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Best IEM under $150

  1. Benfro89
    Hi all I'm new to the whole audiophile scene but i love music and im looking to get some new IEM for under $150 or so. I like to listen to rock, dubstep and alternitave rock, so sound is a big player in this. I also would like the monitors to be somewhat comfortable. I have been looking into shure se215s and Vsonic gr07. But all i need is some help finding the right earphones.  Please help me.
    Thanks, Ben 
  2. Techno Kid
    Also the EPH-100 would be a good choice, I liked them better than the GR07 plus they would be much better for dubstep than the GR07.
  3. gus6464
  4. Benfro89
    What do you think about the se215? And are the eph-100 balanced for rock and dubstep?
  5. Benfro89
    And what do you guys think about the ba200 thier 149 on amazon now
  6. Techno Kid
    The BA200 is my favorite IEM that I've heard as you can see from my signature below.  They work great with all types of music but the only reason I didn't suggest them is because you like dubstep and the bass might be just a tad light for that though if you EQ the bass up they have plenty of punch and depth imo.  $149 is a great price for them because they sound as good as a lot of $300 and even $400 IEM's.
  7. Benfro89
    thats sounds great so the se215 is out of the picture? One more thing would the fiio e11 work well with this?
  8. aras
    EPH-100! Great comfort and sound. It will do wonders with dubstep
  9. Techno Kid
    The E11 is the amp I use and yes they work get together.
  10. Benfro89
    sounds grreat now all i got to do if find a store that ships to europe ;( any ideas ? 
  11. Techno Kid
    I got my BA200 from Buydig.com and they're $149 like on Amazon so you might want to try there.
  12. ayaflo
    gh-erc-dms :) 
    some of the most revealing iems made by mankind
  13. Benfro89
    Amazon doesnt ship to Finland :frowning2: and the UK version ba200s are 270 dollars :frowning2: 
  14. Techno Kid
    Did you see if buydig.com ships to Finland?  Other than that you can find them on ebay for around $150 so try those 2 places.
  15. Techno Kid
    I just checked buydig.com and it says they ship internationally and the BA200 is $149 on their site.

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