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The FreQ Custom IEMs - Impressions Thread (Updates on First Page!)

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  1. powertoold

    Website - Custom Fit Earbuds - The FreQ

    *****FreQ Products*****

    Music Maker line:
    1) FreQ Show - $350 - triple driver with detachable cable
    2) Tour de FreQ - $250 - dual driver with detachable cable
    *Note: you have the option of choosing the Music Makers or Lovers crossover. A crossover is a circuit element that directs sound frequency ranges to different drivers. It is a significant contributor to the sound signature.

    Music Lover line:

    1) SuperFreQ - $240 - triple driver
    2) FreQ of Nature - $190 - dual driver
    3) Control FreQ - $100 - single driver


    They shipped it in the usual Astrum Hearing box because they don't have any packaging yet. It comes with a pleather baggy, a little card, and a paper with some warnings and instructions.


    ---_+_ BUILD QUALITY

    The FreQ company has been utilizing new building techniques to create much better looking customs. Please look at the pictures below for examples.


    *** EyeAmEye (FreQ Show w/ Music Lover's crossover):

    Received my FreqShow's Monday evening. Ordered mix/match colors of black outer/white inner left earpiece, white outer/black inner right earpiece, but was sent all white R and all black L. Considering sending them back to correct it, but the fit is perfect on the first try and the custom artwork is perfect, so I might not want to meddle. Looks great at any rate, so I'll consider it some more.

    Soundwise, I was a bit put off on first listen. I have been listening to my UE11 exclusively for the past few weeks (typically swap with SA6 day to day). The FreqShow and UE11 are different beasts. Both have deep, full bass and a well detailed treble, but the midrange on both are polar opposites. The FreqShow puts vocals and guitar right in your face while the UE11 pushes them back into the mix. Very different musical presentation that takes a while to get used to, but I think I'm getting adjusted the past two days.

    Soundstage on both is about equal, and I would say the UE11 is a bit darker. UE11 is easier to drive, have to bump the volume up a few notches on my Zune and/or RSA Predator with the FreqShow. Do not notice any SQ increase on UE11 with amp, but the FreqShow gains a little more overall refinement, top end loses the trace of sibilance it has (and it is only a trace), and bass seems a bit tighter, but it's nitpicking.

    Overall, and certainly considering price differential, I'd say the FreqShow is an excellent value. It might be an ever so slight notch below the UE11 in overall detail and refinement, and if you're a mid freak, you simply cannot go wrong. At this moment, I prefer the UE11's musical presentation, but would be more than happy with what the FreqShow has to offer.

    ************************************************** **********

    *** tyrion (FreQ Show w/ Music Lover's crossover):

    My Freq Show with Music Lover crossover arrived a little over a week ago, just in time to go on vacation with me. At first I found the right side uncomfortable and sometimes painful. I figured it might be a matter of getting used to them, which was confirmed by Todd. I have no problems wearing them now and get a good seal.

    I've had a lot of iems including Shure 3, 4 and 5 series, Ety ER-6i, tried the ER-4P. I have to say the the Freqs are my favorite to date. I didn't get a chance to hear the UE 11s at CanJam so I can't compare to them. Not that it would have mattered much as I wasn't going to spend that much anyway.

    I've been using mine mostly straight out of my ipod classic with excellent results. With an amp they improve but I could easily live with them without an amp.

    I went with black and black. I considered trying to see if the CanJam logo would have worked but opted to get them faster and not mess with a design. I have the Sleek SA6 which I also enjoy but have not tried to compare yet as I've been busy and lazy. I will eventually get to it.

    Thanks to Todd and others for the great service. Thanks to this thread which helped in making my decision. Of course, the fact that Todd was at CanJam to do my impressions helped in my decision as well.

    ************************************************** **********

    *** royhendo (SuperFreQ w/ Music Lover's crossover):


    my superfreqs arrived today. i've been a former owner of Bose QC3s, ER4Ps, and I currently own Klipsch images, but these things are just fantastic - I've worn them now for a few hours using them with my ipod nano, and it's better on almost all fronts for me.

    I love my bass-heavy music and to illustrate, thus far I've listened to Massive Attack's Mezzanine, Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde, Hexstatic's Listen and Learn, Illmatic by Nas, and Consolers of the Lonely by The Raconteurs.

    They're just awesome. They cope with everything you throw at them. I love the Klipsch image and they're so tiny it's incredible (they're also beautiful objects - the cable, the curves, etc etc) and the bass is great on them, but the term 'soundstage' (first time I've used that term so go easy on me) makes sense to me for the first time. Thus far the music's felt like it was going on inside my head somehow, but with these it feels like the music's going on around me at varying distances. I'm also hearing things I haven't heard before in the music, and it's so much fun it's unbelievable.

    Lastly, the holy grail for me is the seal and the noise isolation - these things are the best I've experienced. With the elacin comfort cream in my ears, the seal was immaculate, and despite being surrounded by teenagers on their way home from the RockNess festival, I heard nothing from them, even on the quietest tracks. It's a real revelation.

    The only downside is the build quality on them, which isn't the greatest (bubbles galore in the acrylic, apparent scratching - I guess I should post some photos actually), but I don't care in the slightest. The only other thing I miss about my Images is the cable connector/stress relief at the 3.5mm jack - the curve is just beautiful on that and while it's silly and cosmetic, it's massively satisfying somehow. The ideal solution would be to recable the superfreqs with that cable.

    but anyway, i'm a massively satisfied customer and would recommend them unreservedly. i'll keep you posted as the euphoria wears off I guess!! thanks all for your posts on here cos I'd never have pulled the trigger if it wasn't for reading those.

    ************************************************** **********

    *** ODEKK (FreQ Show w/ Music Maker's crossover):

    I'll post more later as I listen to them. Suffice it to say that I am VERY happy with the construction and sound. I was worried after reading all the posts about refits. Not here. Both ears create what could only be described as TOO good of a seal. It is fantastic.

    For reference I have previously owned one other custom IEM, purchased from HearYourSelf.com.( I believe they work with Percision Labs) That one was silicone. Soft...very comfy. Also, I have custom musician s ear plugs. I use the er15 filters.

    These Freq Shows are comfy. Harder to get in than my silicone ones naturally. (they dont bend!)...but not difficult to master. Getting them OUT is a different story. They are really low profile so there's nothing to hold onto in the first place. But that is nothing compared to the seal and subsequent SUCTION they create in my ears as I try to pry them out. OUCH....ok...its not that bad..but it takes some getting used to.

    I would say the sonic signature was way more detailed than the E2's that I had for about a week then returned. (didn't like them). Nice highs without being shrill. These will NOT distort. (no armature driver really will) but it is interesting to push these a bit and hear how clean they stay. Base is present but not in your face. CLEAN....overall that is what strikes me. It actually made them easier to use when I was with my band last night. (Yes I am actually using them as IEM's ...go firgure!) They have a good little presence boost in the high mids....makes vocals clear. It's nice. Nothing overbearing. Kinda reminds me of when I moved from speakers to true near field monitors in my studio. Cleaner...more accurate....more brutally honest. (I never realized how noisy my computer laptop headphone out was. )

    I am hesitant to post pics....I was kinda asked NOT to...special order that they didn't want to replicate. heh....sUffice it to say I got the clear/clear's and love the look. Just wish they had clear cords. Looks like I may be able to get a clear cord rom UE and use it. (thats what I did with the previous custom I had. )

    Anyhow....just wanted to report.

    ************************************************** **********

    *** kneth (FreQ Show w/ Music Maker's crossover):

    Got these babies this evening. To my surprise, the translucent colours which i requested for turned out very nice and the built quality's exceptional. There was also hardly any audible hiss (maybe just a lil, not very noticeable) when paired with my D2. My fit is pretty much close to ideal, probably a 20% loss of seal on my left side whenever i open my mouth but i don't foresee a required refit at the moment.

    Soundwise, a definite improvement over the UM2s i had. More refined highs, better seperation, bigger soundstage. Bass has less boom, but definitely punchy and controlled. As yet (barely 2 hours into listening to them), I have not encountered any unbearable mids mentioned by some of the users though it may be due to the fact that I listen mainly to rock. So far they have been pretty good IMO. : )

    Would also like to commend freQs on their excellent customer service and patience in answering all my queries and the many requests on the status of my order.

    ************************************************** **********

    *** drrick (Tour de FreQ w/ Music Maker's crossover) - FIRST Tour de FreQ Impressions!:

    I received my Tour de Freqs (dual-driver Music Maker line) a couple of days ago, and have been quite impressed with them so far. For those still contemplating, or who are just curious, I thought I'd share my impressions. The build quality seems very good. The connectors seem plenty sturdy, and I’m not worried about them breaking or coming unplugged. The braided cord is very flexible and the microphonics aren’t bad. In general use, I don’t notice the microphonics. There are some cosmetic things that I’ve noticed on mine, but nothing that I’m really that worried about. The jury is still out on the fit though. My ears must change shape day to day. When I first put them on, my left ear fit perfectly, and my right ear felt a little loose, now it seems to be reversed. These seem to have good isolation—at the office I didn’t hear the phone ringing or co-workers talking when music was on. I was in another world. Even without music on, I only heard very muffled sounds. I often mow my lawn with IEMs on, and while the isolation of the Freqs is good, it seems to be less than my Ety’s are, but that could be a fit-related issue. Even so, the isolation is still very good—and I would gladly accept the slight reduction in isolation in favor of the great increase in comfort, there’s no contest in the comfort department.

    I did most of my listening tests using my laptop as a source. I was listening to all FLAC-encoded material from foobar, streamed via ASIO to a USB external soundcard. I then connected to the different amps for testing. Listening with my M^3, they sounded great. They were very detailed, and didn’t seem to be over-emphasized in any one area. Everything sounded distinct and clear. I didn’t find them to be at all fatiguing in this setup—I had them on for several hours, and didn’t mind at all.

    I also listened using my Mini^3, and was thoroughly unimpressed. I built the amp myself, and this is my first real test with it (although I did try it with my HD580’s and it seemed comparable to my M^3), so it’s possible that there is something that isn’t quite right with it. I may look into it further, but what I heard when I listened to it was that the top end seemed harsh and muddled. It was quite fatiguing to me, and it seemed as though much of the high end details (cymbals, etc.) just kind of got thrown together. I wouldn’t have thought that there would have been such a huge difference between the two amps (especially considering they are designed by the same person, and one is based on the other’s design.) I’ll let you know if I discover a problem within my Mini^3 that could have caused this response.

    My iPod listening tests are on a 3G iPod running Rockbox, and listening to FLAC-encoded songs. I either connected directly to the headphone jack, or connected the headphone jack to the amp—no line out connections were used. All in all, I have to say that I’m pretty pleased with the sound directly from the iPod. I don’t think I’d have a problem listening to my Freqs directly from the headphone jack without an external amp. The amp certainly tightens things up a bit, especially the bottom end, but everything is there (e.g. I’m not missing any bass), just as it is when listening from the M^3. I think that the music maker crossover certainly benefits from an amp, but with the Freqs being as efficient as they are, I don’t know that an amp is an absolute necessity. Obviously your mileage may vary, but to me, my Freqs still sounded great without an external amp.

    Overall, I’d wholeheartedly recommend the Tour de Freqs. I obviously haven’t heard the Freq Shows, so I can’t say how much I’m giving up with only two drivers, but I think I could best describe the Tour de Freqs as being balanced. I didn’t feel like anything was missing, nor did I feel like there was an excessive emphasis in any one frequency range. I wish I could give a more definitive experience on the Freqs with the Mini^3, but I’m not confident enough to say that the problems I experienced weren’t caused by my particular amp. I will say, however, that the problems I experienced were real, and were noticeable. I hope my impressions are helpful!

    ************************************************** ***

    *** HeadphoneAddict (FreQ Show w/ Music Maker's crossover):

    SOUND: Unfortunately it looks like I will have to send my new Freq Show
    back, or at least have them modded/adjusted. The Freq Shows are
    practically unlistenable to me because the midrange boost makes my ears
    roar and ring. Pianos are especially offending and unbearable, even with
    music that I have used as my reference pieces for all my other reviews and
    have come to know and love. This occurs even when listening at low
    volume levels, and worsens at normal listening levels. EQ'ing down the
    mids between 250Hz - 1000Hz by 3-5db, in order to decrease the roaring
    and ringing in my ears, also reduces the fullness of the sound (but stops me
    from running out of the room screaming, clutching at my ears). The EQ
    below is how I have to listen to them with my Macbook to tolerate them, but
    sometimes I have to pull out as much as 7-9db at 250Hz. Unfortunately I
    cannot do this EQ with my iMod, so I cannot use the Freq Show when

    The Freq Show's mids somehow exacerbate a mild chronic tinnitus in my
    right ear, so that it's like I am in a loud crowd of people cheering at a sports
    event, where the roaring in my ear distorts the sound and resonates within
    my ear canal. None of my other IEM, universal or custom, do this to me.
    In other areas, the Freq Show bass and treble is similar to LW and nice,
    crisp and tight, although the bass is maybe 2-3db stronger in the Livewires.
    I believe that if it wasn't for the roaring and ringing in my ears R > L that
    the Freq Show would be fairly transparent.

    By this Friday (the day after I got them) I had to call Freq about the
    problem - I couldn't even live with them for 24 hours. Maybe when Todd
    calls me back on Tuesday he will agree to have the cross-over changed and
    have them re-dipped for the easily broken seal, rather than issuing a refund.
    If that happens I will report back. Otherwise I may be getting a refund and
    saving for some UE11pro, or staying with just the Livewires which already
    work quite well for me. Most importantly, neither my Livewires nor the
    SE530 customs make my ears ring or roar like the Freq (nor do my Q-jays,
    or Super.fi 5 Pro).

    BUILD QUALITY: Livewires and Freq Show both seem to be equally well built
    - solid with smooth edges and well polished in the right places. The cables
    do not want to wiggle loose from the ear-pieces, nor have connectors that
    want to come off the cables. With the cable running over the ears,
    microphonics are not a problem.

    ---- HeadphoneAddict UPDATE 6/22/08 -----

    My Freq Show have returned a day earlier than expected, after sending them in for a re-fit and tuneup. I will write up more after I listen and compare them to my Livewires and other IEM over a longer period of time. For my initial review of the Freq Show, see this link: The FreQ Custom IEMs - Impressions Thread (Updates on First Page!)

    THE PROBLEM: The original problems were poor fit (loose) and a roaring and ringing resonance in the ear canal in the 250-1000Hz frequency range. Todd and I discussed the possibility of needing a modified cross-over IF they could not find anything wrong with mine, but they did find a wiring problem; so I assume I still have the MM crossover just without the defects (hard to justify a custom x-over for the 4-5 people with my type of problem). I spent 24 minutes on hold on my cell phone today, and couldn't get into Todd's voice mail, so I sent him an email instead to have him call me to discuss what they found.

    FIT: I included physical measurements that I took with calipers of my Livewires when I sent these back, to give them a point of reference for what does fit me. The cross-section of the ear canal portion of the Livewires that fit perfectly were 10x13 mm on the left and 9.3x11.8 mm on the right - while the loose Freq Shows were smaller at 8.8x12.5 mm on the left and 8.8x11 mm on the right.

    Now the fit is much better, and I really have to work up a sweat contorting my face into weird positions to barely break the seal. The fit is very slightly looser than my primary set of Livewires and slightly tighter than my spare set of Livewires. The isolation seems to be within 1-2db of isolating as well as the Livewires, which is not bad.

    SOUND: The sound is improved, but also different. The roaring and ringing that I heard with certain songs and instruments is 80-90% better and listenable now, and on some songs there is no problem at all.

    The sound doesn't change much with pressing on them, with maybe a tiny bit more treble volume when pushed in (1-2db) but no increase in treble extension, which seems a little more rolled off above 12Khz than the Livewires (or my old Triple.fi 10 Pro). However, the treble reaches up high enough to please, but it is missing that last bit of shimmering highs that gives them a slight veil instead of transparency. Treble detail is good, so not that kind of veil - they remind me more of my APureSound or Jenna Labs re-cabled HD600 than my APS re-cabled Grado RS-1 (which would be my Livewires).

    The mids remain rich, despite the perceived decrease in midrange volume, and they don't seem to be as overly forward as before. I have not been able to fully assess soundstage yet, but I will in time. The bass seems the same as before - present and accounted for, but not quite as punchy as the Livewires or Q-Jays or Super.fi 5 Pro or Denon C700 (it's more like the SE310 bass, and is much better than an ER6i or E4c).

    COMPARISONS: I have only done some limited comparisons since I got them back this afternoon. At this point I would say that compared with my Livewires, the Freq Show have a slightly more relaxed or laid back sound, and slightly less transparent sound. They are still quick like other balanced armatures, so relaxed or laid back does not mean slow. I might even like them better than my Q-Jays (similar treble) or Super.fi 5 Pro or Denon C700, but not quite as much as the Livewires. I will need to spend several hours over the next few days to get a good feel for comparisons between all of these, so this is not my final word on the matter.

    My Livewires have the strong bass and sparkly treble of the Triple.fi 10 pro with a less colored midbass/low-mids than Triple.fi 10 Pro, which made me sell the Triple.fi and keep the LW after I did several direct comparisons.

    The Freq Show seem to have less bass and treble energy than Livewires (or Triple.fi 10 pro), but at least they don't have the irritating midbass peak or coloration of the Triple.fi's that I used to own. I can live with the Freq Show less sparkly treble easier than I can stand the midbass/lower mid coloration or fit of the Triple.fi that I experienced. If I had to choose between the Triple.fi 10 Pro (or SE530) and Freq Show, I pick the Freq for the same price (I can easily EQ the treble up 2-3 db).

    But the LW are $100 less and yet manage to deliver just a little bit more of what I expect in an IEM, without needing EQ. So, until I do more comparisons I have to leave the Livewires as my #1 with the Freq Show close behind the LW in the #2 spot. But, I find them both more enjoyable than most of my universal IEM so far (current or sold). I will post an update soon with more direct comparisons with my other IEM, and with details about what I hear later.

    ************************************************** ***

    *** HiFlight (FreQ Show w/ Music Lovers crossover):

    I received my FreQ Shows 2 days ago. The fit and seal was perfect. Workmanship was impeccable. There were no flaws or imperfections anywhere in either earpiece.

    For those who expressed concern about the cable plugs pulling free accidentally, this is a non-issue, as it takes LOTs of force to remove them. There is unlikely to be any damage to the earpiece in the event of a snag or pull, as the earpiece has the female holes, with the cord having the male prongs.

    After considerable discussion with Todd during CanJam, I chose the Music Lovers crossover instead of the Music Maker. I am not an onstage performer and have no need for the onstage sound signature. Plus, the ability to use the FreQs unamped was an added incentive to choose the Music Lover crossover.

    I am quite pleased with the sound. Most of my listening is instrumental, orchestral and vocal music. I hesitate to make comparisons with other brands of headphones or IEMs, but I can best describe the sound as full, warm and lush. I have found no need at all to equalize. Despite the high sensitivity, there has been no evidence of hiss with any of my sources or amps.

    There is all the bass one could want, with no coloration of the midranges, especially with male vocals. I first thought the highs were somewhat recessed, but when I fed the FreQs via the optical outs from my source player and amp, the highs were there, very nicely rendered. There is absolutely no trace of sibilance even with some of my brighter recordings.

    One thing I noticed is that when reducing the volume, the highs tend to decrease ahead of the lows. This gives somewhat the same effect as a loudness contour control on a receiver.

    Soundstage and imaging are about as good as I have heard in an IEM. I am not constantly aware of the sound being localized between my ears as I often am with many other IEMs.

    With the very musical presentation that these FreQs deliver, and the superb fit and comfort, I find that I can listen for very long periods of time without fatigue.

    The isolation that my FreQs provide is better than any other IEM I have owned, even my Etys. This is no doubt due to the excellent impressions that Todd made at CanJam.

    Considering the fact that I ordered my FreQs in flesh color, and the fact that the isolation means that I often can't hear what someone says, they no doubt give up making further attemps at conversation thinking I am hearing impaired with dual large hearing aids!

    My only nitpick is that the case supplied with the FreQs is quite small, and it it rather difficult to pack them in the case. Maybe a small box such as that provided with my Images would be better suited for portable storage.

    All-in-all, I consider the FreQs to be a great bargain for a custom-built high-quality IEM.

    A hearty well-done to the folks at FreQ from a very satisfied customer!

    ************************************************** ***

    *** Mazz (SuperFreQ w/ sound card and iPod):

    There is reasonable isolation - my own breath is much more apparent to me and outside sounds are (mostly) quieter, but I was surprised to quite clearly hear the click of my keyboard as I type. On the other hand, wearing them whilst vacuuming is quite a revelation - the isolation is fairly effective at vacuum cleaner frequencies, so while I can still hear it going it fades into the background as the music plays. Vacuuming was never so much fun

    I have the braided cable and there is a bit of microphonics at times - several times I thought I heard someone walking on our creaking wooden floor. No doubt I'll get used to this effect and stop consciously hearing it. The cable seems pretty robust - I've caught it on things a couple of times and it pulled on the SuperFreqs in my ears with no signs of damage (to the SuperFreqs or my ears).

    I'm finding the head-stage a bit different - at first I noticed it sounding like the stage was running through my head a bit behind my ears, which was quite odd! I'm also find the (unamped) sound signature out of my unamped iPod Classic, desktop PC and laptop a bit different so far but the potential seems to be there. I'm used to Sennheiser HD465s on my PC and 280 pros on my laptop/iPod, but also to a Rotel RSX-1056 & Spendor S9 speaker setup (which has a reasonably deep, full and well integrated bass response, but is a little less forward on vocals than some speakers I auditioned).

    They don't sound like they have lots of high end sparkle with my sources at first - but unlike the HD465's they reveal my PC's sound card has a lot of low level buzzing & clicking noises while my laptop is much quieter (which tells you something about the 465's...). A little bit of a boost at the top end seems to help. There's something noticably different (colored?) somewhere in the mids (low-mids?) that I'm not fond of at the moment. I've been experimenting with EQ to try and figure out what works well for me without huge success yet as I'm not very good at figuring out where in the frequency range it doesn't sound right, and I think it varies with the particular recording. There seems to be a reasonably good bass extension and decent volume, but sometimes it seems like things get a bit muddled together when there's a lot going on, almost like the lows are overwhelming the perception of other parts of the spectrum, or aren't quite keeping up with the rest of the music. Some of this could be due to not being accustomed to the different head-stage too. Sometimes it even feels like they're making my outer ears/parts of my head vibrate a bit along with the SuperFreqs at some bass frequencies (which might indicate the seal isn't quite solid enough?), or maybe I just need to get used to the different presentation of IEMs compared to speakers.

    ************************************************** ***

    *** Germania (FreQ Show w/ Music Makers crossover):

    I have to say that I love classical, big band, Ella&Louie (because they are their own categories), alternative, classic rock, acoustic, and pop-punk.

    I am NOT a basshead, I like a nice clean top end and balanced sound. Neutral is my Game.

    Instrument Separation:
    It is very clear which instrument is which when listening and easy to pick out. I have a very hard time with the Ety4's and their lack of instrument separation.

    Mids: TO DIE FOR!
    There seems to be a clear bump in the vocals. It is very upfront and wants to be noticed. This means that you also get a nice boost in the mid-treble instruments such as French Horn, Viola, Cello, Acoustic Guitar, etc. Your music sounds very lively and feels like it has movement. Very similar to Audio Technica vocals (think older Woodies and ES7's).
    This seems to be inline with on-stage vocalists. Not a huge bump, but clearly there.

    It isn't rolled off like most IEM's tend to do (se530). The top end is there and clear. It is balanced. I would say that the treble is AKG like in that it isn't piercing (like Grados can often be) and it isn't overwhelming. The treble is neutral and I quite like it. I could sometimes want a bit more for certain pieces, but that is it.

    This is where I think it makes a huge deviation from the SuperFreQ.
    The bass is there and well extended, but not as bassy as a Sennheiser headphone.
    It is tight and clean. Instead of just presenting a wall of bass sound like most headphones do, you can actually tell the character of the bass (the pulling of a bow across a string bass or the thump of an electronica voicing). There isn’t bloat to these.

    These are fast, and they should be for IEM’s. They are not mid-upper Stax fast. There is nothing that compares to that speed. It is the same as most balanced armatures. I would expect something near an AD2k/Ety 4. Speed is something that I really need.

    These sound like full size cans in this respect. You feel the thump and the involvement.
    There is no universal IEM that compares.


    I would say that there is a lean towards warm. These are not Ety’s. The Bass is much better an dthese are not UE or Shure because the treble makes a nice appearance. The Klisph custom2’s had very recessed mids and leaned towards bass. The se530 seemed bloated and muddy. If you are looking at a top level universal IEM, you cannot go wrong here. It simply outclasses the competitors in the price range.

    These WERE AMAZING with classical pieces. I mean really spot on when it comes to sound. My heart sank listening to many of my favorite Arias and Orchestral Pieces.
    I have a love affair with Ella & Louie as many of you know and it made all of my body just relax. The rock pieces sounded very good and like how they should.
    The sound is very MUSICAL. I would consider them a warm-neutral, however. Everything is there and presented, but with a bump in the Mids.

    I would not consider these to be Analytical. They would be great for onstage performers and serious music listeners alike because they present a lot of flow to pieces and highlight the important areas. I would have no problem using these to master a CD, but I believe in using multiple headphones when doing that work to make sure that it sounds good on all types of equipment.

    These fit my listening very well. They did everything I like with ease and have the musical + neutral nature of the rest of my choices. For now, I think that I could consolidate down to the k400 and the FreQShow and be extremely happy.

    ************************************************** ***

    *** mchang (SuperFreQ):

    As for the seal, I think things are good. My impressions were done with mouth open slightly with a bite block (audiologist confirmed and followed all UE instructions, minus the cotton). When I open my mouth wide, the seal breaks, but the seem to seal back up upon closing my mouth. I hear a bit of rustling when I turn or lift my head, but I don't think the seal breaks. And when my head returns to normal forward position, the seal returns. My right ear FEELS a bit less "filled" by the mold, but I don't think there is a problem.

    Appearance- and construction-wise, I'm probably picking nits, but there are a few issues I'm not loving. (1) Where the faceplate is glued to the mold, there is a slight line of black. It's almost as if the person gluing had dirty fingers (not saying this is the case). It could also be that there is a slight gap where the two pieces of white plastic meet. Either way, the seam is completely smooth and only appears to be cosmetic in nature. But with the white on white color choice, this black line is disappointing. (2) There also appears to be a blemish in the white plastic on the left piece. I'll try to take pictures (good and bad) later to illustrate. Again, merely cosmetic.

    Now for the sound quality (BTW... I have the iPhone cable grafted on): Out of my MacBook Pro > Pico with Apple Lossless, I still hear some congestion. I think it is a lack of sparkle in the treble (especially coming from the PK1). My current -- albeit limited listening -- puts the Freqs in the Sennheiser sound camp (dark and tilted to bass). I'm finding it much more enjoyable with Faithless (trip-hop) versus Corinne Bailey Rae or Regina Spektor.

    Maybe some burn-in will help the treble? I'm almost afraid to suggest. Bass seems plentiful and tight.

    ************************************************** ***

    *** DoggieHowser (SuperFreQ) saying the FreQs are better than LiveWires:

    It's currently my favourite IEM in terms of comfort.

    SQ is a close second behind the triple.fi 10pro IMHO.

    The tf10ps are very detailed and balanced across the entire range.

    The SuperFREQs has got good bass but the trebles are a bit overwhelmed by the more forward midrange.

    The ER4P has got a more balanced sound signature and better midrange and highs than the SuperFREQs but the bass is underwhelming

    IMHO, SuperFREQ SQ is better than the Livewires. Bass is more pronounced on the SuperFREQ. Just wish the midrange wasn't so pronounced. Livewires feels better constructed and the braided cables really minimize microphonics but my SuperFREQs have outlasted my Livewires (built during last XMas rush so maybe the QC wasn't as thorough). Will want to get it back for a more thorough shoot out with the SuperFREQs. Right now, it's just based on memory.

    ---_+_ PICTURES

    The new FreQ build quality:



    ******* The New Music Maker Line - FreQ Show! ********

    Cost = $350
    Release Date = May 5th, 2008 on Custom Fit Earbuds - The FreQ




    Pictures of the FreQ Show in your ear!








    ******* The FreQ at CamJam'08 - Showing Off The New Products (pictures taken by Asr) ********

    Todd Boring (CEO and President of The FreQ) is on the right.

  2. NeObliviscaris
    omg awesome, the moment we hav all been waiting for [​IMG]
  3. grawk
    Wow, those are some kinda fugly.

    Ok, they're much better now.
  4. powertoold
    I wouldn't get them now if you wanted something that looked nice. They look kinda messy. I would wait until they had detachable cables.

    Also, for those considering customization, I bet they will print out your logo/graphic/etc. on a decal and just glue it on the shell.
  5. navmau
    WOW they look really cool! Look forward to your full review.

    I know what you mean about the cord connection to the IEM not being clean, oh well, im sure freQ will improve these things over time...they might even increase their prices so we better get in while we can!!! LOL
  6. filipelli
    Yikes, not a big fan of how the cable is attached, nor how the decal is plastered all over. Looks wise, I prefer my own livewires over these...But sound quality is the most important right?

    Think that cable attachment will last over time? Looks kind of fragile to me.
  7. Matteman
    Great! If the SQ really is on par with the SE530, I think they will be working their asses of trying to keep up with the orders. Good for them I'm still pulling the plug on the UE-11's [​IMG]
  8. Tipped_Pro95
    thanks for sharing !
  9. filipelli

    Originally Posted by Matteman /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Great! If the SQ really is on par with the SE530, I think they will be working their asses of trying to keep up with the orders. Good for them I'm still pulling the plug on the UE-11's [​IMG]

    I don't know about that, the SE530s are beauties to me, and among one of the most comfortable universals...It would be a toss up, I think.
  10. achristilaw Contributor
    Got the mold kit yesterday. Not time now. Have to wait for the weekend. They got your channels reversed. That sucks. They resemble what I thought they would. For the price. If it sounds good. And seems durable. All that matters.
  11. powertoold
    The sound quality is great from this thing. It is not like "oh WOW" great, but it is better than my SF5. Since we are at the point of diminishing returns, any improvement is pretty good, heh. I really need an amp and a good source to test it with. I only have an iPod and my computer right now.
  12. dfkt
    Thanks powertoold, been looking forward to some impressions. (Oh no, that was a pun!) [​IMG]
  13. intoflatlines

    Could you try and really A-B it with the SF5 Pro (I think you said you can't, but I'm not sure why)?
  14. NeObliviscaris
    The build quality looks pretty shocking honestly!

    I mean the cord connection etc, also this whole 'hollow' thing is interesting, anyone know if all customs (Livewires, UE, Westone) are hollow as well?
  15. filipelli

    Originally Posted by achristilaw /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Got the mold kit yesterday. Not time now. Have to wait for the weekend. They got your channels reversed. That sucks. They resemble what I thought they would. For the price. If it sounds good. And seems durable. All that matters.

    What do you mean by the channels being reversed?
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