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Looking for smallest, least protruding IEM

  1. quicksilver96
    Hi all, been out of the scene for quite some time but I still see some familiar names... 
    Anyway, my tiny and long loved Ety er6i has finally passed on.  The sound quality wasn't fantastic, but they were the ONLY iem that I could get inside my motorcycle helmet's tight neck seal area without disrupting the seal.  I've tried the search feature to find the smallest iem and most threads relate either to small ear canals or small prices, neither of which I care about.
    So to cap it off, I'm looking for the smallest, least protruding IEM on the market, price point is not terribly important as long as the features warrant the price.  That said, I don't really care too much about sound quality since they will be primarily used while operating a motorcycle, which isn't what I would call a critical listening environment.  They should seal well and be able to hold the seal in a high vibration environment. 
  2. jant71
    The AKG K323XS should be considered. A couple of good reviews on Head-fi somewhere(with more about the size and fit/iso). Haven't tried them myself though.
  3. soundstige
    UE700 is a good contender.
    Carbo Tenore is just a little bit bigger but still very small and excellent SQ.
    Etymotic ER6 was a nice tiny IEM.
  4. B9Scrambler
    The Sony Ex100 is pretty teensy. The only iems I can wear while laying the side of my head on a pillow. They sound alright....solid build quality. You can find them for around 19.99 CAD on sale pretty much constantly now.
  5. tinyman392
    If you wear them over the ear, the HiFiMan RE-400/RE-600 don't protrude much at all.  Even with my tiny ears.  The other thing that comes to mind is the Aurisonics Rockets, they don't seem to protrude much from the pictures I've seen.  Not 100% sure about the Rockets though, so don't quote me on that.  From pictures alone, the AKG K323XS also do look quite small and compact.  
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  6. dichtert
    I really like the UE900's. I like to listen when I'm in bed.  Because of their low profile I can listen to my iPod lying on my side with my head on the pillow
  7. soundstige
    Nooooo....... nooooo....................
  8. quicksilver96
    Thanks for the suggestions all.
    The RE-400/600 appear to be externally identical, anyone confirm this?
    From pictures, the CK10 looked like a serious contender.  However, it is also discontinued.
    Do you have both the UE700 and Carbo Tenore?  From pics, the carbo looks like it protrudes a bit less.  What is your take on this?
    The a-jay five looks pretty small, but I can't find any pics of them in someone's ear.  Also, the flat cable could cause issues.  The q-jay could also be a good fit but I'm not sure about protrusion.
    Currently the AKG K323XS looks like the smallest.  For the price, I will order some and sell them if they don't work out.  Feel free to keep the suggestions coming.
  9. jinx20001
    I use westone w40 on my motorcycle. they fit relatively deep and the body of the headphones sits well inside my outer ear. so id say any of the new w series will do you well. over the ear cables works best aswell theres less chance of tugging them out when you put helmet on.

    i find if you pull the straps of your helmet out to widen the entrance when you put them on if your careful you will onlt flick the top of your ear as you put it on leaving the earphones nicely in place.

    if none are to your taste how about a quick search for some jays q jays. dunno how easy they are to find now tho
  10. syn010110
    The lower-end Shures (SE215 and SE315) have a "negative profile" design that means they fit inside your ears and don't stick out of the hollow part at all. Since you liked the ER6, though, you might find them too dark and muffled.
  11. ryanjsoo
    I have shure se535's and although they are large, they are quite slim and don't protrude from my ears at all. I am able to sleep comfortable on my side when wearing them. I also have some klipsch x10's which are much smaller and sit snugly in my ears with the right tips with only the flexible strain relief protruding. My ie800s are also pretty small but due to the strain reliefs, the vents stick out a bit, they can bend back in your ear relatovely comfortably however. These three should be on your list, avoids the etymotic er4s, the strain relief sticks out quite a bit and is not at all flexible.
  12. davidcotton
    Inearz do custom fit for motorcycle users if that's any use
  13. FastAndClean
    SoundMagic PL50
  14. kyuuketsuki
    If you can find a pair or stand done wait time Aurisonic Rockets are tiny
  15. cyberslacker
    im in the same boat the Ety er6i would go so deep only wire was exposed, what have you decided on ?

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