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Dec 13, 2012
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www.exoticaquatic.com.au facebook.com/exoticaquatic

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    www.exoticaquatic.com.au facebook.com/exoticaquatic
    animals of all sorts
    Headphone Inventory:
    Bayerdynamic DT770
    Fischer Audio FA-002 High Edition Karelian Birch
    Fischer Audio FA-004 V2 (bought 'for the wife')
    Fischer Audio FA-011 (on order)
    Soundmagic HP100 (on order)
    AKG Tiesto K167 (sold)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Fiio E17
    JDSlabs C421 OP2227 black edition (stupidly sold, buyng another one to compare to c5)
    Woo WA7
    Fiio E12 (returned, not for me).
    JDSlabs C5 (on order)

    MiniWatt N3 late edition.
    Source Inventory:
    iphone, macbook pro, ipad cck
    Cable Inventory:
    starlight usb,
    Cambridge audio optical
    Cambridge audio rca
    Cambridge audio banana plugs and flat cable
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Blumenstein Ultra-Fi Orcas on stands (caramelised bamboo)
    Blumenstein Ultra-Fi matched stereo subs + stands (caramelised bamboo)
    Blumentstein Ultra-Fi 250W bamboo monoblocks

    Native Instruments Machine (sold)
    Audio Kontrol 1 (sold)
    sequential circuits sixtracks (for sale)
    microkorg + vocoder (for sale)
    macbook pro

    gretsch spectrasonic california custom shop
    maton ms503 custom made melbourne factory
    cole clarke fat lady
    martin and co mini
    gretsch lapsteel
    unidentified tiesco (sold)
    squire jazz bass i made nice with vintage parts.
    custom built "blonde" 6g6a bassman head n cab with a "trainwreck" second channel.
    boutique pedals i used to use more
    sm57beta, 58 beta, 58.
    Music Preferences:
    classic styled rock (black keys, tame impala, white stripes, strokes, etc, etc)
    Hip Hop orientated elcetronica.(dabrye, flying lotus, DOOM//viktor vaughn, gotye, herbalizer, etc, etc)
    cinematic electronica (trentemoller, etc)
    20's swing and blues.
    canon 10-22
    sigma EX 150 macro
    sigma EX 24-70
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