
    I was wondering if they were compatible with each other like if the J3 can drive the full potential of the the Sunrise Xcited IEM. Thank you!
  2. vibrato1337
    I didn't get the J3 yet, but I want an upgrade in SQ from my Ipod Touch unless there is not much of a difference with these IEM in the Ipod Touch and the IEM in the J3.
  3. vibrato1337
  4. vibrato1337
  5. blacktone
    I can't speak for those IEM but I've have both iPad and J3. The J3 blows the iPad out of the water, problem is I don't know the difference between the iPad and iPod internal DAC. You will commonly see people trying to hook up external DAC/AMPs to the apple products which could be another option. I'd say it depends how most of your music is stored. Majority of my music is in FLAC format. I've powered my ATH-M50s on the J3 and it sounded great.
    Products exist to improve your iPod: Here's an eps of head-Fi TV that talks about one or two. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KZQ6B6W4MM
    Also I'm using Hifiman RE252 :wink:

  6. vibrato1337
    Oh man, are you the guy that posted on my reddit thread? :3
  7. blacktone
    lol yeah
  8. blacktone
    I say get the J3, it's a quality portable player.  If you don't like it just sell it, very active classified section here so it shouldn't be an issue.  You might loose some cash in the sale but think of it as rental fee :wink:

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