1. B

    ultimate ears for elc guitarist ue 5 / ue 7

    hi i'm play in 3 piece rock band (keys+bass, drums, and electric guitar-me) and i don't know which IEM should i need my decide it's between the ue5 vs ue7 which one should i need my guitar it's a fender srat thank you
  2. MfiveM

    Replacement gym headphones.

    I have been using the B&O A8 headphone and my iPod shuffle at the gym and for some reason I can not find where I placed it…so now I am looking for a pair of replacement headphones and thinking about the new Nano. I was planning on getting up SE530 to be a back up pair to my UE-11’s but would...
  3. marcan

    Multi drivers IEM? I don't get it!

    One of the benefits of headphones is the ability to produce a sufficient acoustic pressure on the full spectrum with ONE driver. If you start with multi drivers speakers (I’m talking about different drivers for different frequencies), you will have phase and time issues between the different...
  4. Publius

    [SOLVED] Livewires = instant hate

    I'll prefix this by saying that this whole story is in no small part my own fault. Still, I really need to rant. I bought LiveWires as a birthday present to myself last year. Support was pleasant etc, the impressions went well, the wait was not terribly long. I got them in the mail, tried...
  5. audiofrk


    Well at least I’ll never buy another CIEM from ultimate ears.  The customer service from UE is worst I had from any company (or at the very least top 3 worst).  Writing this I realized it was so bad it turned my initial enthusiasm for getting my first customs to complete anger and indifference...
  6. ramrod266

    Rerouted to this thread: Professional IEM's and accompanying port amp.

    I've posted to the 'introductions' thread and was asked to post in the 'summit' thread (because I'm asking questions about high-end equipment). The 'summit' thread asked me to try posting here. So, here it goes... :)   I've been cruising this forum for the last couple of days and I feel...
  7. beanboy

    Are there any CIEMS that have enough bass for dubstep?

    I have Heir 8s and am not happy at all with their bass reproduction.  Is this just something you have to get used to with CIEMS?  Or are there CIEMS (at any price) that have great, heavy, hard-hitting bass?   I searched and all I can find is one thread recommending the UE 11s....how big of a...
  8. Audiofiler

    Review: Custom IEM's - UE11 Pro VS JH11 Pro

    . . A Review Of Custom Professional Monitors Date of Issue: August 2009 Introduction: This review is intended to compare and contrast the Ultimate Ears 11 Pro to the JH Audio 11 Pro custom in-ear phones. Background: In-ear phones are devices used by engineers...
  9. WalkGood

    ue11 Review

    Written by Ramon GL I want to share a review with my fellow Head-Fi members on the ue11’s that I wrote and posted on anythingbutipod.com, hope you enjoy Disclaimer: As I have stated before in other reviews, I am not an audiophile or in this business, just an enthused listener who enjoys...
  10. Sasaki

    Sleek Custom IEM arrives - with pics :)

    1. Arrival I've just got my Sleek Custom IEM this past weekend, this is a custom version of SA6. I am not sure the official name so I will simply call this as Sleek Custom. This is very nicely built and fits perfectly. Click picture to enlarge. It comes with a nice box and a...
  11. Jazic

    First UE11 Impressions

    Got them today and I've put a few hours on them so far. All I can say is I have never heard any better IEM hands down. If I were to take absolutely everything I love about every IEM I've heard and combined it into 1 this would be it x10. I have not yet heard the UE10's so I really do not have...
  12. powertoold

    The FreQ Custom IEMs - Impressions Thread (Updates on First Page!)

    ---_+_ GENERAL INFORMATION Website - Custom Fit Earbuds - The FreQ *****FreQ Products***** Music Maker line: 1) FreQ Show - $350 - triple driver with detachable cable 2) Tour de FreQ - $250 - dual driver with detachable cable *Note: you have the option of choosing the Music Makers or...
  13. sant430

    Which do you recommend?? Pico or pico slim??

    Hey guys I haven't been on Headfi for about six years. I'm thinking I'd like to get something that would synergize really well with the iPhone 4s and my UE-11s. I know the pico slim is supposed to be recommended for IEMs, but I wondered if the pico would be a better fit. Any thoughts? I listen...
  14. JeremyLaurenson

    Looking for direction regarding UE11PRO, JH13PRO (or others)

    Hi, all   I just lost a pair of LiveWires duals, and am now researching my next upgrade, and I'd like some feedback from those who have a few IEMS around the UE11Pro price range.   I have a few requirements: I am prone to loosing things on planes (travel a lot) so the ability to send...
  15. mark_h

    REVIEW: UE11 vs ACS T1, In Recovery.

    UE11 vs ACS T1, in recovery. Thanks for a certain level of anonymity. Peace!
  16. batman540

    Future Sonic M5 Atrios Vs UE-11 Vs JH-13

    Ok guys, heres the question. I currently own the Future Sonic Atrio M5's. Single dynamic driver in each ear. They sound fantastic. My question is this. As a worship leader and all around audio dude, i am always looking for the best sound i can. i dont mind saving up and getting a pair of custom...
  17. chef8489

    Getting new customs. Have ue-11 pro and ue-5c.

    I currently own ue-11 pro and ue-5c customs and have owned westone es2 and es5 in the past. What I want has changed over the years. I feel that my ue-11 pro have a bit too much bass most of the time and feel my ue-5c don't have enough most of the time. I am looking for something in the middle. I...
  18. raul777

    Is there any difference between new UE11 cable with UE18 cable ?

    Hello everyone.  I'm a new guy here. I have just recieved my UE11 recently and I find that UE send me the new cable just looks the same as UE18's. Do UE11 and 18 use the same cable now? Because they just looks the same. And I know that UE18 cable has better sound then the old UE11 cable...
  19. alanyuan

    Received my UE 11 Pros

    I just received my UE 11 pros i ordered. And they are absolutely perfect, my god I never realized anything could produce such amazing details. The separation of instruments are fantastic, with punchy bass. I am very glad that I ordered from UE their build quality and casing are excellent. I was...
  20. mark_h

    Universal UE11 Replacements?

    After four to five year solid service my UE11 have passed on (I trod on one! ) They could be repaired but the bill will surpass what, I know, will buy a better universal fit replacement; after-all five years is a long time in the world of technology!    I am looking for a universal fit as I...
  21. sant430

    Amp recommendations for iPhone 4S ue-11 combo

    Hello everyone!! its been a few years since I've been here. I'm looking at a portable headphone amp that will synergize with an iPhone 4S and UE-11s. Id like to keep the budget at around $300 no more than $350. Thanks everyone. It's good to be back
  22. mike73blake

    CIEM with sound signature similar to the PRO 900

    I'm on the look out for CIEM's to use when I'm traveling. Can anyone suggest which make/model has the closest signature to the Ultrasone Pro 900s?
  23. Augestirl

    JH11 pro compare with UE11

    how does it compares to UE11 which is 300 bucks more than JH11.   On the website, JHAudio says that JH11 pro are the real ones.XD
  24. PANGES

    UE11 Pros lost/stolen =(

    I'm on my break from class, and as I was walking to the bathroom, I stopped to help this girl in one of my classes study for our midterm coming up in about an hour. The odd thing is that I had my customs on while I stopped to talk to her, and somehow, while i was talking to her, they were...
  25. he46570

    Need advice: silicone custom IEM?

    Hi all. I'd love to get your advice.   I'm looking for a decent silicone custom IEM. I will be primarily using this for airplane travel. I travel A LOT (flying twice a week normally), and I find that wearing IEMs really reduces my fatigue. I'm currently using a few different IEMs including...