Sennheiser IE 8I Cable

    Does anyone know of any U.S. retailers that I could order a 8i cable to use with my IE 80's? The only site I've been able to find was a custom cable site out of GB.
  2. amilopowers

    Case for IE8i

    Hi everybody I just ordered my 3rd IE8(i). I am looking for a hard case because my last one broke. I initially thought about an otterbox but it seems that they just sell phone cases now. Can someone give me an advice?
  3. HEaDAchES

    IE8 & TRIPLE.FI.10

    This is my 1st Head-Fi post and I'm very happy to say that after making the decision to go IEM rather than cans, tonight I made 1st purchases. I just bought the Logitech and the Sennheiser IE8. I'm saving for a Leckerton UHA-4 amp. to complete my set! I know there are tons of posts...
  4. CrazyKoala

    Good replacement cable for IE8i - needs built-in mic

    Hi guys. Broke my original cable for my IE8i set. Looking to get a new one over ebay but it's quite confusing.   I'm not sure which one to choose.   2 conditions :   - I don't want to lose the bass strengh of the IEM - I need a mic compatible with android :)     If you have any tips...
  5. Tiop

    Why am I not satisfied with my IEM's?

    Okay so I usually just lurk here but I decided to go ahead and make an account and ask. I don't have much experience in the headphone world but I do consider myself to be very picky about how my music sounds. I'm big on my home theater setup but I've just really never had a set of good IEM's...
  6. stacey

    Looking to upgrade my IE8i

    Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my IE8is to something else. While I love the soundstage of it, they just keep dying on me, and with out of warranty repair costs, it's somewhat of an annoying and expensive problem. Likely what will happen is that I warranty replace them with IE80s and sell them...
  7. deadguy99

    Sennheiser IE8i

    Bought these from on may15 for 270 which is as cheap as i can find from an authorized dealer but as much as i love them they still hurt my ears after long sessions so i'm selling them. They are in great condition. Warranty will still be good for the 2 years from may15.   Price is 210...
  8. deadguy99

    Sennheiser ie8i cable

    Looking for a replacement cable for ie8i with the controls, i cant seem to find any US places to buy one.
  9. MaxMusic

    Upgrading from ATHM50s and HF3s, looking for a less neutral sound:V-Moda M100 or Sen IE8/8i/80?

    Hey guys I need help deciding on an upgrade from my M50s and Etymotic HF3s. Both are very neutral and I am looking for something more bass heavy.    I do not plan on ever investing in an amp because my music listening is almost always from a laptop or my iphone and is generally on the go...
  10. putente

    FT: my Sennheiser HD25 Originals in mint condition for your IE8/IE8i (only in Europe)

    Hi,   I have a mint condition Sennheiser HD25 Originals and even if I really like their sound, they've seen almost no use as I'm more and more into IEM's nowadays. They were used for no more than a few hours (10 hours at most) and they are in absolutely mint condition, as a new unit, with...
  11. jjamo

    Sennheiser IE8 or IE8i

    Please let me know if you have one for sale. :) I can provide you with 100% positive eBay ID.   Just put $200 but I know the going price is 200-250  
  12. Akella

    WTB: Sennheiser ie8 or ie8i

    I want to buy Sennheiser ie8. PM me with offer. 
  13. GWagon

    HD25-1 II vs IE8i

    Hello guys,   I'm totally stumped on which phone to pick.   I will be using these to and from University and at home. Has anyone owned both? If so, which is better sounding? Are cans much more of a hassle to carry around than IEMs?    I like to listen to HipHop/R&B, with a bit of...
  14. Shoulon

    Re-wire Sennheiser IE8i ?

    Was wondering if it could be possible to rewire the jack to work with Samsung Galaxy devices. Since the connector's are reversed it shouldn't be too hard correct?
  15. Pelotonjon

    Sennheiser IE8i

    Dumb question, but can I use the Senneheiser IE8i (the one with iPhone controls) with a headphone amp?  I'd like to use it through the iPhone 4 headphone jack for general use and to make calls, and then through a FiiO line out to a FiiO E6 when I am doing more serious listening.  
  16. audiogamma

    Sennheiser IE8i mint condition

    Mint, mint, mint Senn IE8i complete package with less than 4hrs use. I've only used the double-flange silicone, so all the remaining tips are included. IEMs; inner and outer box, IEM case, tips, tool, etc...   Guaranteed legitimate and buyer can confirm authenticity with Senn (via serial...
  17. AbdulBasit

    Sennheiser IE8, IE8i, IE80 - Advice Needed

    Hello folks!   I am a newbie in the high end IEM business. I am looking for a piece for fun listening. The two factors that I am considering is excellent bass and expansive sound-stage. After a lot of drooling over a lot of options (including Bowers & Wilkins C5, Monster Turbine variants...
  18. infam0ussteven

    Sennheiser IE8i cable

    Hey guys, I love having the ipod controls on my cable and was wondering if there were any places that sell the cable that includes the ipod controls from the IE8i. I'm looking for either OEM from sennheiser or aftermarket, or is it possible to make one myself?
  19. obrienk

    IE8i cable

    Hi, I'm looking to swap out my standard IE8 cable for an IE8i cable (with remote and mic)   I'm in the UK, and yes i know i could get the one from custom cable but not sure if it's the same quality as the OEM one (although they say it's supplied by Sennheiser germany, so who knows?)  ...
  20. infam0ussteven

    Resleeve sennheiser ie8i cable?

    Hey guys, it's been really cold out recently and every time I walk out with my ie8 my wire becomes stiff. So I was wondering if it were possible to remove the current plastic sleeving and perhaps resleeve it with a thicker plastic housing for the wiring or do you guys have some other ideas? I'm...
  21. saint.panda

    Sennheiser IE80 (including extra IE8i cable with mic for iPhone)

    Sennheiser IE80   Sennheiser's top of the line IEMs. Selling them because I don't use earphones much these days.   Includes everything you see in the pictures: earphones, packaging (good shape), original tips (cleaned with disinfectant), 2 pair of unused medium Comply foam tips (I only used...
  22. flekx

    Crazy Deal on iE8i. Legit?   Check it out and see for yourself. Let me know what you think because I'm thinking of pulling the trigger!
  23. CRS27

    WTB: Sennheiser IE8i cable or cable for IE8 with Microphone & Controls

    I don't want to get them from the UK because I hear they take over a month to receive...
  24. jan101

    FS: Sennheiser IE8i *updated shipping*

    Up for sale are my 2 month old IE8i earphones in pristine condition with box and all accessories. Bought from an austrian online reseller (got the invoice) and registered at Sennheiser, so you get a genuine item. I would ask Senn to move the registration to the new owner. These are some...
  25. SuperStoneRose

    Fake Sennheiser IE8i's

    Hello,   I was wondering does anybody know if there are fake IE8i's that have been created?   I am thinking of selling my set, but know that eBay counterfeits can artifcially depress prices.   Any thoughts?