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Portable tube headamp

  1. the search never ends
    Just throwing this pic out there. This amp in silver sells for 80 dollars, for whatever reason, the same amp in black is generally won for roughly 25 dollars and 16 for shipping, so it seems like a low enough cost to give it a shot, for me anyway, it ended up costing me 41 dollars, shipping included.
    It's rechargeable and rated for headphones 16-600 ohms, with a claimed 500 mw output.  I don't have it yet, but thought I'd give a heads up in case the black version also starts selling for the 79 dollar buy it now only. Could be an awesome portable amp for the money. A pic from the ebay store below. I'll post impressions after I have it.
  2. ianmedium
    i have seen this one but not seen any reviews, very much looking forward to your thoughts on it.. Though I have bitten the bullet on something a little more costly :rolleyes:
  3. stozzer123
    saw some little bear reviews for that thing, in other languages, from what I could decipher it sounded terrible, the battery life was attrocious and it would burn a hole in your leg/bag if you went portable as intended.

    It was through google transalte so let us know your opinion if you want.
  4. the search never ends
    Wow, that looks nice!!!  I'll post my thoughts on the little bear, I don't expect much, but I do get surprised. 
  5. mrarroyo Contributor
    I have had this amp for about a couple of months. Out of the box the unit runs very hot, has a gritty volume pot, and the battery life is around 3-4 hours. In order to improve the battery life and reduce the operating temperature I replaced the resistor shown below with a 5W 20 ohm and the amp runs much cooler as well as having a battery life of around 5 hours.
  6. the search never ends
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Thanks for that illustration, will have to do that, thanks!!!! 
  7. the search never ends
    Got it about a week ago, honestly sounds decent, I haven't bothered opening it up yet, but the volume pot has to go, and the resistor as well, the area around the tube get's very hot, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone not into swapping out a few components though. The pot is not good at all.
    EDIT: It does have good driving ability though.
  8. jeffsf
    You know, about 60 years ago they came up with this thing called a "transistor" that, along with a 9V battery, made a portable, pocket-sized radio a tenable product. Before that you had A, B, and C batteries to power transportable radios. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battery_(vacuum_tube) if you didn't experience them yourself.

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