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I have Pressure in My Head, Feels like my Head Explode - What is the cause?

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  1. goodolcheez
    Hi extremists,
    For the last several days I have been getting a lot of pressure in my head. Pretty much entire head on pressure and I feel a little lightheaded. Headache is very minor, it is mostly the pressure that is worring me. The only drastic change I have done in my daily life is that for the last 3 months I have been using my set of IEM.  I rarely use any head/earphones other than this.
    I have also been watching a lot of videos on my iPad 2 lately. This is my first pad device ever.  And I use my Etymotic HF-5 IEM with it everytime.
    For more info, I am short-sighted, and have a pair of glasses that I am supposed to use at all times. But for viewing videos from portable devices I didn't think I would need to keep my glasses on, however there still has been a lot of strain on my eyes.
    I am not sure what the cause is to my problem. Does / has anyone having / had this problem?  What was your experience?  What did you do to resolve?
  2. Frankie K
    If Your having this kind of problem I would suggest going to the Doctor, Your Primary and or Eye Dr. as soon as possible! Let them tell You what's wrong, that is Your best bet.
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  3. sokolov91
    What have you been eating?
    Do you have a family history of hypertension?
    Have you stopped drinking coffee, or any other physically addictive medication?
    Are your sinuses clear? If not, check the colour of your mucous....
    Are you frowning often? The brain has no pain receptors so if your head hurts it is generally the muscles on your skull or a neurotransmitter disturbance.
    Could be your glasses causing a tension headache.
    Were I you, I would put my glasses on and see if it goes away. In the mean time I would call my doctor and get to the pharmacy to have my BP taken a few times. The last thing you would want is to just take poison (NSAIs) and hope it goes away.
  4. Raguvian
    Try not using your IEMs? I know I got some headaches/pressure related issues after using my ER6i's for too long.
    This is why I really hate deep insertion IEM's. The extra isolation is not worth the pain and headaches.
  5. goodolcheez
    Oh and for more info, the pressure in my head goes away completely when I sleep.  So I want to sleep mostly, but you know I gotta work and get money, and to enjoy my life.  As soon as I wake up and start doing stuff the pressure comes back.
  6. RecklessFable
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  7. Frankie K
    It could also be Allergie's, Sinus problem's, remember the Eye's, Ear's and Nose (Sinus) are all interconnected. Go to the DOCTOR's!
  8. goodolcheez


    Interesting you said that. I am new to this deep insertion into my ear canals. That is how I do in order to get maximum sound quality. My ear bud is round in shape and is very tight when I shove them deep in my ears.  I do feel the pressure in my head gets worse while using them. I get a little nauseous as well.
    I still don't know for sure if this is the cause, or my iPad 2?
  9. syn_fx
    No one on these forums will be able to help you. Like the second post says, go see a specialist doctor, immediately.
  10. goodolcheez


  11. goodolcheez
    It feels like I am in decompression chamber.
    What medicine do I need to remove this stupid pressure?
    For more info, I do have sinus, it was pretty bad when i was young. But as I got older I thought the problem went away.
    From my recent research the vision and ear can be the culprit. But of course, I don't know for sure. I'm worried.
    Are there any doctors in this forum? I'm sure some of you has to be the doctor, or pharmacist.
  12. negativezero48
    Stop posting on here and go see a doctor! This isn't something that should be answered by people on an internet forum. This probably has nothing to do with your music listening, and could be a very serious medical problem.
    Pressure in your head is never a good thing, so to re-iterate, get off the internet and call a real doctor immediately!
  13. sokolov91

    Hypertension is high blood pressure, you have to go get it taken as there aren't always symptoms.
    As far as the pressure if it is sinus related you can take cold and sinus medication. BUT if you take something like that and you in fact have something more along the lines of hypertension you could quite literally kill yourself.
    Ear and sinus go hand in hand. If you have a nasal spray you can try using that. block left nostril, bend forward, turn your head 90 degree to the right so your left ear is parallel to the ground. Snort some of the saline solution and stay like that for a bit. Blow your nose and repeat on the other side. Might be air trapped in your sinuses or a pressure imbalance in the middle ear. Saline COULD take care of it if that is what is happening.
    Are you itchy at all? have allergies?
    Saline is easy to use and free... I am sure you could google it and there i no harm in trying this.
    Where is the pressure worse, and is there any areas where there is
    But really, get to the doctor if it is this bad.

  14. sokolov91


    Have you been cleaning your ears often or at all?
    Could be you are just sticking them in way too far and irritating the hell out of your ear.
  15. goodolcheez


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