Where to buy silicone tips for SM3?
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Check this post first of all to know which one works for them.
The sm3 uses comply foam tips in case you're looking for those in particular. All westone true/star tips works. Actually you have a lot of options if we think about. Westone, shure, ety, and some weird brands too. 
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Yes, but Earsonics tips are better than most. Their dual flange tip has a larger bore than many, including Shure & Westone. Other similar are Sensorcom dual flange and Futuresonics dual flange. But I think they're both outside the US, too. I've ordered from all 3, and never had problems. Just make sure u don't get the upgraded mail service, as that seems to take substantially longer to make it to the US.

Also, I just ordered some dual and triple flange tips from a place called earphonesplus.com. They seem to be a litte different style that I haven't seen before, and appear to have a larger bore, too. Haven't arrived yet, though, so don't know for sure. If they do, the triple flange will be rather unique, as I haven't seen any other triple flange with the larger bore.
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Thank you for the info.
Now using the larger Earsonics tips and bass is reduced. Comply offers enhanced bass but treble is reduced.
I'll try one of the other options.

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