1. stinkysbsc

    Earsonic SM3 alternative?

    I went to Jaben to check out some IEMs, and the service was fantastic and I got to try out a bunch of IEMs! The setup and music is in my signature... I auditioned the following IEMs, and here are my opinions... Westone 1- Really comfortable, but the sound was a little too thick for my liking...
  2. cancam

    $350-$400 budget for gears

    Hi there, I have a Cowon D2 (listening to flac) with a Klipsch X10 at this moment. I have decided to spend USD$350-$400 for upgrading and I have some ideas and see if you guys can give me some advice. I seldom listen to ROCK, METAL and CLASSICAL in my D2 and I am seeking for an overall upgrade...
  3. Firstandrepair

    Best IEM for under $400

    Hey y'all, I have a question for those more seasoned in the IEM market.   I'm looking to buy a good pair of portable IEMs, with a budget of about $400.  I've done some research, and from what I can tell the top contenders are SM3, IE8, and UM3X.  I can't quite tell which ones would work more...
  4. GaryAR

    Samsung Galaxy S3... wow.

    Anybody else get one today? I was not expecting this kind of audio quality, I think it's a step above my iPhone 4. So far I'm only listening to Pandora too but I have to get stone higher quality files on it. Also impressive are the IEM's that came with it... they even included a few extra sets...
  5. onthefence

    What are the best IEMs that can be worn Straight-down and NOT Over-the-ear?

    The only high-end IEM I've owned are the Monster Coppers, which I feel pretty underwhelmed with since I was expecting a much bigger Wow-factor after reading all the hype about high-end IEMs. I want my music to wow me and I want my favorite songs to sound as if I've never truly heard them before...
  6. delladood

    UM3X isn't doing it for me anymore... I need suggestions

    The UM3X isn't as enjoyable as it was when I first got it.  The soundstage is kind of a turn-off for me:/ Does anyone have a suggestion of an IEM I should get aside from the SE535 or the UM3X?
  7. mikaveli06

    earsonic sm3 purchasing

    anywhere eelse to find thesse besides earsonic site and soundearphones.com? any price better than the 379 or a discount code for soundearphones? if not i will go with the westone 3 for $100 to $150 dollars less.
  8. Ethereal Sound

    SM3 Universal or.....?

    So I was planning on upgrading from my RE-Zeros and I was considering the SM3 Earsonics because of what I've heard about them but the thing is, I live in a place where there's no dedicated headphone stores or anything of the sort so I have not heard any of the headphones I am considering. I am...
  9. miow

    Vsonic GR-07 = WOW

    Just got mines today and I'm absolutrely wow'ed by the sound of them. ALMOST (and I said ALMOST) as good as the triple driver, 3 way, UM3X and better than the SM3 on my opinion. Vocals are lush and sweet, forward and natural like the UM3X/SM3, with outstanding definition and texture, bass is as...
  10. DMRankin

    Sennheiser IE8 advice

    "Here we go again", I know that's what your all thinking, but go easy on me, it's my first post here =D   Right, so I bought a set of IE8i's off ebay just after Christmas (£189.99 advertised as 100% Genuine Brand New etc), and after reading through most of the info here already, specifically...
  11. supbrowawawa

    Bass-heavy multi-driver IEM?

    I've been using my Ultimate ears TripleFi 10 for quite some time now, and I absolutly love them, but I wished the had more bass. I listen to a lot of electronica music (trance, dubstep, house, and electro) and I feel the IEM don't really satisfy my bass needs.   So, I am considering selling...
  12. miow


    Well, I decided to try the fischer audio DBA-02 black silicone tips on the UM3X RC and I'm WOWed. Compared to the SHURE Olives, theres TONS more treble and details, more air (more space - can't explain any better), better perception of instruments such as cymbals, percussion, etc. Everything...
  13. Kishmet

    EarSonics SM3 or Shure SE535 - a good complement to the Westone UM3x?

    Would love to hear opinions on this as I am unable to try out these IEMs for myself (the joys of living in Australia). Currently I own a Westone UM3x RC version paired with a Cowon J3 unamped. However, being the curious me, I've started looking up at some other top-tier IEMs and was interested...
  14. odiofile

    tf10 vs sm3...head to head direct comparison

    Used teclast t51>headstage arrow 3g>sony hybrid tips   first thing is first.....tf10 or sm3....I think both are amazing product.....if you think sm3 is an upgrade from tf10....you are wrong.....it is a matter of taste when you get to this point.   The first time I listened to tf10 I was...
  15. shadow82x

    Klipsch x10i

    I'm considering getting these, do you guys feel its worth its value?
  16. intox

    Which iem should I buy for about 300€ ?

    Hi everyone.   I'm a 17 year-old French student so excuse me for my poor English   I'm thinking about upgrading from my Klipsch S4. I own a Cowon J3 and I sometimes use my Ipod Touch 2G but I don't have a portable amp. I listen to Indie Rock, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock,... (Arctic...
  17. PedroH

    Best portable DAC / AMP integrated combo?

    My portable source is a MacBookAir 11inch 2011 playing ALAC via Decibel. My portable headphones are Earsonics SM3. I listen most to Rock, Hardrock, Progressive, Pop, HipHop and Jazz (relevance descending order)   What should I put between the source and the headphones to improve sq and...
  18. zeitfliesst

    I ordered the UM3X (RC) and today I received a $399 rattle in my mail.

    I usually don't post on Head-fi, but this is something I really wanted to share here. My SCL5 just died with the sound coming on and off probably due to a problem in the cable . So I shopped around for the next best thing, and since I remembered having a very good experience with the UM1 (my...
  19. BLL00

    Sony MDR-V6, should I buy it off amazon ?

    So they are going for 65$. I'm a little shocked as that priced is relatively low considering the "legendary" status these headphones posses. Is amazon's listing trusted ? Why are they going for this cheap if they're that good?!...  ...
  20. miow

    Westone UM3X RC - Triple Driver, 3 Way - MINT

    WESTONE UM3X NEW REMOVABLE CABLE VERSION (RC)   Absolutely new, MINT CONDITION (10/10), with the original box and all the acessories as they came from the store. No more than 30 hours listening on them.   Buying from me or getting them new from Westone is exactly the same thing with the...
  21. Phoosh

    SM3 v2 or IE8 with TWAG custom cable?

    Firstly, I apologize for being another thread amongst a sea of "help me choose" threads - but I am pretty much a rookie. After a few months, several actually, of wading through, trying to save for the jh16's/J3A - and failing miserably at it, I've decided to go with a much more affordable (in...
  22. TobaccoRoad

    Starting to hate IEMs...is customs really the answer?

    My main complaint is that iems are nowhere near the performance of full-size cans. In terms of comparing to the live sound it doesn't come close. To make the matters worse, earphones are generally for portable use. The background noise in NYC is just too much for any iems to handle..no matter...
  23. ucrags84

    Looking for a custom IEM which soung sig closest to full-size cans

    Hi all,     I'm looking for a new pair of custom IEMs with a sound signature that is full, rich, and airy in presentation like full size cans ( as much as possible).       Given the closed nature of IEM's I know this is a tall order, I am also looking to keep this around $600 or so. Should...
  24. svyr

    Moisture and BA/Dynamic driver IEMs?

    Not sure if this has come up before (a quick google search suggests it hasn't, but maybe I wasn't searching for the right thing) Does anyone have any specific details about how moisture affects (degrades?) IEM drivers. I'm particularly interested in BA drivers (e.g. using them on wet days, or...
  25. moot11

    Westone 4--overkill?

    Are the Westone 4 overkill for listening to MP3s at 320k, without an amp? Should I get the Klipsch Image X10i, instead?   I mostly listen to Jazz, blue grass, pop, acoustic. I'm looking for something with a great soundstage.   Thanks!