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Recommend an amp that can be charged while in use

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by metalhed, Nov 26, 2012.
  1. metalhed
    In the last week, I have gotten new headphones (Audio Technica ATHM50's) and I ordered a Fiio E11 portable amp witha LOD for my itouch 1st gen. The amp is great but it does not allow charging while in use and I have had the batteries run out on me during the work day. I spend most of my day at my desk (at work) so I can plug my amp in while in use. I have seen the other Fiio products (someone else at work has an e6 that can be charged while using it), possibly the Fiio e9, and others have mentioned the Portable Amp v2 as a good alternative. I guess I am looking for suggestions for a decent amp under $100 that I can keep on my desk at work. Any thoughts would be most appreciated. Thanks!!!
  2. mata944
    Just get the fiio e6.  Very cheap amp that should perform based on your set up.
  3. needheadser
    Like rsa 71 b
    Who has the PM
  4. ostewart
    Save up for a JDS Labs O2 for your desktop, or C421 if you need portability.

    Fiio E12 is coming out soon which you can use whilst charging
  5. Retrias
    Fiio e17 can be used while its charging right? I mean I used it with USB plugged in but on AUX input ,and it works as an amp

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