1. h1a8

    SM3, SM64, UM3X, TDK iem questions.

    I miss my sm3 iems but I don't miss their veil. They were perfect in every way except that. So I sold them :-( I have a few questions: 1. Are there any amps or eq settings that get rid of the veil of the sm3 without taking anything away and without adding sibilance? 2. Is the sm64 the same sq...
  2. rayk

    FS: Earsonics SM3 IEM - (Aus Pref)

    Hello all,   For sale is a pair of Earsonics SM3 that are in absolutely awesome condition. I am the original owner, purchased directly from Earsonics a little under a year ago.   Original box, carry case and spare tips are all included. They also come with one pair of the new wider...
  3. PTom

    Sub $500/£350 IEM: Good Isolation, Comfort, Well Behaved Treble

    Could someone give me a list of the best sub $500/£350 universal fit IEMs with good isolation and comfort. Something that is good for listening for extended periods of time i.e. not harsh, sibilant or with wild treble spikes. A balanced neutral sound signature would be ideal but a slightly warm...
  4. Benfro89

    Best IEM under $150

    Hi all I'm new to the whole audiophile scene but i love music and im looking to get some new IEM for under $150 or so. I like to listen to rock, dubstep and alternitave rock, so sound is a big player in this. I also would like the monitors to be somewhat comfortable. I have been looking into...
  5. ellis ip

    earphone better than westone4

    i use my westone 4 for few yr but i think the treble and mid is just not smooth and forward for me , i have try shure535 , but it just not bassy enough , i thought about sm3 but it less bass than w4 , i used to listen classical, pop, some rock , and sound track(transformer) any other suggestions...
  6. johntheman123

    Ferrari of IEM's?

    Hi,   So I'm by no means an expert audiophile or anything of the sort but am slowly becoming obsessed..   I live alone, and easily spend 12-14 hours a day listening to music using in ear headphones. I previously owned the Kilpsch S4's which I lost, and ended up buying some UE 900's from...
  7. Frankyspanky

    Westone 3 vs Gr07 vs Sm3 vs Fx700 vs Ie8 vs Ex1000 for electronic music

    I know these IEM's have been compared a lot already, but I cant really find which are best for electronic music.  I love bass, but dont want it to recess mids and highs. 
  8. Gilly87

    My new quest: full size cans to match my SM3

    Hey all, I've been mostly into IEMs for the 2 years I've been on Head-Fi, and I've got pretty much everything I want in that department, but I'm beginning to dabble with a friend in producing electronic music, so I want to take it to the next level and get a real full-size can.   I have 3...
  9. Deadlovestory

    Need suggestion/buying guide for high-end universal IEM

    Hey there, I'm a newbie in head-fi (1st post/thread/activity here!), and I would like to receive some input regarding high-end universal IEM.   First of all, I'm not a hardcore audiophile, nor am I very knowledgeable about IEMs in general, I'm just a casual listener who wants to step up and...
  10. The Known

    IEM's < $500 Monster Pro Gold, Monster Miles Davis, SM3, Westone 4, Sennheiser IE80

    This is my first post on this forum. I've read a lot already and it's a great place here but didn't really find a good answer/recommendation to the situation I have. So here you go! -------------------------------- I'm looking for a good IEM set at the moment. I have a home studio so I know...
  11. Faringan

    Best IEM for rock (under 250 €)?

    Hi, this is my first post but I started reading this (wonderful  ) forum months ago... I'm going to buy a new pair of IEMs but I can't decide which one is the best in the 250€ price range... My library is 90% composed of rock, hard rock and metal music. I'm searching for something that...
  12. gopanthersgo1

    IEM's that make vocals sound like they're coming from the heart for under $250? (Contemplating HiFiMan RE-262)

    I'm looking for a pair of IEMs that make vocals sound great, because with my JVC HA-S500, AND Monoprice 8320's (Please note that my AKG K702's never did this before I sold them), when I'm listening to a song, the vocals sound far away, and shouty, so in a song where you're supposed to just feel...
  13. theblackbird

    Shure SE420 vs Westone 4 or other higher end IEM's

    Hello,   Several years ago I bought a pair of Shure SE420's. While I'm pretty ok with them (lacking some bass imo) I'm considering replacing them with some higher end IEM's. The Westone 4's currently have most of my attention.   But I wonder: is the difference in sound clearly...
  14. sofastreamer

    Need Recommendations on BA-based iem with decent sub bass rumble besides TF10

    Are there any universals with balanced armature driver(s) the can do sub bass rumble or is the tf10 in 2012 still the only one? um3x and W3 have more of an midbass hump, that i do not like. sm3/sm2 would have been great if i could stand the soundstage, which seems wierd to me.   i cannot...
  15. S

    Sennheiser IE80s vs. Utimate Ears UE900?

    Let me start off by saying I'm looking for a pair of headphones, did my research, and found the Sennheiser IE80s. They seem to defeat the competition IMO and for my requirements. Then, I found the Ultimate Ears UE900, which seems to fit my price range. Here is a little background on me:   -I...
  16. Gilly87

    Help with SM3 cable polarity

    Does anyone have a pair of SM3s that they know are hooked up properly? I'm trying to figure out where the blue and red dots go.   (TF10 problem fixed :) )
  17. DivergeUnify

    Upgrading from Shure 530s

    I've been off and on thinking about upgrading my Shure 530s, but really haven't come across a new pair of universal IEMs that seem to outdo them.  I've come across these Heirs which seem to be getting pretty popular, and some people claiming them to be the best all around universal IEM  ...
  18. ChristmaSFnatic

    How is Monster iSport?

    Is it any good music wise and build quality? I havent seen its own topic here, so just wondering if its worth it. THANKS!
  19. Joe Bloggs

    Do replaceable cables work?

    Many people say that the cables on their IEMs die like flies, so they want or use IEMs with replaceable cables.  My experience is the opposite: I've never had a pair of headphones fail at the cables, IEM or otherwise, except by extreme abuse not induced by me (e.g. pulling the jack off tight...
  20. 50mm

    Upgrade recommendations from Westone 4?

    Hello folks,   Just wondering, if you were upgrading from a Westone4, what would you go for ? and why ?   I was toying with the idea of the Grado GR10, the Audeo Phonak 232 or the Shure 535, maybe not as an upgrade, but more for a different sound signature.   Thanks for your input !
  21. Gilly87

    Rock It Sounds R-50 vs Klipsch X10

    Has anybody heard both sufficiently to compare? I am looking for something sub $200 that is smoother and more laid back to compliment my defiltered SM3 and TF10, something with comparable levels of detail and good sized soundstage but a more neutral, laid-back signature without so much emphasis...
  22. martian007

    IEMs for Metal/Rock (replacement for Brainwavz M3)

    I know there are lots of threads asking for recommendation like this one and as I don't want to steal much of your time I'll try to be as clear as possible about what I'm looking for.   My Brainwavz M3 broke after a year and a half of moderate use (its actually possible to listen to them but...
  23. bl42ed0

    Best IEMs for electronic music under $450USD

    Looking for a pair of IEMs that are absolutely perfect for electronic music and maybe the occasional rock track. Some examples would be: Infected Mushroom, Shpongle, Purity Ring, Pink Floyd, and A Perfect Circle.
  24. olear

    Do you prefer IEMs to Full Sized Phones? Why?

    I have not heard a quality full sized HF, only mid and top tier IEMs such as EX1000, FX700, UM3X and SM3.   For those that have both, which do you prefer and why?   What does a full sized phone offer that an IEM can not?   Thank You
  25. olear

    IEM guy needs recommendations for full size phones...

    I've been enjoying SM3, UM3X, EX1000 and FX700 and am considering venturing into full size phones for $400 usd.   Can an Ipod Touch and a portable (which ones) amp work well?