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Complement to er4p/s?

  1. canikickit1
    I currently have the er4p and love the insane clarity and detail of this cold sounding iem. I am looking for an iem that is the perfect complement (warm, fun sounding , smooth) , while maintaining at least half of the clarity an ety provides.

    I am looking to spend up to $250 and have tried the following

    Gr07- loved the sound and balance of this iem , however, hated the over the ear application. That was why ultimately killed it.

    Gr01- brighter and a touch warmer than the er4p, bass about the same. Was not too impressed.

    I listen to any and all types of music, and am open to suggestions.
  2. Littleted
    Hi can I had the ety same as you I didn't like them, agree on very clear but no low down bass, you'll be amazed when you get another pair how much you've missed in some tunes
    Can't comment on the moda I've never tested them,
    Why not look at the sony xba3 or 4 they are very good. I use the mdr ex1000 but the 600s are very good.
  3. canikickit1
    I'm going to pull the trigger on some XBA-3s as well as some TDK-IE800s, I tried going with the dual armature TWFK headphones (on the GR01s), but didn't like the brightness of them.
    I have some HF5s on standyby that I looked to get the ER4Ps as an upgrade. The main difference between the two was a notch upgrade in clarity (from wow to holy s*^#*&) while kicking down the bass a bit.
    I'll look to post some impressions of what I ultimately chose in the end/
    The Klipsch image X10 are great buy under the half of your budget(other half if you spend on AMPs then both will amaze you with there better performance) and they sound very detailed in mids, highs with tight punchy bass and overall warm crisp clear sounding with fairly wide soundstage. Other IEMs like used JVC FX700, Westone 3, Sennheiser IE7, Klipsch Image X5 and Sony XBA4 are also recommended.
  5. GN-0015
    TDK BA200 could be nice for you. Bass is not overwhelming but can be heard clearly, awesome mids and very good, clear vocal. Treble has nice sparks, but it's like they're sitting behind everything else in the mix.
  6. tseliottt
    Sony XB90EX.
  7. canikickit1
    X10s are pretty cheap at the moment too-- how is it compared to the Klipsch S4s? That was one of the first IEMs I tried and ultimately liked the bass, but did not like the lack in clarity. I was also going to pull the trigger on XBA4s but many regarded the XBA3s as better overall despite the extra BA in the phones.
    I went ahead and anticipated this and ended up buying the TDKIE800 (a bit more bass, same mids, energietic treble). Plus I wanted a compare contrast of a triple BA vs a dual dynamic.
    I will be getting my XBA3s and TDK-IE800s next week as well. Ultimately  was looking for a GR07 type phone with no sibilance, and without the over the ear application and great isolation. The ER4Ps/HF5s achieved all, but without the timbre, note weight, or bass that I was looking for. Clarity and detail is crazy though.
  8. canikickit1
    So I just received my Er4p->S Cable, plugged it into the Cmoybb, WOW.
    Layering, seperation, clarity is superb. Bass is detailed and increased, however not to the amount I would like.
    The XBA-3 and TDK-IE800s are coming tomorrow, so I will be posting impressions (and ultimately choose) of the following
    XBA-3 vs TDK-IE800s vs ER4S(p) vs HF5
    I do know that they are totally different sound signatures (especially the Ety's), but one will stay. and the rest will go.
  9. GN-0015
    Dude, if you want BASS maybe you should consider Atrio M5 in the future. I liked it a lot but somehow it made me sick of bass and now I'm a freak for mids and treble.
  10. canikickit1
    Not really a basshead per-se but would definitely like a notch more body in the low end.
    I think my ideal IEM would be the GR07's bass + ER4P/S
  11. kmhaynes
    What is your source?  I see you are using the CMoy with bass boost, which probably adds a bit of bass to the ER-4.  But do you have a decent EQ available on your source?  I have a Cowon J3 which has the JetEffect BBE EQ which provides very good bass for the ER4 with no distortion.
    I have the TDK MT300 and the Philips SHE3590, both of which have decent details but good body in the bass for under $25.
  12. canikickit1
    i'm using a Rockboxed ipod classic. I set the EQ to max out the 60,200, and 800Hz. While bassy, doesn't pack the punch i'm looking for. However, how much bass can you output from a BA anyway?
  13. soundstige
    Depends entirely on the BA. Etymotic aren't meant to be bassy.
  14. canikickit1
    I see you had the TDKBA200, any quick comparisons to the ER6is tha tyou have listed?
    Only asking as I have some TDK-IE800s waiting for me at home [​IMG]
  15. kmhaynes
    Or, aren't designed to have a large bass kick or impact.  That requires the amount of air movement that most BA drivers just don't do -- dynamic drivers tend to move more air to create more impact.  But most people don't listen to the ER4 for its bass impact -- bass texture and details mainly.
    Back to the OP, I would suggest a dynamic earphone like the VSonic GR06 or something similar.

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