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Need help buying higher end IEM (Sony EX1000/Sennheiser IE8/DBA-02) in Canada

  1. SpecR1
    Anyone have thoughts on the IE8 vs EX1000? I've read reviews but I haven't found one that compared those two head to head. I'm currently looking for a pair of IE8 or EX1000 and I want to make sure I don't end up with fakes.
    I've searched through the authorized dealers list on the Sennheiser website and I found a deal on dakmart.com for $169.98
    The price seems way too good to be true but its from an authorized dealer and I assume its in USD since they used a $ sign instead of Euro or GBP...
    Does anyone have any information on this? Is it refurbished or in a different currency?
    NCIX has the IE8s for $350 CAD. Is NCIX an authorized dealer? I didn't see them listed on the Sennheiser USA website and the Canadian one doesn't have a list.
    How do the DBA-02s perform vs the IE8 or EX1000? They are pretty inexpensive so I'm kind of skeptical if they perform just as good as the IE8 or the EX1000
    Can anyone recommend a place to buy Sennheiser IE8s or EX1000 or DBA-02 or does anyone have any other recommendations for IEMS around ~300-400
  2. Redmetal1897
    Well I would suggest you first define the kind of sound that you are looking for [​IMG]. The Senns are very bass heavy and have a wide spacious soundstage with a very laid back sound. The dakmart price is definitely for refurbished units. I would be careful ordering from there, many members have received fakes from there.
    The ex1000's are said to be very mid rich with strong timbre with detailed treble, most expensive of the lot but according to james444(very well respected head fier) one of the best universal IEM's out there.
    The DBA's have a neutral sound with aggressive treble, detailed mids and bass that is on the lower end of the spectrum. Instruments are well spaced out and has good soundstage. 
    Other good IEM's in the price range include the ortofon e-q5, radius DDDM, re262, re252... the options are endless but I would suggest first narrowing down the sound sig you are looking for, ClieOS's recent thread and joker's thread are an excellent place to start:
  3. SpecR1
    Thanks for the reply and sorry for my late response.

    I've been doing more research after I read your reply and I want to add to what type of sound I'm looking for. I'll try to describe what I'm looking for but I'm an audio newb and even though I've done my research I don't think I can fully put the sound I'm looking for into words; so I'll try my best.
    I'm currently using a Cowon J3 + Brainwavz M2. I think the BW M2 sound great in every aspect and I want something that has everything better than the M2's. At first I was just going to get something $100+ but I figure I'll eventually buy a high end IEM anyways so I might as well get it over with now. I've tried my friends Monster Turbines and I thought it was "too bland" vs the M2's.
    I mainly listen to: Hip Hop, RnB, Trance, Techno; so pretty much whatever is on the top 20 charts on your local new hits radio station. I like enough bass than will make you bob your head. Bass thats impactful but not too loud/intrusive. Strong mids and Strong highs that sound sharp. So I guess strong mids and highs are more important to me than bass and I also like a wide soundstage.
    I read two reviews about the EX1000 (james444 and headfonia) and it is said that the EX1000's are more for "...Softer and mellower music - headfonia". So will the EX1000's not be as good as other IEMs for my style of music?
    and I just noticed a deal on the MTPC on amazon.com so I'm also considering those.
    Thanks again.
  4. SpecR1
    Sorry to bump, but my friend is coming to Canada from HK soon so I want to know what headphones are recommended since the EX1000s are 450~ CAD in HK compare to 600+ CAD off Ebay.
  5. JeFFz
    If you did some searching, dakmart is an authorized dealer but it sells refurbished ie8 and it's in USD. NCIX is an authorized dealer confirmed by sennheiser. 
  6. james444 Contributor
    In a nutshell, the EX1000 are more like a Mercedes-Benz than a sportscar - and for some reason I believe you want a sportscar.
  7. SpecR1


    That's an awesome way of putting it. So what would you recommend for a high end sports car?
  8. james444 Contributor
    Hmm, neither the IE8, as they're also rather laid back. Something like the CK10 or DBA-02 may fit the bill, but I'm not sure if they'd have enough bass to make your head bob. Maybe the Monsters, but honestly, you better ask a sports car driver about that. [​IMG]
  9. audiogamma
    Dakmart sells vaporware. Those IE8s will never arrive.
  10. SpecR1


    Thanks for all the replies, but are there any "sports car drivers" out there [​IMG]
  11. firoze
    Have you considered the Final Audio Design BA-SB and BA-A1? I think they would meet your needs rather well. Read the fine reviews on them on this forum. I have just been to Hong Kong and found a dealer there who stocks them, so your friend can get them for you if you want them:

    DMA Audio,
    Sim City, Unit 233, 2nd floor,
    47-51 Shantung St,
    Mongkok, HK

    Tel: +852-3971-0242

    Their prices for the FAD's are competitive, about the same as mail-ordering from Japan. They also stock the EX-1000 and other high-end IEM's, though I didn't check the prices for those.
  12. yello131

    Indeed  Prices are not bad for Final Audio stuff at DMa shop..
     about the same Dimitri quoted me on heaven SBs; 370$..
    Does this shop offer any kind of after service?
  13. firoze
    ^ I have not had any dealings with this shop as such, only that I took a listen to the EX1000 there. So I can't comment on their after-sales service, but they were reluctant to let me try a larger size of tip with the EX1000 - and that did not create a good impression regarding their level of helpfulness.
  14. yello131


    .  few people on the forum complained about Final Audio's build issues therefore the After Service/ warranty support  is a must for the FA IEMs, specially the A1 model.
    Do you have a pair of FA, which ones?
  15. SpecR1
    I checked out the FAD stuff and I'm worried about the build quality of them as mentioned in the previous post, since getting warranty will probably be a huge hassle since i'm in Canada and they are coming from HK.
    Anyone know how the bass of the EX1000 compares to IE8 on the lowest setting?
    and I'll be using the earphones with a Cowon J3 without an amp.

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