1. maikuirock

    NEW Portable Cayin Spark C5 DAC/Amp Released MAY 2015

    This new DAC/Amp portable just came out this month i believe. Anyone got one with any insight?
  2. CareyPrice31

    Best portable dac/amp or just amp for IEM's?

    What is the best portable dac/amp or just amp for IEM's?
  3. dogegg

    MIYO Portable DAC

    Saw this on Kickstarter             Design +  Sleek and portable +  Easy to use +  Multi-color level meters +  Made in the USA Digital +  ADC: 123dB A-weighted DR +  Dual master clocks with <.5ps jitter +  DAC: 129dB A-weighted DR Analog +  Proprietary...
  4. ansi

    Supermicro BG8DX MX and other portable O2's

    While O2 is technically a portable amp, the versions I've seen are rarely something you want to strap onto your player. I'm considering grabbing a SuperMicro BG8DX MX since it has MiniUSB charger and a charging light, and is acceptable size to stack with my Fiio X3:       The manufacturer...
  5. shinomu

    HiFiMOD Atelier New Portable Head-Amp Nerv Plus and Exclusive Look of Flagship Portable Head-amp

    Hi, everyone   I' m the co-founder of HiFiMOD Atelier, we are the new group which settle in China mainland, major in Head-Amp(both full size and portable),DAC, we would like to introduce our new product to everyone, hope y'all will like it.   1. HiFiMOD Atelier Portable Head-Amp - Nerv PLus...
  6. tmorterlaing

    Another Kickstarter: UAMP

    What do we think of this? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1746450443/uamp-soul-shaking-audio-for-your-ears?ref=newest   Will it be delivering something good? Or will it just be another PonoPlayer snake oil device? (Sorry Pono owners- it aint good :D)
  7. seeteeyou

    MASS-Kobo Headphone Amp. model404

            https://www.facebook.com/MASSkobo/posts/749982861745578 http://www.masskobo.com/e/sale-e/m404.htm http://www.masskobo.com/j/sale-j/m404.htm     Six AA batteries required, that's gotta be powerful enough to drive pretty hungry cans. Could it be a serious rival to the...
  8. viperxp

    A970 Isoundyou Line5 Mobile Headphone Amplifier review

    Greetings All,   It is one of my first threads here, so please be easy on me with the comments :)   Well, this review will be dedicated to a portable headphone amplifier, Line5 A970. There are many different names on the package, I think that Line5 is the actual brand. I got the item free...
  9. magicalmouse

    portable closed headphone (good isolation & no leakage) for use with portable amp

    Hi, any solutions to this at various price points, i usually listen to jazz/blues vocal music (mostly female)?   thanks   d
  10. NakulM

    Great Portable/Desktop Amp and DAC/SoundCard for Sennheiser HD 558s

    Hey Guys,   This is my first forum post on head-fi so please excuse me if I've made a mistake! I just ordered some Sennheiser HD 558s, which I will be using for gaming as well as music and movies on my desktop PC. I've read several threads on the site, and have come to the conclusion that the...
  11. ghart999

    Compilation of portable amps

    I was thinking that it might be worthwhile to start a thread listing the existing portable amps along with their price and website link. No reviews here, just a list. I have spent so much time trying to determine what options I have and would have loved to have a single source to get a list of...
  12. Jung Woo Cho

    Bright sounding portable amps

    Hey guys i want to buy a portable amp to pair with portable can which is pretty bassy(less emphasis on treble). I would like an amp that has upper mids/treble emphasis. Any recommendations?  
  13. DigitalFreak

    New Leckerton UHA-6S MKII Portable Headphone Amplifier Announced (Update User Impressions Added July 20th 2012)

    As some of you may or may not know Leckerton has been sitting quietly with no product being shipped for the last few weeks. Speculation has ranged from the business owner temporarily stopping production due to a big move to another city to new products being released. Tonight upon checking the...
  14. inanimate

    Amp/dac recommended for Bose IE2

    I know everyone hates bose.. But I got the ie2s from a family member for free, and I'm impressed with the sound, but was wondering what would be a good portable or non portable amp and a dac for these headphones? Thanks
  15. project86

    xDuoo - new company making interesting portable DAC and amp units

    Stephen Guo of Custom-iem.com is probably best known as being the North American rep for Unique Melody. Looking closely, you'll notice that he also sells cables and custom IEMs from Beat Audio, another company based in China. Stephen speaking both languages means he can bridge the gap between...
  16. DirNez

    Portable Amp Recommendations for the ath pro700mk2

    So I'm relatively new to head-fi but I've done some research. I'm between the ZO2 and the e17. I'm definitely open to other suggestions but I'd like to the keep the price sub $200.
  17. fatmboy

    Portable Amp Recommendations

    I just got a pair of V-Moda LP2's and I was looking to get my first portable amp. I listen to Trance, House, Techno and occasionally Rap. I was looking for an amp under $125. I want the amp to make the music have better quality not to make it louder.I will be using with an IPod Nano 4th Gen. I...
  18. iamaustralian


    Hi Head-Fi, I'm rather new to the audiophile side of the web and after much browsing and consolidating, i decided to buy the Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohm. So my question is "what is the best headphone amp for the DT770" If required i listen to mainly RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, Country, Soft Rock, Pop...
  19. Angular Mo

    iPhone 4s > Fiio E17 Alpen (DAC only) > iBasso P4 Warbler Amp ?

    I want to bypass both the iPhone's amp and the E17's amp.   Goal: From iPhone (bypass amp) > go to the Fiio E17 Alpen as DAC only (bypass amp) > iBasso P4 Warbler amp > headphones.   I thought that using the Fiio L7 attachment to the E17 would help; but I realize that it wants a...
  20. theque

    Mid - High End DAC/AMP Combos (Please Rate)

    All,   After hours of research I have found the following 10 DAC/AMP combos to be in the mid - high end of the spectrum. Unfortunately, there are only a few reviews on each, and very few reviews which compare them to each other. Therefore, I am attempting to start a thread where people can...
  21. Angular Mo

    "Best" portable DAC-only for under USD 300?

    I am interested in recommendations to use with a latop, or my iPad and CCK, which I understands bypasses the iPad's internal DAC.  I am interested in a DAC only without an internal amp, so I can swap different amps in the future.  Today, I use the iBasso P4 Warbler or a FiiO E17, or add an...
  22. Mheat122134

    Best portable headphone amplifier for ipod?

    Ipod classic to be exact one not too expensive.
  23. hyperr

    Spec me a portable amp / DAC for my phone! (Samsung Galaxy SII + Brainwavz M4)

    Hi,   I'm thinking of getting an amp or DAC to improve my portable audio quality with my phone. Budget is about up to £100.   I have no experience with portable amps / DAC's so any advice would be appreciated!    I was looking at the FiiO E17? It seems to have good reviews but I'm...
  24. the search never ends

    Portable tube headamp

    Just throwing this pic out there. This amp in silver sells for 80 dollars, for whatever reason, the same amp in black is generally won for roughly 25 dollars and 16 for shipping, so it seems like a low enough cost to give it a shot, for me anyway, it ended up costing me 41 dollars, shipping...
  25. Wesley1985

    Got questions about Westone 3 and 4R to get the most sound out of it!

    Hello, Got a couple of questions i had a Westone 3 for couple of years. When i connected the Westone 3 to my phone the sound was better then all the earphones i ever had. But when i used 6.35mm Plug to 3.5mm Jack Adaptor en connected it to my receiver the sound was beyond amazing. So much...