1. BangOn

    VOTE: Headphones or earphones?

    How can I make a vote? It's strange this question hasn't came up before. At least, to my Google search.
  2. shigzeo

    [Review] Earsonics SM3 - 2010's Star Child

    Click here for Earsonics SM3 in Review: 2010's Star Child pictures and full review.   I've had the SM3 for... 2,5 months, so this review is not only late, but comes holding the hand of experience AND enthusiasm.   The bottom line: the SM3 is well-worth it. It sounds great, is easy to...
  3. mvw2

    A tale of three headphones - Does Size matter? Yuin OK1, Yuin G1A, and AKG K702

    This is a casual look at the idea of headphone size versus the sound that this size portrays.  I am looking only at a small selection here, what I have available, but each are well respected products and each at a similar level of performance.  So, does size matter?   The contenders: AKG...
  4. laxlife1234

    A noob question about fitting the custom IEM's

    So, I am looking to find a pair of Custom IEM's on here. But I am also wondering whether or not it is possible that they would fit? I mean by fit, not my personal ears, but if they would at least go in, until I raise enough money to get them remolded. I understand I would not be getting the...
  5. ericp10

    SM3 purchasers, question on price

    I've notice on the Earsonics webpage that the SM3 has a price of 288 euros, but when you go to buy it says 345 euros? Did any of you who purchased it notice this too? And if so, which price is it, and when do you  know you're getting the lesser pricer? Just curious. Thanks.
  6. The Big Sleep

    LiveWire Trips or Earsonics SM3?

    Im looking to upgrade from my UM3x and Im caught between going for some affordable customs, like the Trips, or importing the renowned SM3's. They both will fall into a relatively close price range, so its a toss up between which will sound better that will determine which I buy.    Anybody...
  7. Sumflow

    Poll: How do you wear yours?

    Some of the manufactures may not be aware of how we use their products in real life.  At least one has gone so far as to say they were not designed to be worn in front.  Quote: What do you say? How do you usually wear your monitors?    
  8. CareyPrice31

    What tips do the SM3's use?

    What size Comply tips do they user? TX-400..?   Also, are the stock ones comfortable? They seem like they will hurt my ear because they will go in too deep or something..
  9. K.I. Unlimited

    Getting excited about my EM1-iFI's...

    I think I'll set this thread up for the brief comparison between this and my previous-toted Livewires Trips.   After 9 days of waiting my order is finally being processed (ear impressions finally reached EarSonics!)...can't wait till Mr. Franck Lopez works his magic    (Don't get alarmed...
  10. kdawgg83

    Can I use a laptop as a source without a DAC or AMP?

    I'm thinking about buying either the Westone UM3X or Earsonics SM3 IEMs and would like to listen to them at work powered solely by my Dell E6400. Also, I'd probably plug them into my HP dv7t at home, as well. Are these laptops good enough sources to properly drive these earphones?   THANKS!
  11. SolidVictory

    EarSonics SM3: A Thorough Review

      I’ve had the EarSonics SM3 for about two weeks now, and I think it’s time to give them a review (pictures can be found at the end).   Packaging   The EarSonics SM3 comes packaged in a rather small box (I was surprised to find the size of the box to be much smaller than the huge...
  12. kdawgg83

    Which high-end IEM should I get if I have a wide taste in music?

    Hi All,   I've been lurking here a while and have narrowed down my list of IEMs to:   Sennheiser IE8 Shure SE530 Westone 3 Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro Monster Turbine Pro Copper EarSonics SM3 Hifiman RE0 Hifiman RE 252 JVC  HA-FX700 Westone UM3x   I have a wide range of...
  13. FooFreak

    iPod headphones without an amp

    Hey guys, I want to actually get some nice sounds out of my ipod so I was wondering, what are the best overear closed back headphones that I could get and run without a headphone amp on my ipod?
  14. Juggernaut

    Looking for best price on monster miles Davis tribune earphones?

    If anyone can help me out I'm looking for the best possible price on these Monster Miles Davis tribune headphones... I live in the USA and amazon has them new for like 380-400... I was hoping to find a better deal than that... If anyone could help I would be very thankful... I need them new in...
  15. wooja978

    First Set-up ever! Need advice from the experts at head-fi

    Hey guys, I've been reading and reading and my mind is going to explode. The more I read, the harder it seems to make a decision. At first, I thought I would spend a $1000 and get some decent equipment and see how I go from there. But then I came to my senses and decided I shouldn't get ahead of...
  16. umermajeed

    New earphone suggestions

    hi everyone..   i am new to this forum but i have been reading the reviews and other threads for some time.....i thought now is the time to get some suggestions about which earphones to get....   my last pair was a v-moda and i am looking for a big upgrade...   i will list the ones i...
  17. Sopp

    EarSonics S-EM6 & S-EM6v2 Six driver universal IEM

    EarSonics S-EM6 universal IEM   http://www.earsonics.com/en/audiophiles-earphones/s-em6-2/   Sensitivity: 124 dB/mW Frequency response : 10 Hz -20 kHz Impédance: 60 ohms Driver: 6 balanced armature drivers (2 lows, 2mediums, 2 highs), 3-way passive crossover.   Price: 945.00 EUR    ...
  18. beatmaker234

    IEM for ipod

    At the moment I need a new IEM that can replace my AKG 324p. I will be using my ipod with music thats all hip-hop/rap and rnb. I also rip my music in AIFF if that helps. The three headphones i'm considering at the moment are Shure SE530, Sennheiser IE 8, or the AKG K 390 NC. I'll also need great...
  19. Sumflow

    Portable class A headphone amps

    Class A amps are used to get low distortion and cleaner, transparent sound, where true reproduction ,and amplification of a signal is required,.  Does anyone know of any  "portable class A headphone amps," that are out now, or in the works?   What would be the advantages of using class A...
  20. stevenkelby


    It's my pleasure to start a feedback thread for qusp. Jeremy bought a bunch of wires and things from me. Communication was always fast and friendly, and he paid as soon as we had a deal. He also sent me a length of a wire I was keen to try, as promised. Jeremy has shown himself to be an...
  21. average_joe

    EarSonics SM3 Appreciation, Discussion, & Review Thread - Technically Best Universal? (see first post for reviews and info)

    Post #1: My story   Post #2: My comparisons   Post #3: My ear tip chart   Review by SolidVictory   Review by shigzeo (Touch My Apps)   Review by dfkt (Anything But iPods)   EM3 Pro vs. JH13 thread - included because the descriptions of the EM3 Pro sound is similar to what...
  22. kdawgg83

    Westone UM3X vs. Earsonics SM3

    Been reading tons of reviews on these two top of the line IEMs and can't make a decision. Head-Fi seems to absolutely love the SM3's, but I'm getting a lot of love for the UM3X's as well. What do you guys think? The $70 or so difference doesn't matter to me and I'd get either phones just as...
  23. average_joe

    Top-Tier Universal IEM Comparison Chart, Frequency Response Charts, & Discussion

    This is the Top-Tier universal fit IEM chart/thread. The below chart is designed to help give sonic characteristics and take out opinion, except in the final two columns and possibly the notes. The chart is usually updated daily, or whenever new data is provided and time permits. You might need...
  24. PolishedLake

    SM64 To Replace SM3

    Alright, so I was emailing Adam Nieses from soundearphones about 30-day moneyback returns saying that I'd likely return my W3's and get SM3's. Here is his response: "Hello,   You will receive a full refund minus $10 for the cost of Overnight shipping that we incurred when you placed the...
  25. Docks

    Help me find IEMS! Bassy, Dark, Removable cable, less sensitive required.

    Hello, I am searching for a pair of IEMS that are (In descending priority): 1. Bassy 2. Darker (At least no sibilance or piercing treble) 3. Bassy (see the pattern here?) 4. Less sensitive (less than 120db would be nice), 32 ohm impedance (not 16) would also be nice. 5. Detachable...