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  1. DarkchilD
    Okay, let me start off by saying I am very new to this forum- so am unsure as to if something similar has been threaded already.
    I would like to thank the people in this community, more experienced than I am- for helping me out with a decision for my first Hi-End IEM purchase (in my last thread). FYI, I recieved my Heir 5.0 & am still waiting on the 1Plus :D
    -----------------------------!!!-HYBRID PAIRING!!!-------------------------------------------
    This really isn't anything. It's just pairing to earpieces with each other.... that's it/...
    The reason I'm curious is that I tried it myself and got a VERY interesting result. There are so many reasons why it
    should be a bad concept:
    -different frequency response
    -loudness of each side, or whatever the technical term is
    -loosening the socket
    -dizziness from two sounds in each ear..
    They could be very different - polar opposites- and not blend well. Finding signatures with traits in common may blend better.
    As for me the signature is an upside, not downside, and the sole reason  for this experiment!
    ----------------------------------MY FIRST TRIAL-------------------------------[​IMG]
    Alright guys, I only own two functioning IEMS, ATM. I know a lot of you possess a lot more- so please if any of you have the time,
    could you tell me what's a good match?- even if just hypothetically??
    Aim: Make a unique, enjoyable sound.
    The brain is very clever and is always making sense of things/the world through our filters. e.g. 2 signals are received for our sight that actually come in upside down, yet we see one grand, final image. Same for our hearing. It is more than just a sense of depth; but a synchronization of 2 input signals- where if different- will create a unique final display. Based on this theory, mixing IEMs can create a very horrible resultant sound signature, or one incredibly amazing!
    Some may initially hear two different sounds coming in each side. Though if you allow your brain to sync it for you over a short period, it truly does become one sound. 1 very unique sound (IMO).
    My 2 Cents:
    There is a thing called Hemi-sync (can look it up) where each ear is fed different waveforms/frequencies that the mind syncs up for you, which utilizes together the left & right brain, and trains you to be better at using both and also helps calm you down at low volumes and regular intakes (something like that).
    IEM Left: My IE8s (I at my own risk took it apart. If I'd had the IE80 it wouldn't have been necessary)
    IEM Right: My Heir 5.0 (Quick Impression: Very nice Mids- vocals sound great, Base has presence yet feels weak/fake compared to the dynamic Sennheisers. Highs should be smooth but sound rather shrill/paining at high volumes on my DAP.)
    DAP: C4 (just bought this vintage looking baby. Amp and fullness of sound is much better than my Cowon player. Flaws- no custom EQ, too bright for my preference when paired with some IEMS. i.e. my 5.0s...)
    Cable: 4-6N OCC Pure Silver Cable from Chris.
    Day before Good Friday:  Yep. Happy Easter Everybody!
    After breaking off the left IE8 earpiece, i put two really thin/short metal fragments in the two holes. I then put the pins of my Silver
    cable through the minimal space of the socket (if the hole is a tad smaller than the pins, then forcing it in will make it hold from pressure. After some fiddling the fit was nice). I then removed my 5.0 piece from the stock cable & attached to right side.
    From hereafter it was just a matter of listening & comparisons.
    The IE8-5 Hybrid Pair: To the exciting bit...
    Yes, I've only listen for 2 days which is a minimal amount of time/no burn in. Its preliminary impression at best. At first it was annoying jumble of sound for the signatures were separated, but I focused on it being together (may sound silly, I know) and with a very short passing of time the sync was fine/effortless. 
    The IE8s themselves give a big soundstage (out-of-head feeling), airiness & great base reproduction off the dynamic drive.
    The 5.0s are warm, have better mids, though they don't sound as thick/full as the IE8 mids (I made a comparison with vocal songs). And have more dominant highs than the Senns.
    [As I said, IMO it was too harsh on the C4 listening to it on my typically high volume level]
    Lows: Relative to the IE8, the base quantity is reduced slightly. The base detail is raised. Better impact. Faster. Relative to the 8.A sound sig (5.0 I mean), the base reproduction sounds better. More impressive as in closer to what a Sub should sound like. A BA just can't do a Dynamic.
    Relative to the 5.0/8.A sig, the mids are still prominent & warm as opposed to the heavy IE8s, but still retain the thickness/solidness (hard to find the word;I'm not up to terms with the lingo. It just sounds more bigger, yet not in loudness).
    For the vocal songs I tested, the vocals sound better than those of the IE8s and almost as intimate as the 8.A sig. Talking of intimate, I will get on to soundstage. The soundstage as expected, is lesser than the IE8, and you lose a bit of the (out-of-head experience), but this is a compromise for better sounding Mids/More present vocals & delivery of instruments.
    At first I found the sound stage uneven. As in on the left side (the Senns), the width was greater. This perception over time has been reduced to almost unnoticeable (dont ask me to explain how).
    IMO, it would have been better if I paired 2 sound sigs with similar soundstage, 3D- imaging; but what the heck...
    [Take note that my 5.0 impression of highs being harsh is personal and possibly because C4s are bright themselves]
    Like the 8.A sig/5.0 sig, the highs are awesome. Well detailed, fast & stand out as much (are as forward) as the other frequencies. And to my amazement; the shrillness/harshness is now completely GONE! Listening to the treble at my usual volume-level (where I escape and shut out the outer-world) is no longer paining. All detail is still there as well :)
    The IE8-5 (please call it something better), has kept the airiness of the Senns and still has a big soundstage. The mid frequencies are more present than the Senns and more "there-like"/solid than the 5.0s. The Highs are no longer shrill to my ears with the C4 and are on par  with - share qualities of the hi range of the Senns and Heirs (somehow mixed into one frequency range). The base is more dynamic than the 5.0s and hence more realistic. Though having slightly less quantity than the IE8, the greater detail, i.e. the impact/slam is easily apparent to my ears (people say I have crap hearing, so that says something).
    because of these things, the combination sounds very much like a hybrid & the sound signature is somewhere in between the 8.As & the IE8s if you can imagine it. VERY GOOD, IMO! Easily better than both as individual pairs!
    ----------------------------------FURTHER TESTING-------------------------------
    5.1pLUS2___vs___IE8-5____vs____IE8Plus1   (Stupid names, but call it what you want... )
    Once I receive my Tralucent Monitors (delayed), I will do further combinations. If asking why? Who cares?-
    Why do anything...? Just for the fun of it!- whatever activates the Pleasure Center!
    I believe the 1Plus and the MH335 DW would be an interesting Hybrid Signature, for; for one thing they have similarly HUGE soundstages. The rest I've no idea, how they'd blend... ...Of cause I will never own those FitEars, so might settle with the 334 instead for pairing. ALL of this stuff is for now just wishful thinking & not sure how long my interest in this will last...
    Thank you for your time,

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