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Hard to explain, SM3 shell making strange sound when tapped . . .

  1. ethanw
    OK, so I have this O.C.D. thing where I tap on the shells of IEMS right after I put them in.  Well, I lightly tap, then snap my fingers outside my ears so I know I have a good seal.  Not too crazy, right? Anyway.  I currently have in my possession a pair of SM3 v2's.  When I put them in and tap on the shells, the left one makes a sound sort of like a hand drum.  It's sort of a hollow sound that takes a bit of time to decay (one second maybe?).  The right IEM is nice and solid sounding like every other IEM I've tried.  There's a very quick tone that disappears almost instantly.  Has anyone experienced this before?  I'm not sure if it's affecting the sound quality or not, but I would think if there's sound resonating in the shell like that when it's tapped, then something might be up, right?
  2. knubbe
    You should probably RMA it if you can

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