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Upgrading from ATHM50s and HF3s, looking for a less neutral sound:V-Moda M100 or Sen IE8/8i/80?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by maxmusic, Apr 3, 2013.
  1. MaxMusic
    Hey guys I need help deciding on an upgrade from my M50s and Etymotic HF3s. Both are very neutral and I am looking for something more bass heavy. 
    I do not plan on ever investing in an amp because my music listening is almost always from a laptop or my iphone and is generally on the go.
    So far I am looking at Sen IE8/IE80 (a little out of my desired budget ($300), but currently IE80s are ~$350 on amazon), and V-Moda M100s. 
    Of those two, which has superior sound? I realize one is a closed fullsize, and one is an IEM, but both are still portable so that doesn't matter to me. 
    Also open to alternative suggestions!
    Thank you for any feedback :)
    *Also sorry this is sort of a fullsize and IEM situation but I decided to put it here
  2. idanh
    First of all, I would like to tell you that the comparison you are trying to have here is wrong.
    You cannot compare in ears to over/on ears. Over/on ears have way bigger speakers and therefor sound better (in most cases, and especially when talking about same price level)
    Now, I have never owned the Sennheiser IE8/IE8i/IE80 but as far as I know they are pretty damn good.
    The V-Moda M-100 are awesome. Some will say it's the best set you can get for the price.
    My advice to you- if possible, try them all out. Sound experience differs from one person to another. 
    In my opinion, there is no such thing as an audiophile at all, because one can hear sounds, ranges, and effects that another one can't and it goes the other way around. 
    If you cannot put your hands on the headphones you mentioned, you'll have to take the risk.
    When I ordered the M-100s I took a shot.
    I suggest you'll do the same, and if I were you I would go for an over the ear headphones, just because they will generally be better as I said.
    Plus, the M-100s are totally on the go friendly.
    One last thing, don't say no to an amp just because you are planning to enjoy your music primarily on the go.
    There are mobile headphones amps that will definitely increase your hearing experience! Check it out on the equipment forums.
    I hope I helped a bit.
    Good luck!

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