1. Saoshyant

    Sound isolation for trips, either noise or tuning others out...

    I'm looking for some IEMs for keeping out the noise on long trips, either via plane or car.  I'd prefer to keep it at 125 or under.  Musically I listen to alt/rock, and this will also be used to watching videos.  So far, Etymotic HF5 looks nice and quite capable, but of course any suggestions...
  2. Lateness

    Best value for durability, comfort, sound quality, cost in that order?

    I'm wondering what your opinions are on iems. I had a pair of mono price iem but they weren't at all comfortable, although they were good at everything else. I like the brainwavs but they break too easily. I've been using billets by munito but they broke recently too. I remember I used a pair...
  3. lbholde

    "Hear-through" IEMs?

    I know the title is an oxymoron.  What I'm looking for is an in-ear headphone that won't fall out (earbuds fall out of my ears) that sounds like a good IEM, but does not block external sound.  I'm used to the Etymotic sound signature (ER4P, ER6i, MC5).  I am trying to turn over a new leaf and be...
  4. TonyTripleA

    Do Westone UM2 require a burn in?

    Well I lost my etys. After two weeks without I ordered the Westone UM2s. Would you believe the same hour I ordered the UM2s I looked under the car seat and found the Ety ER4Ps sitting on the floor.... life.... full of surprises.... So, today the UM2s turned up. Great, I thought (despite...
  5. Rice

    best earphones

    Etymotic er-4s/p SONY mdr-e282 SONY mdr-e252
  6. altaxc

    high end IEM or mid range w/ amp?

    Hi all! I'm pretty new to high end headphones and am thinking about switching to a pair of IEMs (because at school I can't always have a hefty pair of over-ear) and I have two ideas. 1)buy a good quality westone IEM and run it through my laptop or 2) get a pair of etymotic IEMs and a...
  7. ryanjsoo

    Looking for a new high end set of iem`s

    As stated in the title, looking for a new set of high end iem`s to replace my phonak pfe 232`s (isolation was not sufficient for my lifestyle, my source didn`t play well with them). I am looking for iems that have good isolation and clarity whilst maintaining a relatively minimal build size as I...
  8. suburbanite

    ER4P > HF5? Are you sure?

    My HF5's are slowly dying so it's time to either replace or upgrade.   I have enjoyed my HF5's because I like fast, precise bass and don't want anything with a "slower" sound.   I seem to like the idea of spending less on their replacements but the lower-tier model, the MC5s, were adjudged...
  9. IhateZumba

    Suggestion needed: Headphones to block out music and female screams

    Hello dear members,   I like to work out and do this between 5-7 times per week. Currently I am getting my 245pounds into perfect shape through a combination of heavy lifting with cardio at the end every second day.   For the regular workout I was using Jaybird Sportsband II, which is...
  10. andrx471

    Looking for Sub-$200 IEM with a Few Requirements

    Hi all,   I recently purchased Klipsch X10's. They were okay, but not very analytical and a bit bass heavy, so I am returning them. With that being said, I am looking for IEM's and have a few requiements:   1. $200 and under 2. Very analytical. I loved listening to music and finding new...
  11. kodreaming

    Where can I buy shure olive foams

    I got my ER-4P last week.The ety's foams are not very confortable. It seems that a lot ppl use Shure olive foams with their ER-4P. But,where can I buy some of those ? Thanks
  12. tseliottt

    Sony 7550 vs Etymotic ER4?

    Been looking to replace my old old Etys. 7550s look like they might fit the bill. How would you compare their sound signatures?
  13. canikickit1

    Complement to er4p/s?

    I currently have the er4p and love the insane clarity and detail of this cold sounding iem. I am looking for an iem that is the perfect complement (warm, fun sounding , smooth) , while maintaining at least half of the clarity an ety provides. I am looking to spend up to $250 and have tried the...
  14. jcasado94

    New In-ear recommendation.

    Hello! I'm not really inside the in-ear world, and I want to buy a good pair this weekend, as my old ones have broken.   My price range would be between 100€-150€ (150-200)$.   My source is an iPod 160GB classic, and 2/3 or more of my music is in lossless ALAC.   About the type of...
  15. 1

    Problem with Vsonic GR06.

    I've purchased the Vsonic GR06's in May 2012, since then I already had to use the warranty that came with it because of a driver issue. Now after a year of use I've got the same problem again, the driver on the right side doesn't work when I insert it. Also when I tap it hard on the bottom of...
  16. llj5935

    $1000 for a portable in-ear earphone system

    my work just got paid and i'd like to buy a new system for rock, symphony and jazz
  17. daviekatz

    Best thing-that-fits-in-your-ear for $300 (and a basic questions)

    Hello Everyone,   First, a questions about terminology. What's the difference between IEMs, earbuds, earphones, and canalphones?   I'm looking for the best sounding thing-that-fits-in-your-ear (I'll just refer to them as IEMs for simplicity) for $300. I listen to a diverse array of...
  18. Eudoxa

    two questions regarding iems and occlusion.

    Hello, Two questions: Firstly, To those with ciems, do you have long enough stems to eliminate the occlusion effect?  and do you care that you do or don't?   Secondly, Does anyone know of any of any custom ear tip or whole ciem manufacturers who specifically craft their product to...
  19. iamanoob

    etymotic er4

    Im in need of a new pair of iems, had the hf5s and I LOVED them.. the er4's have been on my mind for quite some time and Im trying to convince myself to buy them. Question tho I was hoping someone can fill me in.. which model should I get?? I'm a little confused between the er4s and the er4pt...
  20. cleg

    MyST Nails — interesting russian-made IEMs

    Russian company MyST isnt very well-known worldwide, but they made some really interesting products that really worth your attention. Here, on Head-Fi there is a tread, about their portable DAC/amp built on multibit AD1688 chip PortaDAC OCUB, also sold now in Europe under Tento trademark...
  21. KraziEarss

    Beginner audiophile needing help...

    Hello audiophiles, this is my first post here at head-fi and I want to say wow! Such a vast wealth of knowledge that has helped me realize I want to dive further into this world. I thank everyone for all the knowledge shared but I have a few questions. First, I am entry level. I am looking for...
  22. SomeRandomDude

    Which IEM is the best for my musical taist

    Songs I listen to: A Day in Life, Twist and Shout, Wild Honey   Clarity and sound stage is the main priority for me.   Here is a list of my current contestants. Feel free to suggest other IEM   Shure SE535 Shure SE425 Etymotic ER4 Etymotic HF5 Westone 4 Westone 4R Logitech UE 900
  23. hsoj

    Headphones with In-Line Mic

    Hello! I searched through the forums but hadn't seen this question asked, and I posted twice in the recommendations thread without a response.   I am looking for a solution primarily to use in my workplace for both listening to music (my listening is primarily rock music and voice podcasts)...
  24. Zaylor

    Help a Fisherman

    I fish commercially in the summer. The fishing vessel that I live on for 2 months has twin John Deere engines that are running constantly. This produces a low rumble. There is a refrigeration system that is also constantly running. It produces a high-pitched whine. There is something loose in...
  25. swetsaar

    Q: Does anyone have the jaybird bluebuds x?

    Hello I Would like to buy the jaybird earphones, but i have never tried them, i would like to know if the sound leaks   Thank you