1. Vicks7

    Portable Rig Upgrade Advice

    Hi All,   I have been very pleased with my current portable rig - an Ipod Classic 160GB, Ray Samuels SR-71B or Pico Slim and Cypher Labs Algorhythm Solo using UM Miracle earphones. However, it has been some time since I put this rig together and I would appreciate any recommendations for...
  2. Aktersnurra

    Ray Samuels SR-71B - matching headphone, going for end game!

  3. John0405

    Rsa 71b with LCD 3/x ??

    Hi I didn't find any useful information on this combo How would my solo r dac and sr71b drive the LCD 3 or LCD x ? Would it have enough power, driven in balanced mode, and could someone give me some impressions on this pairing ? Thanks in advance Cheers Jon
  4. icefalkon

    The NEW Headphone Lounge Thread

    Being that the old thread was closed, we need a new one. Please keep it civil guys... This is a thread all about Headphone Lounge Cables made by Ted Allen. Post pictures, comments, and whatever eye candy you have that he made!
  5. nc8000

    Whiplash Audio's new TWau Reference wire

    Craig at Whiplash has just come out with a new wire on his site called TWau Reference. I have been using TWag, TWag V2 and TWag V3 on all my headphones for the last several years and each new generation has brought improvements to the sound so I was very exited when Craig approached me about 4...
  6. elrod-tom

    New balanced portable amp from RSA w/ DAC!

    Just came across this on FB a few minutes ago....looks like the SR-71B with an integrated USB DAC.  Looking forward to more details... http://www.raysamuelsaudio.com/products/intruder
  7. vegananarchist

    Looking for a portable headphone amp made in America...

    I found one, the Emmeline SR-71, but it has been discontinued. Anyone know of any others?
  8. jamato8

    RSA SR71b, quad mono balanced. img. 1 & 17 Review pg 32, 34, 68, UPDATED 4/2013 for Improved sound.

    with balanced input and output or single in and single out or single in and balanced out! It has a 26 plus voltage swing in balanced, 12 to 14 volts in single ended and plenty of power. The size is the same height as the Protector, a 1/2 shorter than the 71a and as wide. The measurements are...
  9. Stoney

    Designing Balance Cable for Ray Samuels RSA SR-71B, latest version!!

    I'm loving this amp in unbalanced mode to my HD650s. Next is to make a balanced headphone cable.   Goals:  — Not too bulky for portable use (no XLRs) — But adapable to desktop amps (adapt to XLRs later).  ... hence, I'm considering using an connector such as mini-XLR to a short adapter...
  10. RTWHeadfier

    A Rig to take Round The World.....what would it include and why?

    So you know the score.....you've got your rig at home, you've your source and collection sorted....and what with location/portability not being an issue, all is fine and dandy.  But what if...    you gave it all up, quit the rat race and went round the world for 8 months?  What would you...
  11. mikemalter

    Ray Samuels SR71-B & LCD-2 (r2)

    I could use some help with optimizing my SR71-B and LCD-2(r2) combo.   I emailed the folks at Audeze yesterday asking them which volume selector on the SR71-B would pair best with their 'phones, high, medium or low.  They needed a manual so they could look up some technical information and...
  12. cactus_farmer

    Using Ray Samuels SR-71b single-ended

    I have heard great things about this portable, including it is the only portable powerful enough to drive the Hifiman HE-6.   However, can it only drive the HE-6 in BALANCED mode, or does it have the same power single-ended as well?
  13. operamatt

    ADVICE NEEDED!!! Ray Samuels SR-71B, Triad Audio L3 or other?

    I currently am using a fostex hp-p1 and am about to drop the hammer on a separate portable amp to cover everything to the baddest planar magnetic to custom iems. I am open to suggestions. In my current state my top two contenders are the SR-71B and the Triad Audio L3. The iBasso D12 is...
  14. ButtUglyJeff

    RSA's best portable balanced amp, the Emmeline SR-71B or the Intruder?

    The title really says it all.  The DAC portion of the Intruder isn't what concerns me.  I just want to know Head-Fiers opinions on which portable amp is the better sounding choice.  I know "better" might be subjective, but I hope everyone that has an opinion shares it here.   I think I want...
  15. iamaustralian


    Hi Head-Fi, I'm rather new to the audiophile side of the web and after much browsing and consolidating, i decided to buy the Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohm. So my question is "what is the best headphone amp for the DT770" If required i listen to mainly RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, Country, Soft Rock, Pop...
  16. Chexxchexx

    Please tell me the gain-range arms race is over ... plus, feedback for designers

    Now that there's a host of truly portable amps capable of driving any over-the-ear headphone (RSA Intruder, ALO Rx MK3-B, Portaphile 627, etc.), please tell me the gain-range arms race is over. Am I alone in thinking the true market demand for amps of this sort should be limited given that...
  17. chickenparm

    Best choice for portable Amp for LCD-2s??

    Hey head-fi, I am obviously new here and relatively new to high end audio listening. But it's simple I am going to buy LCD-2's and I know that with a very expensive, highly specialized pair of headphones I will need a relatively expensive and specialized Amp (which i will get one), and someone...
  18. metalhed

    Recommend an amp that can be charged while in use

    In the last week, I have gotten new headphones (Audio Technica ATHM50's) and I ordered a Fiio E11 portable amp witha LOD for my itouch 1st gen. The amp is great but it does not allow charging while in use and I have had the batteries run out on me during the work day. I spend most of my day at...
  19. jamato8

    THE INTRUDER by RSA. balanced dac/amp. . Update available for even better sound. Just pay shipping.

    I received the Intruder today. I have to admit that using its cousin, the 71b, I was expecting great sound and since the form factor is the same, was curious how the Intruder would stack up with the same size case and now incorporating USB. To start right off, I have never been a big fan of USB...
  20. johnnybrick

    RSA Intruder or HiFi-M8 for CIEM

    It appears my decision making just got a whole lot more difficult, so I though I'd better consult with the experts! Keep in-mind that I have very little experience with portable HP amps and zero experience with other RSA and HiFi products. I will add that I like to single unit DAC/amp...
  21. bmichels

    High end battery operated portable 24/192 USB DAC/Amp

    Hello gentlemen, I am looking for a super High quality portable 24/192 kHz Async USB dac/headphone amp To use When I travel with my MacBook Air, my tablet PC or my Samsung galaxy S3. It Should be battery opérated when connected To my smartphone ... I thought RaySamuel's New INTRUDER DAC/Amp...
  22. americankami

    Need to choose a protable amp +/- DAC... What is your favorite, and why?

    Hey folks.  I'm new here.    This all started three days ago because I was looking for a headphone amp for my laptop... Now I'm the proud owner of a pair of AKG K702s, and I still need a portable amp!  I can see already this is going to be an expensive hobby...    So after a lot of...
  23. bryangww

    Which RSA amp to pair my IEMS with? And some queries on balanced and unbalanced amps!

    Hi all,   i just bought a pair of shure 535LE recently and am looking for a good amp from RSA that would complement it best. most of them are relatively closely priced and thats making it hard to find out which one would be the best buy.   Also, some like the protector and sr71b also...
  24. Appl314

    AMP for Signature Pros?

    Hey there folks! The title says it all! I have been looking around for a week or so for a good set of headphones to use while studying at university... I landed on Ultrasone's Signature Pros. Anyways, I was searching around to figure out what sort of amp would be good for them, but it doesnt...
  25. Jason36

    Balanced Amps and Head / Earphones

    Hi guys, This may be a silly question, but wondering if someone can explain what you specifically need, and the benefits of, a balanced output amplifier and headphones. I am looking at new IEM's and a portable amplifier but have only ever had or used standard output in the past. However I have...