1. lbholde

    "Hear-through" IEMs?

    I know the title is an oxymoron.  What I'm looking for is an in-ear headphone that won't fall out (earbuds fall out of my ears) that sounds like a good IEM, but does not block external sound.  I'm used to the Etymotic sound signature (ER4P, ER6i, MC5).  I am trying to turn over a new leaf and be...
  2. stimpy

    Broken jacks on ER6i

    Hello, my first post. I have 2 pairs of Etymotics ER6i that have broken jacks. I am only getting one channel on each pair. They both lasted about 2-3 months due too having the ET6i straight plug snagging on the inside of my pocket. I listen to my Otterbox encased iPod for around 10 hours a...
  3. lilboozy

    Shouldn't An Analytical Sound Be Superior?

    Shouldn't it be the best because it correctly reproduces the recording? Even if you are a bass head doesn't anything above a flat response be artificially enhancing it and not how the producer wanted you to hear it? On a side note should this be moved to the sound science thread?
  4. RDUBiker

    Low profile, excellent sound headphones (similar to etymotic er6)

    Hey all - I've been using etymotic ER6 (and hf2) for years and love  them. I ride a motorcycle and need something very low profile (i.e. doesn't stick out of my ear too far due to helmet ear pads) and my ER6 have finally bitten the dust. Short of finding an old set still left somewhere, can you...
  5. suburbanite

    ER4P > HF5? Are you sure?

    My HF5's are slowly dying so it's time to either replace or upgrade.   I have enjoyed my HF5's because I like fast, precise bass and don't want anything with a "slower" sound.   I seem to like the idea of spending less on their replacements but the lower-tier model, the MC5s, were adjudged...
  6. commandaria

    Help my find my next pair of In-Ears

    Hey guys,   So my trusty Etymotic ER6i's broke and God I really loved them. I dont know why exactly, maybe it was the sound they produced or maybe it was their reliability.  But now they are gone and I am looking for a new pair of in ears Here is a little history about the headphones I...
  7. PureServerRat

    Need help choosing headphones for use in a large raised floor server lab environment

    In my new job, I spend 1/2 to 3/4 of my workday in a huge (20,000+ square foot) raised floor server farm environment.  The noise levels are incredible.   I'm hoping to find a solution that will provide: maximum noise isolation ability to listen to spoken word podcasts and some music  ...
  8. rmzalbar

    IEM's for isolation under a helmet

    I apologize, I posted in the wrong forum - please delete. I have reposted in the introductions forum. Thank you!
  9. Keopele19

    mid range iem recommendation

    First of all, thanks for years of quality lurking, i finally became a member.   I frequently work alone outdoors and use my iem's for long periods of time.  I'm active, and have gone through several iems over the years, so I need something durable, sweat resistant, etc.. detachable cable is...
  10. hmls

    IEM build quality concern

    It is quite obvious that In-ears are lacking in build quality.   I have used /or seen some one use IEM and their average life span is around 1.5 years. My current IEMs, Hifiman RE-400, claimed to be the 'Waterline', have also started to wear off in a short period of time.   IEMS that have...
  11. starblue

    Flange replacement (large) for etymotic er6i

    Hi all, I have a perfectly functional etymotic er6i. Issue is it's original flange has worn out. I bough the replacement flange from etymotic but the replacement are much smaller then original and so not provide a good for and comfortably fit at all. Are there any other options ? For example...
  12. newzild

    Recommendation sought: a custom IEM that sounds like Sennheiser HD25-1 II

    Hi guys,   I'm looking for a custom IEM recommendation and would appreciate your help.   I've been a member for a long time, but haven't posted for a long time. I usually only drop into the Head-fi forums when I'm looking to buy. I end up reading dozens of reviews, getting confused, and...
  13. quicksilver96

    Looking for smallest, least protruding IEM

    Hi all, been out of the scene for quite some time but I still see some familiar names...    Anyway, my tiny and long loved Ety er6i has finally passed on.  The sound quality wasn't fantastic, but they were the ONLY iem that I could get inside my motorcycle helmet's tight neck seal area without...
  14. errorrrr

    How to reduce cable noise?

    I have in ear headphones (ER6s)... and the cable noise when I am walking is just drives me crazy.. are there any accessory that I can buy that give me better cable management to reduce the cable noise? or some other in ear headphones that come with this function (UE, Shure, or other ER...)
  15. mike390

    Etymotics ER6i Eartip hole Sizes?

    What size is the connector on the ER6i when looking for replacement tips? I was looking at these:    Im pretty sure they'd fit, just want an...
  16. coolestguyever

    Best headphones to wear while sleeping?

    What would be the most comfortable while still good sounding headphones I could get to use while trying to sleep? Right now I have a pair of Sennheiser PX200's, and although they have a decent amount of padding they're still not at all comfortable. I'm thinking ear buds might be the way to go...
  17. mr56k

    Just got Sennheiser HD555

    My Sennheiser HD515's were showing some age and plus I had serious upgraditus. So my friend got the 515's "he was using some cheap no names". I ordered the Sennheiser HD555 yesterday and got them today. These headphones are very nice. Very comfortable and sound great! I was afraid there might...
  18. hackeron

    Temporarily deaf in one ear due to infection, what to do :(

    One evening my ear just started to hurt real bad, bad enough I couldnt sleep the night. Next day my GP prescribed some "otomize" which is a half steroid, half antibiotic ear spray that removed pain for the most part but I'm left (temporarily) almost completely deaf in one ear, ARGH! If anyone...
  19. goodolcheez

    I have Pressure in My Head, Feels like my Head Explode - What is the cause?

    Hi extremists,   For the last several days I have been getting a lot of pressure in my head. Pretty much entire head on pressure and I feel a little lightheaded. Headache is very minor, it is mostly the pressure that is worring me. The only drastic change I have done in my daily life is...
  20. powertoold

    The FreQ Custom IEMs - Impressions Thread (Updates on First Page!)

    ---_+_ GENERAL INFORMATION Website - Custom Fit Earbuds - The FreQ *****FreQ Products***** Music Maker line: 1) FreQ Show - $350 - triple driver with detachable cable 2) Tour de FreQ - $250 - dual driver with detachable cable *Note: you have the option of choosing the Music Makers or...
  21. warpdriver

    Nuforce IEM

    I didn't see any talk of the new Nuforce headset IEM (with mic) Jason of Nuforce claims it will beat the Shure SE210 for half the price Any takers?
  22. EFN

    ETYMŌTIC IEM Owners Headcount - Are you one?

    01. EFN - ER-4P (Classic Red/Blue) With Custom Molds from + ER-4S Ultramodded Black 02. sebascrub - ER-6is Black 03. gates_2 - ER-4S 04. KrooL - ER-4S & ER-4P 05. jeffreyj900 - ER-4P (Black) (P>S Adapter) 06. apple_tree - ER-6is White 07. lextek - ER-6i 08. PiccoloNamek...
  23. aliasfox

    ER6i just died, need new IEM

    After nearly five years and four continents, and a trip through the wash, my ER6is have finally died. The cable next to the plug doesn't pass signal reliably, and I have to twist it around to get the right monitor to pass sound. It's fine for when I'm commuting to NPR, but it's maddening when I...
  24. CJG888

    Replacement foam eartips for Etymotic ER-6i

    I am looking to replace the rather ancient foam eartips of my ER-6is. As Etymotic don't seem to supply replacements in the UK or China, I am looking for an equivalent (I can't get on with the flanges). I have heard that Comply T-100s work well, although they are not listed as compatible with the...
  25. wonderba

    Ultimate Ears 600 vs Etymotic ER-6i or Etymotic mc3 for a non audiophile iPhone user

    Hi, l am looking for a ~100 dollar in ear buds to replace my Meelec 9P's for my iPhone. I listen to rock (both classic and new), rap, and sometimes pop. I don't really consider myself an audiophile, I just want a pair of buds that block out some noise, feel comfy, and sound pretty good.   I...