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Sennheiser IE8 at a reduced price, are they worth it?

  1. Nexodon
    Hello everybody. =)
    I was looking for some IEM to plug into my Nexus S to listen to Music when I'm away from home.
    I found in a site some used but in good condition Sennheiser IE8 at 130€, about 173$ (american dollars). Are they worth it? 
    I found the offer to be quite good, but I don't know if the sound of these match my taste.
    I am mainly a mid and high lover. I really like bass too when it's punchy, but I don't like when bass overwhelm the rest of the spectrum.
    I may even evaluate some other options, but what I found is way too much high priced for my pockets. (I'm still a kind of "student" and I've got to make it with christmas's savings.) For example, I think I kind of liked the Shure SE535, but I don't know where to find 350€. xDD
    At the moment I am listening to Music at home with my pc linked with the Fiio E17 plugged to my Creative Aurvana Live!, and I'm quite satisfied of this combo, but using the same headphones "on the road" they sound way worse, with low volume and extremely distant and confused sound, not to mention that they are a lot uncomfortable to wear to the neck.

    Anyone knows how are the highs of the IE8? For example, how the Violins sound? The vendor told me he had used them for about 200 hours (He said that he let them "burned in", but I think he was using them during that time.) I mainly listen to Synthpop, Rock, Ambient, Pop, Folk, Symphonic and Power Metal and eventually even instrumental Music of various genres (ex. Soundtracks).
    I am quite esigent when it's about audio quality, like many of you. Do you think that they would work for me?
    Waiting for some replies, I thank you in advance and I salute you.
  2. Eugguy
    Most likely a fake model.
  3. SolidVictory
    Be careful about buying IE8s that are used. There are plenty of counterfeits going around. I would not recommend buying IE8s that are used unless they are from a reputable trader on these forums. See my thread comparing real and fake IE8s here.
    As for the highs—I owned the IE8s for a while and they have decent high extension. The highs are definitely better when compared to most dynamic IEMs. It seems that most of the genres of music that you listed utilize the midrange a lot. The IE8s have a decent midrange but they are somewhat veiled.
    The SE535 is a great IEM. However, it lacks some bass impact. They have a fantastic midrange, if you can deal with the lack of bass impact.
    I would do more research around the forums to get a better idea of which IEM suits your type of music. This hobby is more experimentation than anything. Good luck.
  4. Nexodon
    He said that someone gave them to him as a gift, but now he wants to sell them.
    So no receipt, and so no warranty. =(
    But the price is tempting.
    They were at 150€, but I kind of negotiated, and I obtained a 20€ discount.
  5. Nexodon
    Yeah, I already seen some low priced options but this offer tempted me (high tier IEM at a relative low price), and I don't know what to do. >.<
  6. dweaver
    Absolutely DO NOT BUY THESE! They are almost guaranteed to be fake especially if he is already dropping the price so readily. I know it's tempting bit believe me this is THE MOST COUNTERFEITED IEM out there. They all look real on the outside but trust me, they don't have the same inner parts or quality cable.

    BTW Canada Computers has the IE80 on sale this weekend for $250 which is a great price on the newer model and guaranteed real.
  7. Nexodon
    Ok, I'll ask him if they are fake and maybe I'll see by myself it they are original or not.
    But if they were original, would they be good for me?
  8. SolidVictory

    He will most likely say they are not fake. The counterfeits have gotten very close to the real thing, so it is almost impossible to tell the two apart unless you opened up the IEMs.
    Save yourself the time and frustration by buying IE8s from an authorized retailer.
    As for your second question, see my previous post.
  9. MattTCG
    I went the ie80 route before...we have similar taste in music preferences. I have just bought the vsonic gr07 and could not be any happier. You may want to give them a look.
  10. Nexodon
    I may come to the point to be there and look if they're fake or not.
    I know I'd better be looking for information by myself, but I already did and now I was just asking some advice and more details about the highs.
  11. Nexodon
    Thanks, I'll check them out. =)
  12. JonnyRocket

    The highs sparkle like a twinkle in santas eye... Like a bead of dew in the morning, getting its first ray of sunshine.
  13. musiclife

    You bought the gr07 to replace the senns?? Why and what were you first impressions?
  14. MattTCG
    Please understand that it didn't happen quite like that. I actually owned the ie80 for several months and tried about every tip out there to get a good fit. No matter the tip, the fit and the seal never happened for me. The only thing that gave me any semblance of fit/seal was the comply t400. But I was going through a pair every three weeks with just light to moderate usage...I was still listening to full sized hp's for the most part. So I finally decided to sell off the ie80 and get out of iems for good.
    But...then a member here propositioned me to trade a cable that I had for a pair of gr06's. Cost me nothing. The minute that I put them on, the fit was exponentially better than the ie80's. The I changed the tips to smaller stock tip. Finally I figured out how to adjust the nozzle and it was like having nothing in my ears but music. The sound signature of the gr06 was not quite for me. Now I have the perfect fit with the gr07 and a wonderful sound signature!! 
  15. ozrocks
    if your already on a 150 Euro budget, I would recommend the Klipsch X10i, as it has the same sound presence and the warm sound of Klipsch, I had the IE80 and I can assure you that the sound is similar but the IE8/IE80 has the bass extension, why don't you audition the Klipsch X10i, I am sure it would be a better buy at that pricing.

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