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    Fiio E12 Mont Blanc portable headphone amplifier
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    Fiio E12 Mont Blanc portable headphone amplifier
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    Fiio E12 Mont Blanc portable headphone amplifier
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    Fiio E12 Mont Blanc portable headphone amplifier
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    Fiio E12 Mont Blanc portable headphone amplifier
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  7. johnnyyukon


    I guess my posting is limited as a total noob on here, so I'll start here (btw, what's the policy on that, one must post X amount, mod approved, then they can start threads?)   Sorry, bit confused, and yeah, I'm sure it's explained somewhere but was hoping someone could give me the quick and...
  8. Ethan Chan

    HiFiMAN EF2A vs Fiio E12?

    Hi guys,   Currently this is my audio setup: -Macbook Pro Retina 13" (2013) -Micromega MyDac (Never used, since there is no headphone jack) -Audio Technica ATH-M50x   I listen to Spotify Premium.   So I feel like I want an upgrade. Should I buy a new pair of cans and a headphone amp...
  9. KStreetSounds

    X5 / E12 / O2 Combo for DT770 80-ohm?

    I have a Fiio X5 with Beyer DT770 (80 ohm). Two Questions:   (1) FOR PORTABLE: Is adding an E12 amp total overkill for 80 ohm cans? Or how noticeable will the benefits be?   (2) FOR DESKTOP: If I'm currently using the X5 as an external DAC for my desktop, how would the O2/ODAC combo from...
  10. Connahhh

    Fiio e12 or other for Senn HD650?

    Hey guys! I'm eventually going to buy a Bottlehead Crack for these phones, but I also want something portable that will hold me over until I have the funds. I will likely end up with either a Modi or E17k DAC, so amp only. I'm just looking for a good sounding, under $200 amp that will drive...
  11. Kylemcg

    Do I need a better amp for Hd650?

    I have a last generation if e7 portable amplifier that i use with my hd650. With the e7, the headphones easily play very loud without seeming to tax the amp, but i wonder from more experienced audiophiles if a better amp will make a discernible difference. I listen to 320kbps mostly with some...
  12. bzippy

    FiiO E12 v1 vs Cayin C5 brief comparison

    I've had just a couple days comparing these two but I think I've heard enough to make my decision. Source is FiiO X3 LO (wma lossless files) and headphones are Senn HD600.   I have had the Cayin for a few weeks and the whole reason I even considered the E12 is that for most recordings the C5...
  13. Hawaiibadboy

    More bass and power of e12

    Am looking for rec's of portable amps with max outs of around 800mW @32  and bass boost   sub $200.   These are part of basshead kits so under 200 is a must. Any suggests would be appreciated
  14. maiden7705

    Calculate Power required to drive

    I know this is embarrassing to ask and though my graduation major is in computer science and asymmetric algorithms, I should not be forgetting basic physics, but here it is:   How can we get the power required to drive the phones to a standard "loud" level, like 105 Db, given the sensitivity...
  15. DonRoger

    New full-sized headphone to get the best out of my Fiio X1 ( and Fiio E12 )

    Hi, I currently using a SHR840 right now. I like the cans a lot, but I want to spend more for another headphone. My max budget is like 500 to 650 dollar. As the title said; I like to get the best out of my Fiio x1 player, and E12 amp.    I hope you can really help me out with this.   (it's a...
  16. Artist2

    DAC or portable amp for Etymotic ER-4S?

    Which DACs and portable headphone amps provide the strongest signal and clearest and cleanest sound for the Etymotic ER-4S? Would be nice for it to be compatible with iOS, Android, Windows8, and latest OS. :)
  17. andrx471

    Looking for Sub-$200 IEM with a Few Requirements

    Hi all,   I recently purchased Klipsch X10's. They were okay, but not very analytical and a bit bass heavy, so I am returning them. With that being said, I am looking for IEM's and have a few requiements:   1. $200 and under 2. Very analytical. I loved listening to music and finding new...
  18. FreakMarken

    Would appreciate some suggestions for 300-400 budget, over the ears cans, that are to take out in the world! (clamp/leakage)

    I have been doing a lot of research for the past week, and I realised how much minimal knowledge I have. So I figured maybe some knowledgeful people could assist me in my research for my first pair of cans! ^^   -Have around 300-400$ budget. -Need low leakage -Need decent clamp  -I...
  19. nygamer814

    best headphones

    hi im new to head-fi   im looking for headphones that sound great bass,mids, and higs i listen to sony xb500 i love the bass but high and mids feel overlapped i want headphones that have the bass of the xb500 but with better mids and highs that go real good togeather. i listen to...
  20. Syndicat3

    Just bought the Sony XB500.. need some advice.

    First of all, I have the JVC HA-S500s and I've been burning them in overnight:     They sound fantastic. A lot of the music I listen to sounds great with these headphones.   However, I also listen to a lot of electronic, rap, glitch, acid jazz and drumstep, and this is where I find...
  21. RickH9

    Westone 3 or Aurisonics ASG 1.2 or other?

    Hi Head-Fi,   Looking to purchase a new IEM soon. Currently looking at either the Westone 3 or the Aurisonics ASG 1.2. Which pair of earphones do you prefer? I'm looking for a fun pair of earphones that will be a nice alternative to the HD 600's that I use at home. I will be driving them...
  22. NirvashUltimate

    BASSHEAD headphones but also good enough for soundtrack

    I own a pair of beats studios and after 2 years of feeling bad for making a big mistake I finally have the oportunity to buy a new pair of cans. I am a BASSHEAD I can never get enough of bass but I also like to listen to soundrack, some pop, alternative, electronic and ambient type meditation...
  23. Joe Bloggs

    Possible simple bass mod (especially with AT ADxxxx series)

    When I was playing around with my Somic MH463, I noticed that in the pics posted by Boris there were vents around the driver on the side facing the ear: (above and below the driver)   If such vents were not present, the driver should make an airtight seal with the ear (to the extent...
  24. glicioto

    new comer, small experience, big questions

    Hello to everybody,    I am Italian and since 10 yrs I am quite enthusiatic about hifi. I also did some DIY (two speker pairs and a two power amps). I got a child since few months and I started thinking that in the future I would need some headphones for music listening without bothering to...
  25. sloomingbla

    an upgrade from sony xb500? (180$ budget)

    Hey guys i just joined head fi and was wondering what a suitable upgrade would be for my xb500's.   I love the bass in them but the treble is really lacking, and i was thinking the ultrasone hfi 580's would be a good enough upgrade as people say they have really 'full' bass and the treble...