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Help my find my next pair of In-Ears

  1. commandaria
    Hey guys,
    So my trusty Etymotic ER6i's broke and God I really loved them. I dont know why exactly, maybe it was the sound they produced or maybe it was their reliability. 
    But now they are gone and I am looking for a new pair of in ears
    Here is a little history about the headphones I have owned
    Shure 1, 2, 3, and 4's
    I liked them, but the bass was a bit weak
    UE 10's
    I found them a bit muffled and I found the highs a bit weak
    Sennheisers ie7
    I really did enjoy those
    Okay, so now I am looking for a new pair.
    I am most likely looking for a used pair and I want to spend around 200. 
    I have my eyes on the Klipsch x10, Earsonic SM3 V1, or the Heir Audio 3AI. 
    Can anyone please compare the three.
    I listen to just about everything but I enjoy acoustic and I love the sound of guitars.
    Thank you for reading and any comment would be much appreciated.
  2. ryomaechizen
    I haven't tested any of those 3 and was in a similar position as I was thinking about the SM3's.  But have you listened to the DBA-02's?  I have a pair of those which are highly detailed.  Bass isn't heavy but it's fairly crisp.  I've also been looking at the RockIt sounds R-50's (I have a pair of those coming tomorrow).  I have also heard good things about the VSonic GR07

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