Upgrading Atrio MG7: need more/brighter treble
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Mar 13, 2013
As the title suggests, I have some Atrios that I'm not 100% happy with anymore. The bass is great, but I like them a lot more when I use an equalizer to boost the treble. Are there any iems on the market with deep, strong bass (not on par with the atrios necessarily, as few items are on par with their bass) but with brighter and more forward treble? Thanks in advance!
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Sounds like you would love the FX-700, better bass imo and similar in quantity to the Atrio but with much brighter, forward highs.
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Thanks for the input! The FX700 is definitely on my short list, though I'm concerned about their lack of isolation as I frequently use my iems while studying in the library, so I don't want much outside noise getting in and don't want my music bothering those around me. Another I've been considering is the ie8/80. It sounds like that might meet my requirements for good bass with bright forward highs?

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