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IEM build quality concern

  1. hmls
    It is quite obvious that In-ears are lacking in build quality.
    I have used /or seen some one use IEM and their average life span is around 1.5 years.
    My current IEMs, Hifiman RE-400, claimed to be the 'Waterline', have also started to wear off in a short period of time.
    IEMS that have failed: AT CK10, Hifiman RE-262, Hifiman RE400, Ety ER6i
    I bet i am not the only one who had the cable connection to the housing break. Very bad design imo. Just plastic clued to a metal housing..
    Now i am counting days that i can still use them, because soon the cable snaps from the driver and then my RE400 is going to the garbage.
    I am quite satisfied with the sound of my RE400, very good bass timbre for an IEM etc..
    My point is, now it is time to focus on build quality as well ! (like V-Moda.. )
    Some iems are actually quite expensive 400USD.
    When it comes to $, phones and build quality. I have had AKG K701 for 6 years. They have got so much unneeded abuse(not like my IEMs) and they are hard as a rock. Very good build quality.
    When you hold Sennheiser HD800 in your hands, you actually believe that they last for at least a decade or two. 
  2. dark energy
    Posted this topic from my old profile..[​IMG]

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