1. John0405

    Which amp with fostex hp p1

    Hello I own the um miracles paired with the fostex hp p1. I bought recently the rx mk2. I wasn't that satisfied with the fostex amp, which was a bit strident to my ear and lacking in punch. The rx mk2 is quite dark coupled with the fostex dac. Does anyone have a suggestion, something that...
  2. mab1376

    New Little Dot portable amp PA_V

    Just found it on their site:   http://littledot.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2408&sid=eed73314360d75f361516f14142dd675
  3. Anouk

    need ultraportable amp/(dac for iphone/(netbook) use

    Hi everyone, I have been away from head-fi for quite a while but now i woud like a very portable amp for use with my iphone and possiby desktop as well so usb dac fnctionality as well as charging would be nice but not absolutely required. If no usb charging then an included charging circuit...
  4. Dabboo

    Turning a FiiO E10 into a Portable Amp...

    Hey Head-Fi, I have an Android phone and soon I'll be buying a FiiO E10 for use at my desktop along with my DT770s. As far as I can see the reason you can't currently use the FiiO E10 portably is because it needs a constant supply of power which is gained via USB. The USB connection is also...
  5. jackrabbitslim0

    Best Location in Tokyo to buy 2nd hand or discounted Headphones / Earphones / portable DAC/AMP?`

    I am going to Tokyo at the end of Dec, Probably Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku and Ikebukuro.   Would any one be so kind to suggest any locations that  I can find and buy discounted Head Fi goods?   I only know Fujiya Avic, Yodabashi, Bic Camera.....Any more?   Cheers!
  6. Kyle98750

    Best Open Back Full Size Headphones for $100/$60 Headphone Amp?

    I was wondering what the best open back full size headphones are for $100. Also, The best portable headphone amplifier for $60. I was leaning toward using: -Sennheiser HD-518s -Fiio E11 pair to ipod video 5.5g via LOD Will this setup give me some really good sound?
  7. Gnarkill283

    Noob looking for guidance on headphone + portable amp under $250 (pref $200)

    So I am having a hard time figuring out what portable amp to buy with the headphone types I am considering buying and how I'll be using them. In terms of the headphones I plan to buy, I've narrowed my selection down to the ATHM50 and the DT770. I just recently lost my V-MODAS - I love the sound...
  8. Heisenberg88

    Portable Amps and High- end for noobs

    Hey there I´m kind of new in this world, and I want to learn more, have some advice from the experts and meet new people, and at the same time I have some cuestions, I recently bought the Sennheiser HD 250 II and I don´t know if have made the best call there, 'cause they have some awsome lows...
  9. RingingEars

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    It seems (part XV) was getting a little congested... So we'll start fresh...  
  10. danceonfire

    Grado SR325is & Colorfly C4 Need of an amp?

    Hi,   Would anyone recommend a portable amp for the above? Will I benefit from buying one?   Thank you.
  11. BLACKSasquatch

    Portable DAC+AMP for phone

    Hi, I'm kinda new here and I wanted to know if there was a portable dac+amp combo for my Sprint SGSII. I know they have a few for the iPhone 4 so I was wondering. my phone uses micro usb, I have the MTPCs and all my music is at least 320kbps (most is 900 or higher)
  12. fatman711

    How do people hold their portable setups?

    Other than the Hippocase, how else are people holding their portable player/amp setups? Although these setups  can be seen as "portable" compared to larger home setups, it still seems quite difficult to carry these setups on the go. :s
  13. cactus_farmer

    Which portable headphone amps have recessed mids or a 'v-shaped curve' sound signature?

    I have seen portable headphone amps described as bright, dark, or mid-centric - never seen one described with the last type of sound signature - the v-shaped curve...?   Can you think of any portable headphone amps with this sound signature?
  14. rudi0504

    Analog Squared Paper Discussion Thread.

    Hi All I want Sharing portable headphone amplifier TU -05b from Analog Squared Paper audio company In Japan AS follow http://www.ab.auone-net.jp/~s-and-e/ Full tube portable 3S4 Headphone Amplifier TU-05b In response to requests from owners of the TU-03s series is unique design TU-05...
  15. imackler

    Black Friday sales... Who offers deals on upper end portable amps?

    Just curious between the major portable amp sellers who offers deals. Particularly interested in Ray Samuels and ALO Audio...   Thanks! 
  16. schuh

    Fiio G1 review

    I was introduced to Fiio when I purchased an E17 Alpen six months ago.  Since then the E17 has been in daily use on my desktop and in my pocket.  I think it's one of the best values in audio.  So I was very excited to get a chance to review their new guitar headphone amp, the G1.    ...
  17. Loquah

    Tralucent T1 appreciation thread - post your experiences and questions here

    I recently bought the T1 and am so impressed. I've written a review in the product section, but was prompted by another Head-Fi'er (thanks saraguie) to start this thread so here goes with the review...       The T1 is a new portable amp from a new audio company (Tralucent). Don't be...
  18. PurpleAngel

    New power amplifier design could double smartphone battery life

    New power amplifier design for smart phones.   http://www.gizmag.com/power-amplifier-double-battery/24875/?utm_source=Gizmag+Subscribers&utm_campaign=657a3fd4a5-UA-2235360-4&utm_medium=email
  19. MRiNiCK

    In need to Upgrade my iBasso D-Zero

    I got a iBasso D-Zero last year and i feel like it's time for an upgrade. Headphones I ow as of right now 1964 Triple CIEM Sennheiser HD 650 BrainWavz HM5 Ultrasone PRO 900 Will get UE 9000 or Parrot Zik next week. Budget is $50-200$ at the most.
  20. clairyvic

    Suggestions for a small, warm portable amp?

    I was looking for something that could round off the edges of a slightly bright phone and give it just a tad more bass kick.   Woops, wrong section. Mod please move.
  21. zluk

    Westone 4R Amp

    Hello, I am currently using IPC 5 and Westone 4r I want an amp that will improve the female vocal, soundstage, music, bass and clarity Which amp should fit me?   Thanks!
  22. gizmokaka

    portable amp needed for Sony MDR-XB700 + iPhone 4S + Mac

    get ready for another noob thread (thanks in advance) I have a set of Sony MDR-XB700's. I've had them for about a year, and they already sound very crisp, but I've recently found out that I know next to nothing about headphones. I am looking for a portable amp that I will be able to use with...
  23. pdaigle

    Designed-for-IEM amp versus regular portable amp

    I am new here.   While looking through the Head-Fi buyer's guide, I saw the section on designed-for-IEM portable amps. I must admit I do not quite understand how they would differ from regular, portable amps.   I am currently shopping around for a portable amp or amp/dac.The main use...
  24. cssarrow

    Portable Amplifier & iPhone Battery Life

    Quick Question   If you are using a portable amplifier, say the Fiio E11 or E17 to bypass your iPhone's built in amp, does this improve the battery life of the device?   Just wondering. I have vacation tomorrow and trying to conserve my phone's battery as much as possible.   Too late...
  25. DoomForce

    Value for money portable amp for Ultrasone Ed8

    Hey guys, I'm quite new to the world of high end headphones and for some strange reason I purchased a pair of Edition 8s. I understand those are easy to drive (I am using a smartphone as source, galaxy nexus/s3), but I would like to know if I could achieve a substantial acoustical improvement...