1. YeNotGuilty

    Earsonics SM3v2: Really crappy bass on iPod

    So I recently bought some SM3v2's according to some advice I had received on a thread I made and some research.   Everything seemed to be going well with them until I decided to try something.   I switched the EQ from "off" on my iPod classis to "Electronic" and all of the sudden it...
  2. seunghoyoum

    TF10.... and now what next?

    Owned the triple fi for a year, and I recently lost them. I was so pissed I was out of the head-fi community for a while but not I really can't stand average 10 dollar earphones anymore, I'm back to head-fi now :)   My first thought was to get an upgrade from TF10. I have done my research...
  3. M

    A fun exercise (I hope): Which IEMs best define each sound signature?

    Hi folks.  Let me freely admit that I come to this question with more than a casual interest.  My firm designs and installs custom listening and viewing environments in homes.  Joining this site has led to a brainstorm with my partner about how to help our clients understand what sort of sound...
  4. Spyro

    Mid-Bass "Bump" and Clarity

    It seems the general consensus is that an IEM with a mid-bass bump has a tendency to "cloud" or "veil" the midrange a bit (like W4).   The W3 is known as an IEM that has one of the more significant mid-bass bumps out there yet the clarity and crispness is top notch.  So how can this be?
  5. ethanw

    Hard to explain, SM3 shell making strange sound when tapped . . .

    OK, so I have this O.C.D. thing where I tap on the shells of IEMS right after I put them in.  Well, I lightly tap, then snap my fingers outside my ears so I know I have a good seal.  Not too crazy, right? Anyway.  I currently have in my possession a pair of SM3 v2's.  When I put them in and tap...
  6. A

    Has anyone tried combining two universals to a custom reshell?

    Right now, I am trying to decide whether or not I should stuff the drivers of SM3v2s with the drivers of the TF 10 in a reshell, I'm not even sure if something similar has been attempted before, but do you think that it will work?   I'm thinking 1 SM3 and 1 TF 10 driver for lows or 2 TF 10...
  7. dqope21

    Former Westone 4 Owner looking for new IEM in similar price range

    I owned the W4's for about 2 years and just recently lost them sadly :(.  Now, I'm on the search for a new set of IEM's in that similar price range.  I found the W4's to be very pure but a bit boring. The sound was very balanced but I would prefer something more engaging and exciting this time...
  8. commandaria

    Help my find my next pair of In-Ears

    Hey guys,   So my trusty Etymotic ER6i's broke and God I really loved them. I dont know why exactly, maybe it was the sound they produced or maybe it was their reliability.  But now they are gone and I am looking for a new pair of in ears Here is a little history about the headphones I...
  9. Hyl

    Custom IEM choice (only a few choices due to country restrictions )

    I have finally decided on getting a pair of custom IEM's after using universals for so long and i don't think that there are better choices for universals than the SM3 and ATH-ck100 that I own.   Because i live in the Netherlands, i am limited to only a few iem's that i can buy. I don't...
  10. comcom80

    sm3 + hardstyle = ?

    Hello, i found a pair of sm3 at 190 euros. I listen most of the time hardstyle. Sm3 are good for hardstyle or not ?
  11. .Sup

    Earphones with remote for an iPhone (Recommendations please)

    Hey guys, this is my first thread within this portable headphone forum which means I really need you help and expertise. I often ride to work with my bicycle and slightly less often I get calls while I ride. Stopping on the road and taking the phone out is awkward so I would like something that...
  12. average_joe

    Rooth demos: the evaluation of Rooth lineup – liquid clarity

    Rooth demos: the evaluation of Rooth lineup – liquid clarity     What seems like a long time ago I bought a LS8 directly from Rooth in China and in recent months Rooth has directed me to talk with Tomo from HFI International in Japan, so we got to talking.  Tomo informed me there were...
  13. umermajeed

    Used Earsonics SM3 V2 - [Sorry, created here by mistake. Mods please move to Buy/Sell thread]

    I have had this pair for almost 1.5 years now. I am just looking to upgrade to SM64 or Heir Audio 4.ai.    They still sound the same as when I first got them off a head-fier. The casing is also in very good condition.   I still have the original cable but I haven't used it in a while since I...
  14. ratfluids

    How does the EarSonics SM64 compare to the Westone UM2?

    I love my UM2s and the sound sig in general is really enjoyable to me, but I've been reading about possible upgrades, and I find the SM64 looks really interesting.  Descriptions I read of the SM3 a while back made me really curious and these are apparently more well-loved.  However, some reviews...
  15. DamianBlunt

    Cheap temporary Earsonics SM3 replacement

    My SM3 Mk2's shell has developed a severe crack meaning that I will need to return them for repair. My previous experience is that Earsonics customer service is pretty abysmal so I am not expecting miracles with the turn around (I emailed them last week and have had no response yet) Are there...
  16. Danseph

    The sad state of my EarSonics SM3 after three years

      These are the very sad and broken state of my EarSonic SM3. I bought them in August of 2010. I used them mostly inside. I always took great care of them, cleaning them gently and often, taking them on and off carefully, keeping them in their case. They never felt and I truly enjoyed them.   ...
  17. The Closing

    Westone Elite Series or Ultimate Ears Pro Recommendations

    Unfortunately my EarSonics SM3s just wonked out after less than two years of careful use. I've narrowed down my next IEM to either the Westone Eilite Series or Ultimate Ears Pro models. My main use for these will be for drum performance and mixing purposes, so I prefer them to be as neutral as...
  18. olear

    Where to buy silicone tips for SM3?

    Preferably in the states. Thank you
  19. jpmaster

    IEM for hans zimmer

    I'm newly on the market for new headphones. I already have a full size headphone for at home. Which iem do you guys recommend for hans zimmer's music in the 100-400 dollar range (man of steel soundtrack is awesome btw)? thanks.
  20. Genuwine

    IEM that covers it all budet 400$, 500$

    Hello everyone I need a top tier universal. I'm coming from the Re262, Vsonic Gr07 Mk II, and i want a new IEM that can present music in a different or maybe better way. IEM's i was looking at were are the Earsonics SM3, FX700, Sony MDR Ex1000, ortofon eq7, and possibly the Heir Audio 4.ai.
  21. charlie875578

    Best IEM for Classic Rock?

    What are some IEM's that would be ideal for classic rock? Trying to keep it under $500.
  22. OnyLink

    Westone W4 or Earsonics Sm3?

    Im having trouble deciding which I want. While Westone is cheaper than the Sm3's, I am not sure which I would rather have. The genres I listen to are things like symphonic metal/power metal. I tend to prefer female vocals. (As for metal, I do not like screaming so that's not really a factor.)...
  23. davehutch

    Looking for an upgrade to my Klipsch x10s...50th birthday present?

    Hi everyone, my big day approacheth and, as the strain relief rubber on my Klipsch X10s is starting to split, I thought I ought to start planning a replacement set as a treat to myself. I've tried Shure 535s and found them to be a bit too coloured and warm sounding for my liking. I love the...
  24. Audiophile_Apprentice

    Need Some Help Choosing IEM's - Specific Criteria

    So I've done a lot of research, both on this website and all over the Net, but since I'm in college and live in an area where I can't audition high-end IEM's, I really need some help. I know y'all get frustrated with "which headphone" threads, since this is a highly subjective topic, so I'm...
  25. jinque

    Spend $550 on IE80 + Toxic Silver cables or something else?

    Hi All, I've had IE8s for 2 years and need to replace them (too much wear and tear / accidents unfortunately). I love the outstanding soundstage and bass of the IE8s, so looking to buy IE80s with Toxic's silver cable which would run about $550. Both would come overseas to the US so I wanted to...