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Jun 1, 2019
Mar 14, 2005
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High Performance Computing (SuperComputing)

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Itinerant Miscreant, Male

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Jun 1, 2019
  • About

    High Performance Computing (SuperComputing)
    Parenting, Hockey, Music, Motorcycles, Photography, Snow Skiing
    Hockey, Snow Skiing, Driving
    Headphone Inventory:
    Audio Technica ATH-W10VTG
    JH Audio JH13s

    Altec Lansing IM616
    Altec Lansing IM716

    Gone but not Forgotten:
    Grado HF1 w/ Deep zebra cups and Headphile Silver Cable w/ 4pin
    Grado HF2
    Grado HP1
    Grado PS1
    Grado PS3000 (PS1 drivers in woodied, open CD3000 shells)
    Grado RS1 (really early black headband model)
    Grado RS1 (more recent black headband model, but still pre-recent changes)
    Grado RS2
    Grado SR225 (several pairs)

    Sennheiser HD650 w/ Nugget Audio UPOCC Cable
    Sennheiser HD600 w/ Black Dragon Cable
    Sennheiser HD580 w/ Enigma Audio Oracle Cable hardwired

    Sony MDR-CD3000
    Sony MDR-V6

    Audio Technica ATH-W11JPN

    Etymotic ER4P
    Etymotic ER4S
    Westone UM2

    Koss KSC75
    Koss SportaPro

    Stax SRX/mk3

    Koss ESP/950 w/ Stax Alpha Pro Excellence Cable

    Audio Technica ESW9
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Apogee Duet
    Apogee Ensemble

    HeadAmp Kevin Gilmore Blue Hawaii
    Tooleaudio Balanced Mosfet Amp (balanced M^3 w/ 36v/5a Sigma 11)
    Rockhopper Audio M^3 w/ Steps
    Freifeld Audio M^3
    Rotel RC-1090
    Headamp Gilmore Lite

    SinglePower Audio MPX3 (silver chassis)
    Veda Audio (sft) Gilmore Dynahi
    Blueberry Audio Emotion+
    Xin Audio SuperMacro v1
    Xin Audio SuperMacro v3
    Ray Samuels Audio SR71
    Govibe Martini

    Stax SRM1/ta
    Stax SRD7/ta
    Koss E/90

    probably others I'm forgetting
    Source Inventory:
    Apogee Duet
    Apogee Ensemble
    Behringer DEQ2496
    Cambridge Audio DVD89
    Sony PS-X45 turntable (Sumiko Black Pearl Cart)
    iPhone 4S, iPad, iPod Video 30gb (5.5th gen)
    Marantz 6300 Turntable

    Apogee MiniDac
    Pioneer w/ Redwine Audio mods (forget which model)
    Denon DA500 DAC
    Sony PS-X500 Turntable w/ Zyx Bloom and Rockhopper Pass Pearl Phonostage
    TooleAudio Denon DVD2900ta
    Behringer SRC2496

    Threw away:
    Zhaolu 1.5
    Cable Inventory:
    Power-Related Components:
    Perma Power AVR
    Monster Power HTS-3500
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Emotiva Pro Airmotiv 4
    Hafler P1000 (2)
    Home Theater Direct Level 3 bookshelf Speakers
    JBL Jubal L65 speakers
    Marantz SR8003 Home theater Receiver
    Music Preferences:
    50s Jazz, Punk, Power Trios, Blues, Modern Avant Garde Jazz, Female Vocalists, Lounge Crooners, Psychedellic, Pop, etc
    Guns, Motorcycles, Cameras
    I'm a former deadhead, drill sergeant, and road warrior struggling down the path of life.


    distracted and not around much
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