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Westone 3 vs Gr07 vs Sm3 vs Fx700 vs Ie8 vs Ex1000 for electronic music

  1. Frankyspanky
    I know these IEM's have been compared a lot already, but I cant really find which are best for electronic music. 
    I love bass, but dont want it to recess mids and highs. 
  2. tumburu
    I listen and produce mainly electronic music myself but I'm not familiar with SM3 and FX700, and don't have the ie8, but the 80 (slightly different signature, but close in character).
    I would personally chose without the slightest hesitation the EX1000. They are in another league compared to gr07 or ie80, though, if you want a good value iem and like a more linear frequency response, gr07 is a very good value. If you are familiar with equalization, you can make it sound excellent.
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  3. Tofujr
    I've only tried the Westone 3 and IE80 for about 20 mins when i was replacing my Shure Se535. However, I thought that the bass in the Westone 3 was very strong. I am not really a total bass head so I didn't care for that, since the clarity in the midrange and highs suffered, though not too much.

    I didn't really like the IE80 but from what I can recall, it sounded grainy to me. It was a cool sound, though it might just be my imagination coming from the Shures. I think it had less bass than the Westone 3 though.

    In the end I went with Westone 4. I thought that it had the clarity of the Shure 535s with less mids (I don't really like too much mids that was in the Shures) a lot more bass and sparkling treble. I never cymbals could sound so good, and I really felt the bass. There is less bass in the Westone 4 than the Westone 3 but I felt that it was more than enough for my music, metal, death metal, and the occasional house and dubstep.

    Perhaps consider the Westone 4.
  4. winkyeye
    I think the W3 best fits your descriptions. It has the bass, soundstage, and sparkle that you're looking for in electronic music. The SM3 has slightly recessed highs and the soundstage sounds a bit unrealistic. I have not heard the others but I would assume from reviews that the EX1000 is the most balanced, and the GR07 is pretty neutral as well.
  5. tumburu
    To these ears EX1000 is better than W4 in every way except isolation.
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  6. StyleElements
    I think all your contenders would be excellent. I listen to a lot of electronic (mostly Drum and Bass though), and had the chance to try the GR07 and SM3 V2 yesterday, and I'd place my IE80 in between them as follows; SM3 > IE80 > GR07. This is based only on quick first impressions though, take it with a grain of salt.
    I was very impressed with the GR07, which sounded very clean and well-balanced with my DnB. The SM3s are amazingly good, although I'd need a longer audition to really decide what it is that makes them so much better than my much-loved IE80s.
    if you like bass, the IE80s would do nicely (though I haven't heard the EX1000, FX700 or W3). Some say it's bloated, others not. I don't think it's bloated, but it's definitely got enough punch for satisfying EDM listening. Although I find generally that with electronic, soundstage matters less, the IE80s have a great soundstage too. I'd recommend them. Good luck!
  7. imackler
  8. DavvyJones96
    I wouldn't count out the GR07s so quickly. With enough burn time, they are quite the IEM.
  9. Techno Kid
    I have to say the SM3 is amazing with electronic music.  I personally think IEM's with good mids are the best for EDM because that's where most of the music is especially for melodic stuff like progressive and trance but they still sound awesome with techno and dub.  I've tried all kinds of IEM with many different sound signatures and the SM3 is the best I've heard for electronic music, worth every penny.
  10. Gasdoc
    I've had all except the IE8.  The EX1000 is my favorite sound but the fit was so ridiculous I had to sell the thing.  If I could find something that sounded like the sony and fit like a westone I'd be done.
    All of the headphones mentioned are awesome.  My 2nd favorite after the Sony is the SM3.
  11. axelsson
    I'm almost on same boat, I'm considering um3x as well. Since I don't think I'll notice very much difference among these iems and regret my purchase. My biggest concern is the fit. I have a pair of gr07, I've tried all the tips along with the mee tips still getting uncomfy after an hour or so.
    Are sm3 v2s are more comfortable than westones which I understand one of the most comfortable iems
  12. Frankyspanky
    Thanks for all your advice!
    But I'm ordering fxz200 I guess

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