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MASS-Kobo Headphone Amp. model404

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by seeteeyou, Feb 8, 2015.
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  1. seeteeyou
    Six AA batteries required, that's gotta be powerful enough to drive pretty hungry cans. Could it be a serious rival to the upcoming portable amp from Cavalli Audio?
  2. seeteeyou
    Cases look good

    I'm getting some LiFePO4 AA batteries with constant 1.5V output
    Many owners of Sony PCM-D100 tried them with great results.
  3. t041987
    It's looks good
    But the price is too expensive

    And the link of the battery is not LiFePO4. It is a battery which can keeps 1.5V normally. If you want to try LiFePO4, "coolook" or "coolworld" maybe your favor.
  4. seeteeyou
    Oops, that's my fault and I stand corrected since KENTLI should be LiPo or LIP batteries.
    They're actually making 3.2V ones with whopping 1,500 mAh but not exactly sure about how trustworthy that rating would be
    It's just too risky for an amp like this and I'll have to constantly remind myself about this

    PowerGenix also made something called NiZn with 2,500 mAh @ 1.6V
    Obviously LiFePO4 should be the lightest ones with 3 real batteries plus 3 dummy ones.

    Rudi tried so many amps out there and he seemed to like both desktop/portable ones from Masuda-san
    I was so intrigued when he talked about something portable yet powerful enough to drive Abyss with authority. A beast like that does come with a price and it could be worth the difference if the balanced output were even better than the single-ended ones from Hugo.
  5. rudi0504
    Thank you Frankie to post This New balance Amp Mass Ko Bo 404

    Now on Mass Ko Bo website got Promotion For ¥130.000 Yen For 10 units first Batch .

    I have the desktop full balance amp :

    Mass Ko Bo 394

    And The portabkle Amp :

    Mass Ko Bo 395

    I am waiting to get My Mass Ko Bo 404 full balance portable amp

    According to Masuda San This New balance amp Mass Ko Bo 404 is Power full , It can drive Abyss 1266
  6. muzic4life
    I love my 395. Very revealing amp for detail and clarity. Very impressive. I would consider this amp is on the bright side of character. Not overly bright. Its just neutral kinda amp. i do wish it has a slightly warmer tone on its performance. So that will be heavenly matched for my grado cans.
  7. seeteeyou
    I'm glad that wiring scheme for 2.5-mm TRRS jacks of model404 will be changed to accomodate existing cables designed for AK240:
    R- R+ L+ L-
    Fortunately my e-mail should be sent to Masuda-san before the design was finalized. I'll have some fun with quad-stack like this:
    Source > Hugo > Aclear Porta NXT-2AK > MASS-Kobo model404

    Looks like this is the best connector for balanced interconnects going between NXT-2AK and model404
  8. seeteeyou
    We're almost there, external 5V DC power via USB port was shown and we could add a high quality linear power supply such as Hydra ZPM from Audiobyte

    Another choice for clean 5V DC power in a portable package
    Similar one for desktop rigs
    Pangea Audio IEC C7 Adapter
  9. audionewbi
    It might be an over kill for IEM users but he sure makes solid amps.
  10. seeteeyou
    Maybe stuff like K3003 or Piano Forte could be some exceptions? They do scale with amplification and shine with desktop rigs
    Special discounts for the very first lot should be over, I was able to score one myself
  11. audionewbi
    The first batch has been sold out and next lot will be ready entof April.
  12. b0ssMax
    Seeteeyou, you mean 2.5 trrs interconnect from ak240 to this masskobo amp is required? Exact same pin outs as a&k?

    I'm orderig one also.

    Any impressions guys?
  13. seeteeyou
    Not sure if that were shipped yet, let's wait for some impressions in the near future.
    Pin outs were changed to fit A&K so Masuda-san scratched those labels off the faceplates, basically it's looking like this

    Balanced interconnects are definitely required, there are quite a few connectors to choose from. First one is from Eidolic
    Then we've got this one from VentureCraft
    Another one from Nakamura
    Finally this one is from Ranko

    Besides AK240, of course we could also connect something like Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo -dB or iBasso DB2 as well. That should look just like this
  14. seeteeyou
    First units to be delivered to two lucky customers in Japan, the rest should be shipped to international customers by the end of this month
  15. b0ssMax
    Seeteeyou, did you get yours already?
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