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Looking for an upgrade to my Klipsch x10s...50th birthday present?

  1. davehutch
    Hi everyone, my big day approacheth and, as the strain relief rubber on my Klipsch X10s is starting to split, I thought I ought to start planning a replacement set as a treat to myself.
    I've tried Shure 535s and found them to be a bit too coloured and warm sounding for my liking.
    I love the X10 sound as it's extremely detailed and IMO, very neutral.
    It has enough bass for me, as I listen to a lot of acoustic jazz and I've always found the double bass to sound "correct".
    What I don't like is the extremely microphonic cable and the weakness of the cable entry points.
    I use Shure olives and find the isolation to be better than the stock buds this way.
    I'm toying with the idea of going "custon fit", but I'm not sure about that yet.
    Does anyone have a recommendation, up to maybe £350 that would be a "better" version of the sound I enjoy currently?
    Thanks in advance
  2. TwinQY
  3. DrSheep
    I also have the X10 and loved it.  If you are looking at SE535 level IEMs, the closest to the X10 that I know sound wise is the Sleek Audio SA7, follow by the Weston 4R.  I think the W4R maybe a safer bet because the SA7 has a more boosted high compare to the W4R but cheaper.  The Logitech UE 900 is another great choice but the sound is almost completely different than the X10 but in a good way, and better staging in my option to the W4R and SA7.
  4. Mooses9
    Hmm interesting I find the 535s colouring to make them sound more sterile and up front them warm and inviting. To me the 535 are definitly analytical in sound to me. I guess its just subjective
  5. davehutch
    Actually, I may have that wrong. I tried the 530s but not the 535s. That might explain it.
    Someone at work has the 535s and I might bring in a spare pair of Shure olives so I can try them out
    I came across the review for the UE 900s and they certainly appeal, along with the Westone 4Rs
    What always perplexes me though is how on earth do you "try before you buy" with IEMs?
    As far as treble/sound staging I can only say I'm like detailed treble, but natural, not over emphasised.
    Sound staging to be deep and wide. I know I won't get anything like my electrostatic speakers, but I understand that
    To give you another idea, my home system ended up being Martin Logan Aerius-i, Chord, Pink Triangle, Meridian and I find it incredibly realistic, dynamic, detailed, natural etc etc
  6. TwinQY
    Hmm, differences between the SE535 and the old SE530 aren't that significant. Apparently something had happened to the soundstage but I've only noticed more treble. Everything else sounds pretty much the same from memory.
    UE900s are a bit cooler in tonality after the pinhole fills up. 
    Headphone shops usually have sanitary wipes. Even Guitar Centre lets you do so. I've had no trouble demoing sets, ever.
    UE900s have a bit of sparkle, more than the Shure by quite a bit. But you're a stat guy, so would still look at the UE900s if you're interested in the technicalities, as they are still fairly clean and effortless for IEM-standards. Depth is quite good as well. Not as immersive as the SM3 (they'd be more like a mix between a 7.1 system and some Wharfedales - in other words imaging everywhere).
  7. davehutch
    This is all very useful info everybody. Thanks so far.
  8. DrSheep
    Then definitely try the W4R first as it is more neutral compare to the UE900, but the UE900 is a bit cheaper and much easier to get from Apple Stores.
  9. davehutch
    OK a litle more info now. I contacted Westone and asked them where I could try some in the Uk and they were quick in their reply, albeit completely impersonal and automated:
    "Here is the distributors website in the UK."
    Never mind... I looked at www.variphone.com and it list dealers in the UK as simply:


    The Earplug Company Ltd
    34 Craigwell Lane, Aldwick
    PO 21 4 AN West Sussex
    Tel: +44 (0) 1243 837640
    E-mail: peter.beavis@btopenworld.com
    Doesn't look promising.
    I tried a friend's Shure 535s this morning, for only a few tracks and I found them to be a little "boring" shall I say. They don't have the same bass extension or the same "sparkle" as my X10s.
    They were definitely comfortable and gave a fgod seal easily. One of the biggest pluses is the fact the cable is so much less microphonic than the Klipsch, which helps a lot.
    Does that feedback point me more in the direction of the W4Rs and the UE900s do you think?...or something else?
  10. ZARIM
    The JVC FX700 share some similiraties in term of soundsignature to X10 like both are wam and FX700 offers deeper heavier bass which reverb like subwoofers, very detailed mids but not forward and extended highs( more detailed than X10) and wider soundstage, natural instruments sound so good on FX700. Other IEMs like Sony EX1000, Westone 3, ATH_CK100Pro, PFE232 are also great upgrde over X10 with higherend soundquality.
  11. DrSheep
    I have the X10, W4R, and the UE900, and I can tell you that sound wise the X10 and W4R are similar (in a general sense) with the W4R being more warm and well rounded.  The UE900 however has a totally different sound and better sound stages and more fun in my opinion.  So I think if you want a decently priced IEM with kind of a neutral sound, then go for the X10; warm sound and flat then go for the W4R; and best access and exchange with great overall package and fun sound then go for the UE900.
  12. phantompersona
  13. davehutch
    Thanks so much for your suggestions and help everybody. Fingers crossed

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