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IEM's for isolation under a helmet

  1. rmzalbar
  2. tinyman392
    I know you said you posted in the wrong forum, but I don't feel like looking up your repost.  Two suggestions come to mind:
    1. Aurisonics Rockets (when released)
    2. HiFiMan RE-400 (or RE-600)
    3. Etymotic ER-6(i)
    OK, I lied, 3 suggestions, but that third one is hard to find nowadays XD  If you want more isolation, I also suggest using foam tips :wink:  Good luck. 
  3. rmzalbar
    Thank you for the suggestions. I initially looked for the ER6i as they are stubby and deep enough to seem ideal, but of course they are not available anymore. The follow-ons are all long sticks that might cause issues.
    The rockets aren't available yet, but claim to isolate 24dB, which isn't quite good enough - 30dB would be a comfortable minimum. The HiFi 400's I can't find any isolation info on, they look fairly typical as far as form factor and insertion depth, but I will look into this.
    Link to my other post:
    Thank you!

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