Supermicro BG8DX MX and other portable O2's
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Dec 3, 2014
While O2 is technically a portable amp, the versions I've seen are rarely something you want to strap onto your player. I'm considering grabbing a SuperMicro BG8DX MX since it has MiniUSB charger and a charging light, and is acceptable size to stack with my Fiio X3:

The manufacturer does not actually disclose how big is the battery is but a "few thousand mAh" is the what the seller tells me. They also don't tell you how much it weights, but I can't imagine it's the lightest portable amp out there. Anyone who owns one and could share their experiences? Anyone know other portable, non-DIY O2's?
Went ahead and coughed up $100 for one of these. The sound is O2 - it sounds like my desktop O2. I't also small and surprisingly light. Fiio X3 is unfortunately too tall to stack with it nicely. 
Build quality is not perfect. While the case is solid, the power and gain switches are thin plastic and feel like they won't take much abuse before breaking. Additionally, the volume knob has noticeable give to it. Should be easy to fix by just replacing them.
The only major problem I have is the channel imbalance on low volumes (volume dial at under 20%). Only a problem with sensitive IEM's, but my current go-to IEM's are Dunu DN-1000, and with this particular setup the lowest volume that has the channels in balance is borderline uncomfortably loud.

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