1. HEaDAchES

    IE8 & TRIPLE.FI.10

    This is my 1st Head-Fi post and I'm very happy to say that after making the decision to go IEM rather than cans, tonight I made 1st purchases. I just bought the Logitech and the Sennheiser IE8. I'm saving for a Leckerton UHA-4 amp. to complete my set! I know there are tons of posts...
  2. Tiop

    Why am I not satisfied with my IEM's?

    Okay so I usually just lurk here but I decided to go ahead and make an account and ask. I don't have much experience in the headphone world but I do consider myself to be very picky about how my music sounds. I'm big on my home theater setup but I've just really never had a set of good IEM's...
  3. RLJY

    Do you think these IE8s are real ?

    Hi there, my 1st post. Planning on buying a pair of IE8s and chanced upon these.The IE8s in the link are sold by other sellers on amazon, most for an absurdly low amount as compared to store prices(e.g in the mall)...
  4. K

    IE8 earwax problem

    Hi guys, I'm very sad in the pants. Bought a pair of IE8 18 months ago, they were brilliant, stopped working properly after 6 months (no sound in one of the sides), sent it to repair, got it back after a few weeks, it worked. Last summer on my way to the airport for a week long trip, I was...
  5. JonnyRocket

    Problem with My Sennheiser IE8, they've become too bright

    I recently lost sound in one side of my IE8s. I found out the screen was clogged so I polled them both out and cleaned them with hydrogen peroxide. When I put them back in, the earphones lost most of the sparkle and became noticeable brighter. I am not a fan of bright headphones. Does anyone...
  6. h1a8

    Increasing the sound value of iems.

    I hope this doesn’t hurt sales for headphone makers. I just want to help out the community with my findings.   Now many iems owe their sound mostly to how they are tuned and very little to how they are built acoustically. In other words, many iems have been equalized beforehand.  Knowing this...
  7. MaxMusic

    Upgrading from ATHM50s and HF3s, looking for a less neutral sound:V-Moda M100 or Sen IE8/8i/80?

    Hey guys I need help deciding on an upgrade from my M50s and Etymotic HF3s. Both are very neutral and I am looking for something more bass heavy.    I do not plan on ever investing in an amp because my music listening is almost always from a laptop or my iphone and is generally on the go...
  8. D


    Okay, let me start off by saying I am very new to this forum- so am unsure as to if something similar has been threaded already. I would like to thank the people in this community, more experienced than I am- for helping me out with a decision for my first Hi-End IEM purchase (in my last...
  9. JMBrown322

    Upgrading Atrio MG7: need more/brighter treble

    As the title suggests, I have some Atrios that I'm not 100% happy with anymore. The bass is great, but I like them a lot more when I use an equalizer to boost the treble. Are there any iems on the market with deep, strong bass (not on par with the atrios necessarily, as few items are on par with...
  10. Ivabign

    IE-8 Warranty Question

    So I was listening to some lossless Midnight Oil last night and the right channel started dropping out on the right side - I pulled off the cable and re-inserted it and all was fine - but then it dropped out again. I tapped the bud in my ear and it came back on. No more problems until this...
  11. jinque

    Spend $550 on IE80 + Toxic Silver cables or something else?

    Hi All, I've had IE8s for 2 years and need to replace them (too much wear and tear / accidents unfortunately). I love the outstanding soundstage and bass of the IE8s, so looking to buy IE80s with Toxic's silver cable which would run about $550. Both would come overseas to the US so I wanted to...
  12. Jack807

    which one!

    Am looking at the following head phines: Sennheiser ie8 Shure 425 Tdk b200 westone true fit 2 westone ue 2   how do they stack up and what experience have people had??
  13. bmichael

    Lost My Sennheiser IE 8i / Sennheiser IE8: Would Appreciate Suggestions For New Pair.

    The title says it all.    I was out on Saturday night for just a few drinks. Got to the bar and jammed my earphones into my jacket pocket. They either fell out, or the little toddler that was messing around with my gloves and hat also fished my earphones out of my pocket, and now I wish I...
  14. iOnlyEatMusic

    Sennheiser IE 8 - Discontinued - What will Senn do?

    After having my IE 8 for over two years, they finally cracked and broke. Now with the IE 80 being out the IE 8 are discontinued. If I send them in for repair, will they send me the IE 80 back? I heard someone sent theirs for repair and they sent back a brand new IE 80.
  15. iOnlyEatMusic

    Sennheiser IE 8 - How long does warranty take?

    My friends IE 8 broke and it's only been about 8 months. He asked me to do the service request for him so  I created a request, and added the JPEG of a picture of the receipt from J&R.    Now I printed out the shipping label and I inserted the earphones themselves and a printed note with the...
  16. howardroak

    Westone 4R, Phonak PFE 232 or UE 900

    Dear head-fi community, I've read countless threads over the last couple of weeks in this forum but still I can't make up my mind about which of the above mentioned high scoring universal IEM's I should pick to upgrade my current setup (Sennheiser IE8 with and without Fiio E7 hooked up to an...
  17. Nexodon

    Sennheiser IE8 at a reduced price, are they worth it?

    Hello everybody. =) I was looking for some IEM to plug into my Nexus S to listen to Music when I'm away from home. I found in a site some used but in good condition Sennheiser IE8 at 130€, about 173$ (american dollars). Are they worth it?  I found the offer to be quite good, but I don't know...
  18. Potomkin

    Headphones on the road under 250 Euro

    Hi im seeking some nice Headphones. Mainly Jazz, Tom Waits, Classical. No Beats! - Sennheiser HD25 - Sony MDR1 - Beyer DT 770 ? - Grado?   Or even something else?   I did never own some really nice Headphones. Buyed some iBeats in November. First was impressed by the Bass, but...
  19. Deeman

    Shure SE535 or Sennheiser IE8?

    Hello world. Making my first high end IEM purchase here. Been doing a lot of research and narrowed it down to the two mentioned above. I realise that both have very different sound signatures. Because from what was described in other reviews and what not, I like both kinds of sound signatures...
  20. Q

    Need new daily use IEMs

    I lost my klipsch x10 which I liked, so I need to get another pair:   - 100-300$, probably not more, probably. - not custom fitted - comfort and isolation are important, I'll be wearing them for hours every day, and they should shut out noises well. The klipsch was good for these; maybe...
  21. Frankyspanky

    Westone 3 vs Gr07 vs Sm3 vs Fx700 vs Ie8 vs Ex1000 for electronic music

    I know these IEM's have been compared a lot already, but I cant really find which are best for electronic music.  I love bass, but dont want it to recess mids and highs. 
  22. kalki11

    earphones with large sound stage

    what are some earbuds / earphones with a large sound stage with good sound  of course
  23. Nemui

    Rockboxed Sansa Fuze + lineout fiio e17 + ..what IEMs?

    Hi guys. Firstly, I'd like to sorry for my English, if you don't understand something, just ask, I'll try to explain in some other way.   I'm looking for worthy IEMs for my set-up (Fuze->fiio e17 through lineout) around 300$ in pricerange. The preferences are... Well, I want to be able to...
  24. rpmusni

    adding a memory wire in an ie8 cable

    Any ideas how to add a memory wire to a sennheiser ie8?
  25. Nathan09

    Good Xmas headphone for pops!!??

    Hello all. I am posting today to try and find the best suited "on ear" headphones for my friends dad. Its a Christmas present and he wants them to kick ass. He was going to get him a pair of beats but i said hell no! His father likes country r&b bluegrass and some rap. I have a pair of...