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    Etymotic MC5 vs ibuds! The balanced armature in the MC5 seems to take up a lot of space, but the ibuds have more steel in their dynamic drivers. Thus, they are a brighter white. This image is noisy as heck. My X-rays are like raindrops on a sidewalk, as my X-ray teacher describes. Needs more mAs! Co
  2. mglak51jk

    About these crazy new-ish Apple earpods

    I have a maddening love/hate relationship with these things. As ear-buds of course they have zero isolation-which is to be expected, and really doesn't work for living in NYC, yet when it's quiet, i really like them. I can hear details that I can't hear otherwise (even with the Etymotic...
  3. Saoshyant

    Sound isolation for trips, either noise or tuning others out...

    I'm looking for some IEMs for keeping out the noise on long trips, either via plane or car.  I'd prefer to keep it at 125 or under.  Musically I listen to alt/rock, and this will also be used to watching videos.  So far, Etymotic HF5 looks nice and quite capable, but of course any suggestions...
  4. 1

    Earphones for my mother?

    Hey again, Head-Fi,   I haven't been here in a while.   I'm in the UK, budget's around £40.   Kinda out of the loop with regards to what's new, what's a deal, etc.   Anyhow she's looking for in-ear headphones. She's new to them so I'd like to put comfort first, and decent...
  5. lbholde

    "Hear-through" IEMs?

    I know the title is an oxymoron.  What I'm looking for is an in-ear headphone that won't fall out (earbuds fall out of my ears) that sounds like a good IEM, but does not block external sound.  I'm used to the Etymotic sound signature (ER4P, ER6i, MC5).  I am trying to turn over a new leaf and be...
  6. Veritas94

    Time for a new IEM

    Alright, so I'm really new to serious listening. I've always loved music, but have just now begun to realize that all my earbuds have sucked pretty badly. Cheap skullcandy ink'd buds, and some cheap Panasonic buds have been my staple pretty much. So I've just recently ordered a pair of Mc5...
  7. Dpgriff

    cheap iems for small ears

    I know this question probably gets asked fairly often but I have a small budget. I am desperately hoping to find a pair of in ear phones that cancel noise and sound good but will fit my ears. I don't want to spend a lot of money since I won't know if they will fit until I get them. I am...
  8. W

    Best earphones for ~£50? Good bass and highs

    I'm looking for some new earphones for around £50, preferably cheaper.   I bought the Klipsch Image S4s 2 years ago and I remember those being fantastic, maybe because they were the first premium earphones I bought.  I then bought the SoundMagic E10s which were pretty bad and kept falling...
  9. MichaelLeong

    $15 to $75

    How much difference can I expect if I upgrade my $15 earbuds to a $75 earbuds/headphones?
  10. tuck4x4

    Full-sized Headphones that have Etymotic sound? alessandro ms1i?

    I've had ATH m50s and loved them, but did not enjoy wearing them.    I've had the Vmoda M80s and they were great, but to my ears there was a bit of distortion in certain blues-ey types of music in the mid bass range.   I tried a pair of Sony 7506s and, to my ears, they sounded better...
  11. blownsi

    Suggest an IEM for me

    Looking to spend around $80 but will go double that if need be. I listen to lots of genre but focus on the light rock or jazz. I've tried ety mc5 and they are too light in the bass for me. Had a pair of triple fi which I loved the sound of but they were too big for my ear canals. I do fly about...
  12. Keopele19

    mid range iem recommendation

    First of all, thanks for years of quality lurking, i finally became a member.   I frequently work alone outdoors and use my iem's for long periods of time.  I'm active, and have gone through several iems over the years, so I need something durable, sweat resistant, etc.. detachable cable is...
  13. PCunicorn

    IEMs that have: Decent soundstage, look good, and cost around $70?

    (I decedied to make a new thread since my last one didn't really say my real needs) I need ear buds that look good, this means no Etymotic MC5s, Thinksounds, Brainwavs S1s, etc. Bassicaly anything by Monster I say looks good (this doesn't mean the ear buds have to be Monster, they just need to...
  14. gilsont

    Why are the Etymotic MC5 so inefficient?

    I recently purchased the etymotic MC5 and found them to be surprisingly inefficient.   I read the specs of the headphone at 16ohms and 100db.   However, when compared to the other IEMs I own, these MC5 requires twice the amount of volume to sound even with my other IEMs which are similar in...
  15. waltjocketty

    Opinion on Etymotic MC2?

    I searched and didn't see any reviews. The old model of the MC2 is for sale for $20 on Amazon and Ebay. I have the HF3 and I love it. Is the MC2 horrible? I think I might get one just for the isolation, so I can ignore my better half while I'm working or trying to fall asleep...
  16. ReDDs3D

    Ready to get some low/mid-fi portable iem's or over the ear's......which ones??? ( < $100)

    So I'm working my way up the audiophile ladder and I got enough funds to get another pair. I'm not ready to dish out lots of money just yet on head gear :) but I'm getting there.   I'm basically looking for PORTABLE head gear, whether it be iem's or over the head (I prefer these since I...
  17. gilsont

    Maximum isolation for under $150... Etymotic HF5 or MC5?

    I pretty much nailed it down to the Etymotic HF5 or MC5 for under $150.   Please keep in mind sound quality is not what I'm after. I really just need the maximal amount of isolation possible.   I've seen the MULTI IEM Compared Thread and I see the HF5 have a score of 4.5/5 and MC5 have a...
  18. MaximusPrime

    Size of etymotic mc5 and hf5

    The etymotic hf's buds look to be pretty long like they would stick out of the ear a bit. Are the mc's any smaller? Also anyone that has etymotic's, are they durable? The cables look a little cheap.
  19. JFraser

    Apple In-Ear Headphones VS Etymotic Mc5

    I bought a pair of Apple In-Ear Headphones about 3 years ago. They sound good, but they have never fit properly. I'm thinking about buying a pair of Etymotic Mc5's, especially since they provide better isolation than the Apple IEMs and are probably more comfortable. They are also the same price...
  20. minhquancanon7d

    Iem for workout ~100$

    I'm considering a set of Iem for workout ~100$ and I'm looking at: sennheiser ocx685i sennheiser cx680 sennheiser cx980(I own it but it's very hard to get a seal wih silicone because with foamy and when I became sweat the foam fell apart!)  sennheiser ocx880 sony xb90ex(I own it but...
  21. Spidercable

    Spider Gives Away 10pcs "realvoice" to People Who Has RE0 or MC3 or MC5, Comparison Review Wanted!

    To participate this give away, you need to have following items, Head Direct RE0 or Etymotic MC3 or MC5 iPhone Or if you have other earphones which values are within $50 to $100 and you think it’s good to represent vocals, it’s even better We will pick 5 people who have RE0 and 5 people...
  22. DervishD

    Do the Ety MC5/HF5 lose isolation when using foamies?

    Hi all :)   Just in case I finally decide to get the Ety MC5 or HF5 if and when I get the money, I have a question for you experts: do they lose much isolation when used with foamies?   I'm pretty sure I will have problems in my right ear with the silicone tips unless they can be...
  23. xluke

    MC5 sound "boring" compared to Grado SR-60

    Hello, I recently got some etymonic mc5 headphones.  They seem very well built which is a huge plus but they sound a little flat, especially when compared to my grado sr60s with senn 414 pads.  I realize we are comparing apples and oranges to some extent, but am I just hearing (and enjoying)...
  24. h8uthemost

    Ety MC5 good for jazz?

    I'm looking to get a good sounding pair of in-ears for around the $60 price range. Pretty much my only listened to genre of music is jazz. So I'm not some bass head looking for something to pound my ears. I just want something clear sounding and pretty precise.   Would the MC5's be a good...
  25. thrillhaus

    HF3(HF5) vs MC3(MC5) for smaller ears

    Hi all,   My girlfriend's birthday is approaching and I'm going to be taking this opportunity to introduce her to the world of hi-fi.   I've settled on either the Etymotic HF3 or MC3 as she's also been looking for a hands-free for her iPhone. I was leaning toward the MC3 as I've read...