1. YeNotGuilty

    Earsonics SM3v2: Really crappy bass on iPod

    So I recently bought some SM3v2's according to some advice I had received on a thread I made and some research.   Everything seemed to be going well with them until I decided to try something.   I switched the EQ from "off" on my iPod classis to "Electronic" and all of the sudden it...
  2. EvanA

    Closed portables for wide variety of music

    Hi all,   I'm looking to get myself some new headphones.  These will be my first pair of dedicated, portable headphones, so they need to be closed.  Currently I am using the CX 300-II IEM and they're showing their age.  I listen to a wide variety of music such as house, electronic...
  3. ostewart

    Review: Alclair reference monitor CIEM

    Alclair Reference Monitor review:   I recently decided to enter the world of custom IEM's, and decided to go with Alclair because of Average Joes multi custom IEM review, and the price. I soon found out that they have excellent customer support and was impressed with the way they treat their...
  4. Vendetta

    Detailed + Forgiving + non-fatiguing?

    Detailed + Forgiving + nonfatiguing?    Is this a real combination?   I liked the silky smooth mids and forgiveness of my Re262, but the detail of my HF5.   Unamped or with a JDS Labs c421, what are my options under $200?   Thanks
  5. adammax

    Increasing bass for W4R

    Hi guys,   Just got a pair of W4R. However, coming from ATH M50, I find the bass lacking in W4R. Is there any ways I can increase the bass? I'm using star tip. The foam tip seems to increase the bass, but for comfort, I'll prefer the star tip, Any advice?
  6. deftonez

    Upgrade Rig

    Hi, Im currently running on an iPod classic paired with a C421 and westone um3x. I was thinking of getting a high def DAP or getting a set of CIEMs. The thing is I have around 20% of songs bought from iTunes, would i be able to still play that on a DAP like an iBasso DX50 or something from...
  7. omeletpants

    Fio Amps that supply real power

    I have a Fiio Eo2 that barely supplies any extra volume. Willing to step up to a better amp. Which will supplu significant power/volume?
  8. lwells

    Replaced my TF10's with W4R's and I 'might' not be in love :shrug:

    Hello All,   My TF10's with a lune cable were destroyed a year ago.  I finally got around to replacing them.  I decided on the Westone 4R's.  Unfortunately I can only compare them to my memory of the TF10's.  I remember the TF10's being much more engaging and detailed.  Is there anything I can...
  9. Bill-P

    Review: Fiio E12 (comparison to C&C BH + JDS Labs O2 + JDS Labs C421)

    I'm sure many are pondering about these two portable powerhouses. So this one is for you.   First off, some size comparisons: (taken directly out of camera without any adjustment whatsoever)           So, as you can see, E12 is almost roughly TWICE the size of C&C BH...
  10. AznInvasion138

    Leckerton UHA-4 vs JDS Labs C421 vs FiiO E17 (E12?)

    Hey guys so I'm looking for a portable amp to drive some of my IEMs through my ipod touch and was wondering which would be the best value and performance out of these 3 amps. I've read that the UHA-4 and C421 are very closely similar and the E17 has the most features out of the bunch. Also the...
  11. noisebass

    Headamp for Shure SRH-1840

    Hi all,   Just joined this forum to ask this:)   I've just ordered Shure SRH-1840 and I want to do them justice by getting a descent headamp as well.   The first question probably should be, do you need to buy a dedicated headamp for these 65 Ohms headphones?   If the answer is...
  12. inanimate

    Amp/dac recommended for Bose IE2

    I know everyone hates bose.. But I got the ie2s from a family member for free, and I'm impressed with the sound, but was wondering what would be a good portable or non portable amp and a dac for these headphones? Thanks
  13. Sabin0786

    Best dedicated desktop amplifier for a DT990 used primarly for gaming?

    For my computer audio I've been using a Creative X-FI Titanium Edition, Berrydynamic DT990's 350ohmz, and a Fios E11 Portable Amp. I'm getting annoyed changing out the batteries to the portable AMP so often, so I would like to switch to a dedicated desktop amp. Additionally, I figure a better...
  14. HeadphoneNoob1

    JDS LABS Objective 2 with Titanium HD and DT990 250OHM Combo?

    Hey guys this is the setup I have pretty much been thinking about going with. I already have the Ti HD driving my AD700s. But want an upgrade.   Would the OB 2 source be plugged into the 3.5 mm jack? Or the RCA outputs on the soundcard?   Any help would be great. Any advantages to the...
  15. southpark2033

    ATH-M50s revived my love of hi-fi audio. Now I want an affordable, portable amp for ALAC.

    I just listened to Radiohead's Kid A over these without even breaking them in using my Native Instruments sound card. Boy was that a pleasure.   I used to have a crappy headphone amp I'd route out of an iPod Classic (using the iPod's DAC) to some Denon AH-D2000s. This sounded pretty bad...
  16. Gathero

    Wich Portable Amp for a Dt880 600Ohm ?

    Hello,   A friend will sell me soon his "new" BeyerDynamic DT880 600Ohm. Unlike him im not often at home for the moment so i need a portable amp. I know this headphone need some power to be driven properly and  I do not really know which one to take... Source : Mobile / Audio-Flac player/...
  17. BrockMcCloud

    Quick question about the Fiio E17

    Hello,   I am looking into getting a Fiio E17 and just have a few simple questions. I'm a beginner when it comes down to this sort of stuff so excuse me if these are silly questions. Since the Fiio E17 is a USB (and headphone) DAC/AMP that means I can plug it into my computer USB jack and...
  18. mrbigsby

    Happy Days! JDS labs C421, (2227/black edition) - THANK YOU Noisy Motel!

    Visited the wonderful Billy at Noisy Motel in Prarahn (Melbourne) last night to tinker with some amps. First off i would like to thank him for making the time to meet me at 7:30 PM on a Sunday!   So this place is like Charlies Chocolate Factory for personal audio freaks. i LOVE visiting...
  19. zerocoolhifi

    C421, iBasso D-Zero, Fiio E12, Headstage Arrow

    I will be powering my iPhone 4, DAC is not important, amp only, listen to mainly rock, many headphones but re-0, vsonic gr02 be, MTPG, x10, mh1c etc. I like the ones listed because of features, form factor and reviews I have read. Can anyone rate these mainly on SQ but other features will play a...
  20. davidsh

    What to get for Christmas?

    The title says most. I am wondering, what you would get, if you were me. The budget is around 350 dollars, and alternatively I can get my money back on my new dt-880, which would get me approximately 350 dollars extra.   I would really like a CIEM, but i am only 17, so i guess it would be...
  21. Kizatsu

    Would like some advice on choosing a portable amp. + DAC [single unit]

    Hello, everyone;   First and foremost, I'm quite new to Head-Fi. I had an old account - which I need someone to close; so if an admin./moderator can send me a PM on this account, I will send a PM to you, with the relevant information regarding the other account -, but had hardly posted in...
  22. metalhed

    Recommend an amp that can be charged while in use

    In the last week, I have gotten new headphones (Audio Technica ATHM50's) and I ordered a Fiio E11 portable amp witha LOD for my itouch 1st gen. The amp is great but it does not allow charging while in use and I have had the batteries run out on me during the work day. I spend most of my day at...
  23. sensui123

    Trying to enter portable Hifi

    Hi;      Now that I got my home desktop rig all setup, trying to revise my portable to go setups.  Planning to pick up one of the new Sony DAP with a LOD to use with an amp.  I primarily use IEMs on the go and own the Shure EC5, SE530, SE535, and the Westone 4R.  Which amp should I really be...
  24. Rockem

    Looking for a "dark" portable amp for my DT770 Pro/250

    Hello all,   I've recently purchased the DT770-250 and while I like the overall sound they can be a bit harsh at times Right now I'm using my E17 with a -2db on the treble. I want to get another amp for a couple of reasons:   1. The buttons of the E17 keeps pressed by mistake in...
  25. geoelectric

    Recommendations for amplified setup for V-Moda M-100s

    Hi, all. I was hoping for some input on improving my work audio setup. My question is largely about amps, and I have some degree of loyalty to JDS's portable units, so I'm putting it here. FWIW, I have done a lot of searching and have read a lot of audio comparisons and reviews here and...