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Earsonics SM3v2: Really crappy bass on iPod

  1. YeNotGuilty
    So I recently bought some SM3v2's according to some advice I had received on a thread I made and some research.
    Everything seemed to be going well with them until I decided to try something.
    I switched the EQ from "off" on my iPod classis to "Electronic" and all of the sudden it sounded like a blownout speaker/subwoofer would sound at higher volumes.
    I would think that IEM's this expensive would be able to handle the Electronic EQ on a iPod.... what's the deal? They sound like total **** and sound blown?
  2. soundstige
    They're triple driver... they're not being given enough current out of just an iPod...
  3. YeNotGuilty
    Ahhh crap..... can you point me to the most relevant portable amp these days..... :frowning2:
  4. Sludig
    Maybe it could be due to impedance output from iPod. It´s about 5 ohm and as SM3 impedance is 32 ohm, so you need a smaller output impedance from your source to drive BA properly. 
  5. Seekky
    E12(wait till next month)
    C&C BH
    JDS C421
  6. scuttle
    You're right about the iPod's impedance, but it is unlikely to be the cause. Firstly because this mismatch usually causes a dip in response in the upper mids to lower trebles, not bass distortion. Secondly, the description sounds like bass clipping, which is what you'd expect of a bassy EQ setting with an underpowered source.
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