1. torchwood1203

    Fiio e7 or e11?

    Hi everyone, I've been using IEMs for years now and lately I decided to start moving on to cans, I will be purchasing the dt 1350 soon and I'm not sure what amp to go with it. I hear a lot of good reviews for the fiio e11 and thought about getting it, but then sometimes I would also listen to...
  2. Dan1121

    First portable amp/quality headphone buyer !

    Hi there, basically.. I have a 160gb Ipod classic, I am hoping to purchase some quality headphones, atm looking at sennheiser hd595s, audio technica m50's, shure srh 840s, beyerdynamic dt 770's or the 660's, and I was wondering for each of those, which you'd recommend, and which benefit from a...
  3. BattleBrat

    Triad Audio L3 VS. Triad Audio LISA III XP; a Brief Comparison

    The L3 is HERE! LONG overdue, this anticipated amp has finally started shipping! But is it better than its predecessor, the LISA III? In this comparison I will tackle that question. I will be comparing the two amps in multiple attributes. There will be no point score, no stars, no "golden...
  4. jtaylor991

    iBasso D4 Mamba or Fiio E7?

    Would the iBasso D4 Mamba be a worthwhile upgrade from a FiiO E7?
  5. nOoneNL

    Good $200 Headphones with no sound leaking?

    Well hello there,   I'm in the market for some good cans with very little to NO sound leaking, since I will be using them on the bus, train and at school. I currently using in-ear NuForce NE6, but I'm really bothered by the lack of a great soundstage.   My home equipment contains a...
  6. Beyerfan70

    Shock discovery! Sansa clip earphones sound like Hd650!

    I cannot believe this but i was having a tidy up today and found my phones that were with my sansa clip,so for a laugh i thought i'd open em and see how bad they really were. To my utter amazement i could not believe how incredible these sounded! After testing them out with certain pieces of...
  7. froopenstein

    Shure se530 vs se545...sound quality

    getting se530' (wire damage) replaced with se535' ...hopefully better sound quality?
  8. orgishscream

    need a recomendation for headphone amp

    hello. i am looking for a headphone amp for my sennheiser hd 25 II-1. prefere to amps with replaceble bateries and good sound quality. I am ready to spend about 150 $. waiting for you offers :j
  9. GlassTable

    Help, please. Adive on Audio-Technica ATH-M50 and Portable Amps

    Hi there, I'm pretty new to the whole audiophile scene and really don't know much about good quality headphones, amps, etc. I have been wanting to upgrade from my Apple iPhone earphones for a while now, and after reading a lot of reviews and opinions, I've settled on the Audio-Technica...
  10. whytechapel

    Are my Audio Technica M50's fake?

    Well the reason i bought them is because of all the good reviews these get. But i was never impressed when i got them. I definitely need to use the EQ to make them sound good. But without the equalizer on, they sound horrible. I have already used a small amp with them but not much of a...
  11. zaphod-159

    Denon D1100

    had these for quite a few months now and absolutely love em but i think its time for be to spend some money to get an amp but cant find anywhere on the internet suggesting a portable amp for the D1100. i was thinking of the 4g arrow but dont know what other options i have. any help would be...
  12. Anthony1

    CLAS+iPod+portable amp OR HM-801

    Hi CLAS+iPod+portable amp OR HM-801 for best SQ I want to buy a portable rig to use with predominatly IEMs (i have IE8's atm). The main use is air travel and weekends away and ocassionally at work which is a desk environment. Which is going to get me the best sound quality? Cheers.. Room40
  13. estreeter

    Review PICS : Leckerton uHA-4 vs Just Audio uHA-120

    It will seem strange to some that I am posting the pics before I post the review, but how many times have you had to scroll past reams of photos to read the text in a review thread ? I just think it makes sense to link to this thread from the actual review thread.   Apologies for the poor...
  14. weechuen

    Need recommendations for VERY PORTABLE amp

    Would be using it with either iTouch2G, Blackberry9780 or I'm going to buy CowonJ3 soon,   my portable rig would be something like CowonJ3> ???? > UM Miracle   shortlisted some choices,    1) FiiO E11   2) Headstage Arrow 4G     apparently I'm more inclined to FiiOE11 right...
  15. Unicorn!

    [Advice Wanted] I Need a new Portable Amp

    My current lousy FiiO E5 has after 1 year given up so I'm looking for a new portable headphone amp and I was hoping someone here may be able to give me some advice on what to buy and where to buy from. There doesn't seem to be a huge range of portable headphone amps available in NZ so I am happy...
  16. hp1

    Portable and affordable amplifier?

    I looking to buy a cheap amp for my macbook air 11. My budget is $100 or less, I have been looking around for product and review and I find  three that really interest me: The Audiophile Products Fireye II USB DAC/Headphones Amplifier at $95 The NuForce Icon uDAC2-HP (Black) Headphone Amp...
  17. weechuen

    Need Advice for Portable AMP Setup. Come In Please

    Hi,    I'm currently planning to buy a CowonJ3 > FiiO E11 > UM Miracle   however, I just realised that the FiiO doesn't seem to have any LOD for Cowon?   and I read somewhere that if I were to use the jack-to-jack wire to connect my MP3 to AMP,  it wouldn't work as well, in fact it...
  18. chesterqw

    can the pico slim work with earphone w/mic ?

    hello guys, i have a question to ask. can the pico slim work with earphone that has a mic?   thanks :)
  19. cwxa99

    Help: where is the internal 110v-220v switch for Lisa XP/LLP power supply?

    I'm moving from Canada (110v) to a 220 v compatible country. I notice there is an internal 110v-220v switch for Lisa XP/LLP power supply (somewhere on Headfi). But I did not find it when I dispatch it. If you can point out where is it, it will be much appreciated. Please see the pic for...
  20. hmohammed43

    PIMETA v2 or CmoyBB as first project?

    Hi everyone!   I have a quick question, I'm planning my first DIY audio project (building a pocket amp) and I was wondering if my first project should be a PIMETA or a Cmoy (with bass boost). I like the PIMETA because it has a built in part on the PCB for a trickle charger, but the Cmoy...
  21. averagewhiteboy

    Best Reasonably Priced Portable Amp..?

    Hey guys,   New to the forum. Long time browser.   After much research, I picked up a set of Turbine Pro Gold's a few weeks ago.. I finally got the fitment issues fixed by picking u pa set of Comply tips, as none of the supplied tips stayed in my ears for extended periods without...
  22. kiscyn

    Pico Slim never arrives. Justin no feedback. impossible to refund like a scam

    I placed an order on Googlecheckout on May 26th for a purple pico slim. The webpage says 4-week delay. But I don't get a word from Justin and even I called him I couldn't reach him. Voicemails don't work either.   I don't know how to get refund on googlecheckout. I feel hopeless and...
  23. ColeTrain

    Portable Amp for AKG K271 MKI

    Hey, I just bought these headphones off of a fellow Head fi'er, and have a few bucks left around. So I thought why not look into a portable amp. Im very new to amps, never owned one, but I'd like a portable one. Is there any that are better than others, or can I get some advice. I don't have too...
  24. Merck

    How much difference does a portable amp make?

    I am new to high end audio and I primarily use an Apple iPhone and an old 80gb iPod. I will be purchasing some Etymotic HF3's soon but I have never heard the difference between an amped headphone and just one that is plugged in to the music device. I notice amps and the associated accessories...
  25. rachaelzlzl

    SR-71A or P51!!!

    I want make choice between RSA SR-71A and P51! anybody can give me some tips?!