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Looking for Sub-$200 IEM with a Few Requirements

  1. andrx471
    Hi all,
    I recently purchased Klipsch X10's. They were okay, but not very analytical and a bit bass heavy, so I am returning them. With that being said, I am looking for IEM's and have a few requiements:
    1. $200 and under
    2. Very analytical. I loved listening to music and finding new details I have never heard before.
    3. I like a very wide soundstage
    Any recommendations? Thank you all in advance for your assistance!
    EDIT: I forgot to mention I will be pairing the headphones with a Fiio X5.
  2. andrx471
  3. Whitigir
    Zero Audio...Duoza
  4. bms44974
    You may find the Etymotic ER4p/s a good match to your requirements. The ER4p (27 Ohm) comes with an in-line resistor to give you the equivalent of ER4s (100 Ohm). I have the ER4s paired with FiiO X3 and E12 and am quite pleased with the SQ. These IEMs will reveal all kinds of detail in the source recording (even the bad ones at times). I find that the sound stage is recording-dependent and can sometimes be expanded by engaging the cross-over circuit in the E12.
    If you want a very thorough list of possibilities, check out Joker's reviews at http://www.head-fi.org/t/478568/multi-iem-review-331-iems-compared-jvc-xtreme-xplosives-ha-fr301-added-01-12-15-p-1028.
    Cheers... Brian
    Edit: These don't quite meet the <$200 requirement (HF3 is in your price range)
  5. andrx471
    Thanks,for your help guys! I'll check out your suggestions.

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