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$1000 for a portable in-ear earphone system

  1. llj5935
    my work just got paid and i'd like to buy a new system for rock, symphony and jazz
  2. squallkiercosa
    Save your money bro. Before post, you should fill your profile to have an idea which headphones you used before... 
  3. robbiedao
    $1000 for a pair of IEMs? Save your money for a premium headphone system. I've got a pair of Ultrasone iq which cost me $1000, but honestly it's not worth it. Believe me, even the most expensive IEMs won't have the same outstanding sound as a pair of full-size cans. I suggest you to determine which headphones catering your music tastes the most by puting them on and giving them a try on your own. :)
  4. tinyman392
    The IQ are underwelming for their cost...  But it's that last statement that I have small issues with.  You tried one high end IEM, which was known to be kind of underwelming and come to the conclusion that all expensive IEMs can't hold the outstanding sound of a pair of cans... 
  5. robbiedao
    If I have only tried one pair of high end IEM ( and which by chance is a pair of underwelming one), I wouldn't be so confident to my statement, bro. I have tried my friends' K3003i and IE800 for quite a few hours. I really appretiate the clarity and the smoothness and the reproduction of certain instruments by K3003i and the huge sound stage of IE 800. However, none of these high end iems has as much emotions as my Beyer T5p or Audeze LCD-2. But I mean, the money is in your pocket, everybody has different understandings to sound, so just choose what you think it is worth your money. :)
  6. robbiedao
    English is not my first language, so please forgive me if I made any grammar mistakes:)
  7. EveTan
    To be honest. I started with high end IEMs. Which is actually making choosing full sized phones alot harder as most of them feel so..."average" and lacking a "wow" factor. Of course, YMMV. But that's how I experienced audio gear so far. 

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