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mid range iem recommendation

  1. Keopele19
    First of all, thanks for years of quality lurking, i finally became a member.
    I frequently work alone outdoors and use my iem's for long periods of time.  I'm active, and have gone through several iems over the years, so I need something durable, sweat resistant, etc.. detachable cable is a big plus, as that's where my iem's usually fail, and i'm tired of resoldering frankentstein iems.
    my music:
    mixed bag really, mostly prog rock, jam bands, some electronic. looking at my recently played: ranges from porcupine tree to daft punk to phish. all going through a smartphone at high bitrate mp3 (no amp/dac stuff).
    my current iems:
    pros:comfy over the ear fit, bass, mic, warranty.
    cons: total crap cable (on my 4th pair), isolation is so-so, they stick out - i'd like a smaller profile something i can put ear-muffs over (when working around loud equipment).
    etymotic 6Ri
    pros: deep, isolating fit, low profile, small shape, clear mids and highs
    cons: somewhat lacking bass, i'd prefer over-the-ear, on my second cable.
    etymotic MC5
    pros: bass
    cons: broken cable, treble lacking, profile, isolation, i prefer over the ear, etc...
    in a perfect world i'm looking for a reasonably priced iem with these characteristics:
    durable for my work and lifestyle, detachable cable, over-the-ear fit, low profile, good isolation.
    i was thinking ciem, but worried about durability (i've heard problems with sweat and fit) and cost. i've also considered buying a universal and paying for a custom reshell.
    Any recommendations or ideas are welcome, thanks again.
  2. kuse50
    shure se215 or shure se215 special edition..cheap and removable cable
  3. mc21
    What's your price range? Mid range can mean $300 to one person and $600 to another.
    Anything with foam tips or any custom will get you good isolation (as long as it's not a vented design). I would suggest getting a custom over reshelling a universal. Others have argued the same due to the driver combo used and just design in general is better in a custom vs a universal turned custom. The Aurisonics ASG-2 might be a good fit for you since you seem to like bass quite a bit. UE900 might be what you're looking for sound wise but I read that the isolation isn't the best but it is still decent.
  4. Keopele19
    mid range for me translates to value.  Sound quality is sometimes there, but i'm generally not happy with the fragility of lower priced iem offerings.  i've literally been through ~10-15  pairs and i'm not especially rough on them (thankfully most have been warrantied).  I'm hoping to get into 'mid-range' and see a corresponding leap in quality. I tried the shure 215s briefly and gave them away as a gift.  i remember the fit not working for me, but only had one set of tips to work with.  maybe worth another shot at <$100, but i'd like more input on the bump in sound quality AND build quality in some other options. fwiw most of my iem abuse is in the cable, usually near the jack.  I think it might be taking the phone in and out of my jeans pocket.
  5. mc21

    Not sure why you're so reluctant to give a number as to the amount of money you're planning to spend. Give a number and I'm sure people are more than happy to give suggestions that corresponds to that. Value is also very subjective. Some people find $300 IEM as a good performance to price ratio, while others find it expensive and some find it cheap.
    I'm guessing you want to spend around 200 so maybe the Westone UM3x? not sure if it has removable cables though (probably not if I had to guess).
  6. Keopele19
    looks like there is a removable cable version that looks pretty enticing.  I've never owned a westone product, but they seem to be well reviewed on this website.  
  7. kuse50
    westone will do.. they have removeable cable, but u have to try to make sure the fit and the sound is for you, phonak pfe also an over ear iem but without removeable cable..

    i think if the cable near the jack broken u can just reterminate using new jack
  8. Keopele19
    seems like the only way to try on westones is buying them.  even in the silicon valley they don't distribute through hardly any brick and mortar stores.
  9. mc21
    Most places don't stock higher priced headphones at BM from my experience. The W4Fs were on Amazon for $331 but I bet its over by now. It was last week, but I think the PFE232 has removable cables. However, PFE has stopped making headphones as far as I know so people are worried about replacement parts and warranty down the road. Another thing is that the PFE232 is around $600 I think.
  10. Keopele19
    Ya $600 is a bit steep especially with a questionable warranty down the road. $300 is fine but it would be nice to try them on first. Maybe I'll try the shures first or jump on a pair of westones if they pop up on the for sale forum.

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